A marine biologist, an insurance salesman and a teen-aged boy find their lives fundamentally changed by the emergence of a new, and often dangerous, species of sea life, while government agents work to keep the affair under wraps.

Miles: It's more than that. He wants to sleep with me, he follows me into the shower...
Phil: Dude, we're in a locker room. Make it clear you're talking about a lizard.
Miles: You know what your problem is? You don't have a sense of wonder.
[from trailer]
Miles: Total creature, dude.
Rich Connelly: [to Laura] Come on, you're the scientist. Hypothesize!
Miles: I'm not on the honor roll, I can't throw a football... Nim is my extracurricular, okay?
Phil: It's like if E.T. had sex with Big Foot.
[from trailer]
Laura Daughtery: I was the one that saw it, alone, at 5,000 feet.
Miles: There's something in the water.
[from trailer]
Laura Daughtery: [while in submarine] Something's coming up.

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