Baloo the Bear from the Jungle Book is cast as a 1930's Pacific Islands bush pilot.

Don Karnage: Are you in possession of all of your marbles?
Don Karnage: Fire at will!
[all the pirates shoot at Will]
Don Karnage: No, do not fire at Will, he is my second in command. Fire at the Sea Duck!
Don Karnage: [to Baloo] Now in fifteen seconds you'd better vamoose... or, heh-heh, I'll cook your goose!
Louie: K-N-O-W. No.
Baloo: If it's got wings I can fly it! Sometimes even if it doesn't.
Don Karnage: This will be like taking candy from a little baby child!
Wildcat: You know, using these leftover spare parts, I could probably make a plane in an hour.
Baloo: Really?
Wildcat: Sure. And since I only have half the parts, it'll only take half as long.