A comedy revolving around a group of teenage friends, their mishaps, and their coming of age, set in 1970s Wisconsin.

[Donna and Kelso are hiding under a bed]
Donna Pinciotti: Is that your hand on my ass?
Michael Kelso: It was an accident.
Donna Pinciotti: Kelso, your hand's still on my ass.
Red Forman: What have I said about comparing your sister to the Devil?
Eric: That it's offensive to the Devil?
Red Forman: When my time comes I want to be buried face down. That way whoever doesn't like me can kiss my ass.
Red Forman: [to Eric] So, this is how an immature, engaged, high school dumbass, with no car, no job, and no money trims the hedges.
Steven Hyde: That was like eight burns in one sentence.
Donna Pinciotti: An octo-burn. Let's get outta here.
Fez: You don't like me because I'm not from here.
Red: This has nothing to do with you being a foreigner. This is about you taking advantage of my daughter like a sneaky foreigner!
[on Kitty's mother-in-law]
Kitty Forman: Red's mother is coming.
Midge Pinciotti: What's that pet name she has for you?
Kitty Forman: Whore.
Kitty Forman: I need someone who can take evil
[Laurie walks in]
Kitty Forman: How's mama's girl? I have a job for you.
Laurie Forman: Not interested.
Kitty Forman: It pays 10 dollars.
Laurie Forman: I'll do anything for ten dollars.
Kitty Forman: For once that's a good thing.
Jackie Burkhardt: Well, I have a date too.
Michael Kelso: Who is he? What's his name?
Jackie Burkhardt: His name is... not important. What's important is, he's better than you, in every single conceivable way.
Steven Hyde: Guys, can we do something besides cruise? That's the third time tonight we've driven by that house.
Michael Kelso: I know what we could do. We could go skinny dipping.
[everyone looks at him]
Michael Kelso: Naked! That's the way God intended.
Jackie Burkhardt: No way.
Michael Kelso: Why not? It'd be fun.
Donna Pinciotti: Sure, it's fun for you guys, 'cause you can look at us, and that's a treat. But we just look at you. And that's nasty.
Eric: So, you don't want to do it?
Donna Pinciotti: Well... I don't care. I'll do it.
Eric: You... Okay, I'm in.
Fez: Naked is dirty.
Fez: Dirty, dirty, dirty. Dirty, dirty, dirty.
All: Dirty, dirty, dirty. Dirty, dirty, dirty. Dirty, dirty, dirty.
Jackie Burkhardt: [the screen flips. Everyone is in the car, naked] This was such a great idea, Michael. This was so much fun. Oh, wait, except for the part when our clothes got stolen, you idiot!
Steven Hyde: By the way, Fez, nice tattoo, man.
Fez: Thank you. It is the Blessed Virgin of Yorba Linda. Do you want to see her dance?
All: No!
Eric: Guys, we need a plan. I'm not driving up to the house with a car full of naked people. Red hates you guys when you're dressed.
Steven Hyde: We can go to my house.
Michael Kelso: Yeah, your mom's used of having naked guys around.
Steven Hyde: She's not even home, you moron!
[Hyde punches Kelso on the shoulder]
Fez: Put on the top forty.
[Fez reaches over for the radio]
Steven Hyde: Whoa, sit down, Fez! I see London, I see Besticle!
Fez: Well, what do you want me to do about it?
Steven Hyde: I don't know. Tuck it in!
Michael Kelso: Guess who made out with Pam Macey behind the gym!
Steven Hyde: Anyone with a quarter?
Michael Kelso: Me!
Fez: Damn, and I had a quarter!
Frank: I did not lose a leg in Vietnam so I could serve hotdogs to teenagers.
Kelso: You got both your legs, Frank.
Frank: Like I said, I did not lose a leg in Vietnam!
Fez: I have a question Hyde. How much masturbation is too much?
Steven Hyde: There's no such thing as too much, Fez.
Eric: [badly hungover] My head hurts.
Red Forman: That's your brain trying to comprehend its own stupidity.
Michael Kelso: I miss Eric.
Jackie Burkhardt: Well, you still have me.
Michael Kelso: It's not the same, Jackie. I can talk to Eric about things that I can't talk about with you.
Jackie Burkhardt: Okay, well like what?
Michael Kelso: Well, for instance, the annoying things you do.
Jackie Burkhardt: Michael.
Michael Kelso: See, I can't talk to you.
Red Forman: [Red and Eric are in the car almost late for work at Pricemart]
[to Eric]
Red Forman: You need to grow up and learn some responsibility.
Eric: I love you too, Dad.
Red Forman: What? Stop being weird.
Eric: Thanks.
[Eric catches his parents having sex, and they find out]
Kitty Forman: Red, say something.
Red Forman: It's more fun than it looks.
Donna: Kelso, I'm gonna miss you trying to grab my boob... it makes me feel pretty. God, I'm sad.
Red Forman: Forman, party of two.
Restaurant Hostess: Okey dokey, that'll be about two hours.
Red Forman: Here's twenty bucks.
Restaurant Hostess: Okay we'll have something in fifteen minutes.
Red Forman: You don't want this place to burn down twice do you?
Restaurant Hostess: Okay we have something right now.
Red Forman: I thought so. Well, it looks like it's our lucky night.
Donna Pinciotti: [on the California beach] I miss Eric. That guy even looks like Eric.
[Double take]
Donna Pinciotti: Eric? Oh my God, Eric!
Eric: [Looking around Kelso's van, he turns sharp at Donna's voice] Donna!
[They run to each other in slow motion, Kelso tries to run along side Donna, but Donna pushes him down; they stop short of each other, just staring deeply into each other's eyes for a long moment and then... Kelso tackles Donna, wrestling her to the ground. Incredulous]
Eric: Kelso, what the Hell are you doing?
Michael Kelso: Winning!
[Donna gets free, stands up and kicks Kelso in the side, then returns to looking at Eric]
Donna Pinciotti: Eric... I can't believe you came for me.
Eric: Of course I did. Donna... Donna I love you. And I... I...
[he can't find the words]
Donna Pinciotti: [Steps forward and kisses him passionately]
Michael Kelso: You guys can smooch all you want, I totally won!
[walks off]
[Repeated Line]
Michael Kelso: BURN!
Red Forman: What are you going to put on your resume - dumbass?
Fez: I like my women like I like my wine - red and full of alcohol.
Jackie Burkhardt: Eric, no offense, I know she's your sister, but Laurie is such a whore.
Eric: Jackie, not since the "Smokey and the Bandit" debate, are you and I so on the same page.
Donna Pinciotti: Me too.
Steven Hyde: Hear hear.
Fez: Yes.
Jackie Burkhardt: Oh, my God. You all hate Laurie?
[Everyone nods]
Jackie Burkhardt: I don't believe this. You all hate Laurie, and love me.
Steven Hyde: ...We all hate Laurie, all right.
Red Forman: Without rules, we all might as well be up in a tree flinging our crap at each other.
Eric: What happened between you two?
Fez: Suffice to say that it involved a crowded parking lot, a half off sale and a pair of pants that made my ass look like an oil painting.
Fenton: If you mean old and cracked, I agree.
Fez: I'll see you in hell!
Fenton: I'll be wearing your pants!
[the guys are high in Eric's basement]
Steven Hyde: I read somewhere that people in India fast, man. And, that it makes them think better. And, sometimes they can actually think themselves to death, man.
Michael Kelso: I wonder if that's what I'm doing right now? Sometimes my brain is doing things that I don't even know about.
Eric: Man, we think of some great stuff down here. But, later on I can never remember it.
[referring to Eric's failing grades]
Fez: Crack a book, you lazy son-of-a-bitch.
Donna Pinciotti: You have the van. We want to go home.
Michael Kelso: Na-ah! I can't leave Annette. I love her.
Eric: No, you don't.
Michael Kelso: I love parts of her.
Kelso: Hi, I'd like an order of books, please.
Brooke: Could you be more specific?
Kelso: Could you be more beautiful?
Brooke: Could you be more lame?
Kelso: Yes.
Kitty Forman: Why don't you try some of that forgiveness that Jesus talked so much about so much?
Steven Hyde: [admitting to Jackie, after years of saying that he hated her] I love you.
[Jackie is beating up Laurie after one insult too many]
Donna Pinciotti: Whatever happened to Zen?
Steven Hyde: Where Zen ends, ass-kicking begins.
Kitty Forman: All families are embarrassing. If they aren't embarrassing they're dead.
Red: [after Eric refused to be Donna's boyfriend again] Let me get this straight - Donna told you she wanted to get back together and you said NO?
Eric: I said no.
Red: What the Hell is wrong with you?
Kitty Forman: Dumbass!
[Red looks at Kitty in surprise]
Eric: Look, I have my reasons, okay?
Red: What the Hell could they possibly be?
Eric: Casey dumps Donna and then Donna comes running back to ME? Look, I'm not a rebound, All right?
Red: You're too PROUD to take her back? What exactly do you have to be proud OF? You're not an athelete! The only thing smart about you is your mouth! And, well... look at you!
Michael Kelso: The truth is out there, man, it's out there.
Fez: No more for you.
Red: Nothing around this house is cheap.
Eric: Except for Laurie.
Laurie Forman: I am not cheap!
Eric: Free, whatever.
Fez: I am so excited about Star Whores.
Steven Hyde: Fezzy, man... Star Wars.
Fez: Screw that.
[Steven hits Jackie's new boyfriend because he calls her a bitch]
Jackie Burkhardt: Steven, what happened?
Steven Hyde: What? Nothing... just... somebody and then... the guy said 'bitch' and there's nothing.
Jackie Burkhardt: Oh, my God. He called me a bitch and you hit him. And that's what happened, isn't it?
Steven Hyde: ...No?
Jackie Burkhardt: Liar. I AM the bitch. And you LOVE me.
Kitty Forman: Sex, it's not dirty.
Red Forman: It's not clean either.
Kitty Forman: I really doubt that she's jsut abandoning Stephen, I mean, she's his mother.
Eric: Mom, her exact words were "I know I'm your mother but I'm abandoning you."
Red Forman: We're all gonna go to church and we're gonna have a damn nice Sunday.
Leo: [to Kitty in church] I love it here. You can sing as loud as you want. That dude wails away on the organ. That dude up there tells stories. It's almost a religious experience!
Pastor Dave: Ok, Laurie, let's see what you have.
Laurie Forman: [Laurie slowly puts three cards down one at a time while smiling and glaring at Dave]
Pastor Dave: Six... six... six... Oh, well thank you for the wonderful evening! I'll see you at church!
Eric: Bad things keep happening to me, like I have bad luck or something.
Red Forman: Son, you don't have bad luck. The reason bad things happen to you? is because you're a dumbass.
Eric: [imitating Red] I say we torture them with plenty of pointless rules and advice.
Donna: If you keep stuffing your face like this your gonna get...
Jackie Burkhardt: Don't you dare say it, you bitch!
Donna: Fat!
Fez: Wow, my first X-rated movie. I don't know what's going on, but that is the luckiest pizza boy ever.
Kitty Forman: I have bad news. Midge left Bob.
Eric: Are you sure? I mean, she could just be lost in the backyard.
Kitty Forman: Where's my brown sugar?
Fez: I'm right here, sweetie pie.
[Red stole Bob's Christmas lights]
Kitty Forman: Oh, my god. I married the Grinch. I'm Mrs. Grinch!
Fez: Opportunity does not knock, then knock again, then leave a note saying "sorry I missed you".
Eric: Kelso, I don't know if you should come over to dinner tonight.
Michael Kelso: Look, I know you think it's gonna be uncomfortable because I'm dating Laurie. But, look, Red loves Laurie, and Laurie loves me. Red has to like me. I mean, what kind of father doesn't love the guy who's nailing his daughter.
Fez: Eric, what do you want to call it when you want to stick two pieces of wood together?
Eric: I think you'd call it "nailing", Fez. Just like Kelso nailed Hyde's sister.
Steven Hyde: How long have you two been planning that line out?
Eric: For about as long as it took Kelso to nail your sister.
Jackie Burkhardt: [on the phone] So Barbra Streisand became this huge star, right? But Kris Kristofferson could not take it anymore, so he drinks and drinks and crashes his car. Isn't that romantic?
Fez: [besides Kelso on the phone, Fez is on the phone, and he's telling Kelso what to say] Say, "Yes, it is."
Michael Kelso: [Fez puts the phone by his ear] Yes it is.
Jackie Burkhardt: Oh, I just love romantic movies, don't you?
Fez: [to Kelso] "Yes, I do."
Michael Kelso: [phone by his ear] Yes, I do.
Jackie Burkhardt: You know what would be a good romantic scene in a movie? That night we had a reservoir when we went skinny-dipping. Remember?
Fez: [to Kelso] "No, describe it to me."
Michael Kelso: [phone by ear] No, describe it to me.
Jackie Burkhardt: Michael, you're so bad. Okay, the water was really cold, so when I dove in, well you know.
Fez: No, I don't know.
Jackie Burkhardt: MICHAEL!
Jackie Burkhardt: You're coming over to my house tonight. And we're gonna... "study".
Michael Kelso: Come on. I never get to do anything fun.
Steven Hyde: God, you're dumb.
Michael Kelso: Well I guess that's why I gotta go "STUDY".
Michael Kelso: Fez, the foundation of a good relationship is three little words: I don't know. What're you doing? I don't know. What're you thinking about? I don't know. Who's that under you? I don't know.
Michael Kelso: I'm sorry. Look, I've been screwed by Darwinism... never needed to evolve listening skills 'cause my looks are so highly developed.
Donna Pinciotti: Um, that's not how evolution works.
Michael Kelso: Yeah, sure it is. Look, say I had to catch my own food, right? But I only ate really fast animals? My feet would eventually evolve into rockets.
Steven Hyde: Man, it's amazing your brain doesn't evolve into pudding.
Eric: Kelso, aren't you a little old to be stealing Donna's undies?
Kelso: A collector never stops collecting, Eric.
Michael Kelso: Guys, I was making out with Pam Macy in the orchestra pit. And... the worst thing that could happen to a guy happened.
Fez: Ohhhh. Mr. Cooper came in to wash the floors?
Michael Kelso: No.
Steven Hyde: Fez, I think what Kelso meant to say was... the rabbit wouldn't come out of his hat.
Eric: The weasel wouldn't pop out.
Michael Kelso: OK, ENOUGH.
Eric: Oh, wait. There's a lot of Amish people, but they never raised a barn.
Steven Hyde: That's a good one Forman.
Eric: I know, it just came to me.
Fez: Oh, I get it. The barn is Kelso's pants.
Michael Kelso: This can't be happening to me.
Fez: Oh, don't worry Kelso. I'm really sorry... SORRY YOU'RE NOT A MAN.
Red Forman: [Red and Eric are in the car almost late for work at Pricemart]
[to himself]
Red Forman: I love my job.
Eric: I love you too, Dad.
Red Forman: Oh, Eric, stop being weird.
Eric: Thanks, Dad!
[Leo just fired Fez from the PhotoHut]
Fez: But how am I supposed to pay for my shoes?
Leo: Just do what I do, man. Take money from the register when the boss isn't looking.
Steven Hyde: Leo... Once again... You are the boss.
Leo: And, I'm not looking.
[Hyde gives Fez the money]
Michael Kelso: I miss Jackie, I can't eat, I can't sleep, well i can eat but...
[begins to cry]
Fez: [stares at kelso]
Steven Hyde: [stares at kelso]
Eric: [stares at kelso] Hey, what did we say, no crying in the circle
Michael Kelso: I can't help it.
Michael Kelso: I need to tell her i didnt mean to cheat on her and that im sorry. I know, I'll write her a song
Michael Kelso: [begins to play ukelae, really badly while singing]
Steven Hyde: Hey I kno how you can start it.
[begins to sing]
Steven Hyde: You don't love me anymore, caught me cheatin' with a whore. See cuz Laurie's the whore
Eric: My sister is such a whore
[begins to giggle]
Michael Kelso: [glares at hyde]
Michael Kelso: Laurie... yeah, me and her really had something, huh?
Steven Hyde: Yeah, ointment took care of that though, right?
Eric: [on the new water heater] This is the best water heater ever. God bless us, every one.
Red Forman: Do you know why Tiny Tim walked with a crutch?
Eric: Because he had a smart mouth?
Red Forman: That's right.
Jackie Burkhardt: Oh Michael, you're prettier than Bowie.
Michael Kelso: I'm prettier than you.
Fez: Don't resist me, Mama. It's boogie time.
Red Forman: What the hell kind of restaurant is this? You got eight people singing happy birthday, and no one can bring my wife a damn salad.
[after Hyde makes a batch of special brownies]
Michael Kelso: One day, I'm gonna open a restaurant, and everything on the menu is gonna be special. So, when somebody comes in and says "Hey, Kelso, what's special on the menu?", I can say "Everything."
[Donna reads Hyde's elementary school profile]
Donna Pinciotti: Steven is destined to be one of the smartest people...
Steven Hyde: Nice.
Donna Pinciotti: ?in his cellblock.
Michael Kelso: What does he have that I don't? I mean, I have the three things women want: I'm hot and I'm smart.
Donna Pinciotti: That's two things you moron.
Michael Kelso: Nuh-uh, hot counts twice.
Fez: Poor Hyde. You are in love with Donna and she's with your good friend Eric.
Steven Hyde: So what?
Fez: So it's the saddest story in the world.
Steven Hyde: You know what? I had a chance, and I didn't take it.
Kelso: You have the right to remain BURNED!
Leo: I saw a UFO once, man. It was just hanging there in the sky. Then it sent me a message, in big bright yellow letters. I told me I was gonna have a good year.
Steven Hyde: Leo, was this UFO at a football game?
Leo: Yeah, man! And the weird thing was, I was the only one freaking out about it!
[Hyde, Fez, and Kelso start to laugh]
Leo: Wait a minute. Good year? It was a terrible year, man!
Michael Kelso: Hey guys, guess what I got?
Steven Hyde: VD?
Michael Kelso: No. A hundred bucks.
Eric: So money to treat your VD.
Fez: I wonder what's up with Jackie. She looks scared... like a deer in the headlights caught with its pants down.
Steven Hyde: You know what your problem is? You're really cute, but nobody ever told you to shut your piehole.
Jackie Burkhardt: You think I'm cute?
Fez: AH. This is tomorrow's school paper. Oh my god, on the front page, there's a picture of me kissing Kelso by the lake.
Eric: Fez why are you kissing Kelso by the lake?
Fez: We caught a fish, I was excited. I kissed the fish too, but of course they don't show you that.
Red Forman: What the hell happened?
Steven Hyde: Eric made out with Laurie's friend.
Red Forman: Anything else?
Fez: Your son is a whore.
[repeated line]
Red Forman: That kid's on dope!
Donna Pinciotti: Do you think Eric could cheat on me with Shelley?
Michael Kelso: Donna, Shelley's a tramp. No guy could ever turn down a tramp.
Donna Pinciotti: Oh, my god. Is that true?
Steven Hyde: I don't know. Let's find out. Laurie, have you ever been turned down?
Laurie Forman: No.
Steven Hyde: See?
Michael Kelso: [shouts] Ooooh! Burn! That's a burn about a burn! That's a 2nd degree burn!
[Eric's dream sequence during "A New Hope"]
Red as Obi: A Jedi's power lies within his own mi- are you even listening to me?
Eric as Luke: What? Yes. Um, you were saying, may the force be with me?
Red as Obi: No, I did not. Jedi knight. Jedi dumbass!
Fez: Is there anything about Canada we need to know before we get there?
Steven Hyde: Well, the beer is stronger. And as a result, their women look prettier.
Fez: Then let's HAUL ASS TO CANADA.
Michael Kelso: Hello, sir. My name is Michael Kelso. I am about to do things of a sexual nature with your daughter. And although she does these things - with everybody - I now have a newfound respect for women, seeing as I have a daughter myself. Out of wedlock. Don't worry, I'm no longer with the mother. I just came by to seek out your blessing, so I may continue to pleasure your daughter again and again. Thank you for your time.
[about Bob's hair]
Red Forman: His head looks like a poodle's ass.
Leo: Hey man, you missed your shift at the Photo Hut. You better have a damn good excuse.
Steven Hyde: I got busted.
Leo: Damn. That's a good excuse.
Michael Kelso: Look, Jackie, I don't really know how to say this but... I don't want your stupid stuffed animals in my van.
[Jackie gasps and exits]
Michael Kelso: No, wait, Jackie! I didn't say *you're* stupid. Just all the stuff you like!
[repeated line]
Kitty Forman: Oh, Red you do care.
Michael Kelso: C'mon Eric, we never ask you for anything.
Eric: You guys ask me for everything.
Michael Kelso: So, what's one more thing?
Steven Hyde: I knew hooking up with Jackie was a big mistake but I did it anyway. That's what she does, man. She makes you stupid. I bet Kelso was composing symphonies before he met her.
Eric: Gentlemen, we have finally done it. A pot leaf on the water tower.
Fez: This is the proudest moment of my life.
Steven Hyde: It doesn't look like a pot leaf. It looks like its giving me the finger.
Michael Kelso: Well it doesn't have to look perfect Hyde, it's art.
Kitty Forman: I'm sorry, Red, I saw this as my one chance to say 'Laurie got married' without having to add, 'And the baby came early.'
Donna Pinciotti: I like showing my butt. I like to show it and I like to shake it.
Eric: Donna can't be smarter than me because I'm the man, and that's just the way it is.
Kitty Forman: Well, I do better on tests than your father, but he's the one brave enough to kill spiders. And since we've been married how many tests have I taken? None. How many spiders have your father killed? Hundreds.
Red Forman: What are you doing here?
Michael Kelso: The explanation is in the note.
Red Forman: [reading the note] Dear Red, we would like for you to give Michael thirty dollars for the game you threw out the window and broke. Signed, my parents.
[Kitty laughs hysterically, and leaves the room]
Red Forman: Well, you made her laugh, that's worth at least thirty bucks.
[Gives Kelso the money]
Michael Kelso: Why would you just cuddle with her when you could do it? I mean, Forman, doing it is "it." That's why they call it "it." IT.
[Kelso just found out about Eric being lame in the sack]
Jackie Burkhardt: Michael, I told you about Eric so you could help him, not make fun of him.
Michael Kelso: Yeah, but it's hard to help someone and burn him at the same time.
[Jackie gives him a cold stare]
Michael Kelso: Oh, come on, Jackie, it's funny! I mean, he must have been really bad!
Jackie Burkhardt: So were you.
Michael Kelso: [gaping in horror] OK, I don't think you know what you're saying because you called me your "Apollo Rocket of Love."
Jackie Burkhardt: But the way I said it was
Jackie Burkhardt: "Oh, Michael, you my regular Apollo Rocket of Love."
Michael Kelso: OK, I'm not hearing a difference.
Steven Hyde: I got busted for possession.
Leo: Join the club.
Steven Hyde: Yeah, thanks.
Leo: No, I mean join the club, man. We meet every Thursday. We're trying to raise money for a field trip to Amsterdam.
Steven Hyde: [about Kelso's shirt being in Laurie's room] Say, how'd THAT get there?
Michael Kelso: [trying to cover his affair with Laurie] That's funny. No - This isn't even mine! Yeah, this must be ERIC'S shirt.
Jackie Burkhardt: Your mom sewed your name in it, Michael.
Michael Kelso: Man, Eric's going to be pissed, huh? Yeah, 'cause I borrowed Eric's shirt 'cause mine wasn't working right. And then my mom must've sewed my name in it.
Jackie Burkhardt: Hum, I don't know, Michael...
Michael Kelso: Jackie, if I were lying I'd come up with a lot better lie than that.
Steven Hyde: Yeah, you'd think so.
Bob Pinciotti: uh-heh
Red Forman: OK, Bob, What is it?
Bob Pinciotti: I'm just curious. What's the word on that Hyde kid?
Red Forman: Steven? He's a little rebellious, just needs some direction.
Bob Pinciotti: Apparently he's getting it, Red. I kind of walked into your living room and he and Kitty were in some sort of provocative embrace. I think he's putting the moves on your wife.
Red Forman: Ooh my God. Now I've gotta kill him. Get your deer rifle, Bob.
Bob Pinciotti: H... Hold on Red. I... I... I could have been mistaken.
Red Forman: You know what you saw. Get the damn gun.
Red: [Red has a dream that he dies, and nobody shows up for his funeral]
Red: Where is everybody? Where are all my friends?
Kitty Forman: You don't have any friends, honey. I'm afraid it's a side effect of... telling people to stick it in their butts.
Eric: It's amazing what one act of civil disobedience can do for a person.
Eric: Panties. Glorious panties.
Jackie Burkhardt: Donna, are you OK?
Donna Pinciotti: Yeah.
Jackie Burkhardt: How can you be OK? There's a college *woman* sleeping in Eric's bed.
Donna Pinciotti: Jackie, Eric's sleeping in the basement.
Jackie Burkhardt: Donna, stairs can't stop a high school horn dog. Barbed wire can't stop a high school horn dog. A wall of fire can't stop a high school horn dog.
Red Forman: Dear Lord, would it kill you to give the Packers a winning season? Oh, and uh, watch over my loving family, blah blah blah...
Eric: Guys, I can't think Penny is hot. I mean, she's my cousin. That's like thinking my mom's... Whoa, I'm gonna stop right there.
Fez: I thought that about your mother, but I didn't stop there.
Kitty Forman: Eric, your father and I have noticed that you've been acting very strange lately.
Red Forman: Like a hippie.
Kitty Forman: Is there something you want to tell us?
Red Forman: Are you on dope? Are you?
Kitty Forman: Because we can help get you clean. There's counseling, hospitalization...
Red Forman: ...my foot kickin' your ass.
Frank: How can you give away your stuffing recipe? It's the one thing that we have that's better than everyone else's! Our house: crappier. Our son: crappier. Our stuffing: Better!
Jackie Burkhardt: Steven, do I really disgust you?
Steven Hyde: No. I disgust me because I'm supposed to be disgusted by you but I'm not.
Jackie Burkhardt: Me too! I mean, I like how scruffy you are.
Steven Hyde: Of course you do.
[Fez kisses Jackie]
Donna Pinciotti: What was so good about it?
Jackie Burkhardt: Do you know like Fez talks he sometimes rolls his Rs? Well, that's what he did in my mouth.
[while being questioned by Canadian police]
Michael Kelso: If you call ham "Canadian bacon", what do you call bacon?
Jackie Burkhardt: Man, I just totally forgot why I was laughing. Isn't that funny?
Eric: Okay... no more for the cheerleader.
Red Forman: Damn kids today. They wouldn't know responsibility if it walked up and bit them in the ass.
Bob Pinciotti: [Bob has come over to the Foremans place after he cut down a tree that almost fell on Red] Red, I'm so sorry. It was an accident.
Red Forman: [Red's acting nice] I thought I never say this. I'm glad you're my friend.
[hugs Bob]
Bob Pinciotti: Red, I thought I'd never say this, you smell nice.
Red Forman: Oh and uh, here's a 20.
Laurie Forman: Will that cover for gas?
Kitty Forman: Oh well, honey, give her another 10 just in case.
Eric: You know, I could use some gas money.
Red Forman: [laughs] Yeah... and if a frog had wings, it wouldn't bump it's ass when it hops.
Michael Kelso: [Michael arrives at the door to pick up Laurie for a date] Hello, Mrs. Forman. I'm here to pick up your daughter for our date.
Steven Hyde: Man, you're dating Laurie?... That's not "going where no man has gone before"; that's going where *every* man has gone before.
Kitty Forman: Steven, it's not nice to be so... truthful.
Donna Pinciotti: Excuse me Jackie, when did you lose your soul?
Jackie Burkhardt: Cheerleading camp.
Jackie Burkhardt: Look, the sooner you realize I'm a genius, the better off we'll both be.
Eric: You're right, Jackie, the Fonz could beat up Bruce Lee.
Kitty Forman: My parents are coming tomorrow.
Red Forman: Oh, crap.
Kitty Forman: Red.
Donna Pinciotti: What's wrong with them.
Kitty Forman: It's a complicated situation.
Eric: Grandma yells, grandpa drinks.
Red Forman: Good night, sleep tight, and don't let the bedbugs put their foot in your ass.
Michael Kelso: If this is about maturity, I want nothing to do with it.
Donna Pinciotti: Jackie, I went on the pill.
Jackie Burkhardt: Oh, my God. You are going to be so popular.
Steven Hyde: Look man, I gotta talk to you about some things that happened while you were gone this summer.
Michael Kelso: Hyde, if this isn't about free ice cream, naked volleyball or a dog wearing a hat and sunglasses, I'd rather not know.
Eric: You know Donna, I'm not surprised you're in my bed. I knew you couldn't resist me any longer.
Donna: No I couldn't. I want you. I need you.
Eric: Well, I never turn down a woman in need.
[wraps his arms around her]
Donna: You know, being here in you bed. On your... SpiderMan sheets. Makes me feel so Ready, so Willing.
Eric: Then call me Able.
[kisses her]
Eric: Oh, a little mood music.
[turns on a clock radio. Romantic music about a dream plays while he kisses her]
Eric: [dissolve to Eric waking up alone in his bed] Damn.
Donna: [off camera] What's wrong?
Eric: [Eric screams] Aggh!
[Eric sees the real Donna kneeling next to his bed]
Eric: I mean... hey baby!
Steven Hyde: That's the price you pay for docking your Love Boat in Jackie Vallarta.
Michael Kelso: It turns out, the key to winning Jackie's heart was in the last place I thought to look - my own brain.
Red Forman: [to Fez] Hey, Ali Baba. Close Sesame.
Kitty Forman: I can't believe that any of you can walk into a church without bursting into flames.
Steven Hyde: I've been living in the basement.
Eric: You know? I did notice a dusting of curly hair on the floor. I just wrote if off to my changing teenage body.
Steven Hyde: [drawing a correlation with Kelso thinking he saw a UFO] Kelso, do you remember that time you thought you saw the abominable snowman?
Kelso: Yeah...
Steven Hyde: And what did it turn out to be?
Kelso: [not getting Hyde's point] Just a regular snowman...
Steven Hyde: Hey Foreman, do you have any naked pictures of your Grandma?
Eric: No.
Steven Hyde: Ha ha. You do now.
Jackie Burkhardt: Well, if Donna's not gonna be here, neither am I.
Eric: Oh, Jackie, I'm sorry. What I meant was... BYE.
Michael Kelso: Cartoons make me horny. Oh and food.
Michael Kelso: Here, let me get that. Pregnant women should never stand on their tippy-toes, or else the baby will come out all cross-eyed.
Red Forman: Eric, I thought I told you to wash up for dinner. I know, it's difficult to hear with your head up your ass.
Michael Kelso: Don't freak out, but if I see a deer on the side of the road, I'm gonna shoot him.
Red Forman: Kelso, you fire that gun in this car, and I will pull over and kick your ass for an hour.
Jackie Burkhardt: Androgynous guys are so manly.
Kitty Forman: Bed checks, here we come.
Red Forman: Shh, Kitty, you're warning them.
Kitty Forman: I'm not warning anybody. Getting closer.
Kitty Forman: [about her mother] Dad, what is wrong with that woman?
Burt: Don't worry sweetheart. Her screaming at you means she loves you and understands you're going through a hard time. Just like her smashing your golf clubs means "Happy Anniversary".
Michael Kelso: I wish there was a way I could give Jackie a thing. That wasn't actually the ring. You know? Like a, a test gift just to see what she would say, and if it went bad I could just walk away... Hey, am I talking in rhyme? I wish I could do that all the time.
Michael Kelso: If this van's a-rockin'... we're in there doing it.
Steven Hyde: Pimp gave you the holiday off, huh?
Laurie Forman: Yeah, he replaced me with your mom.
[seeing a square dance]
Red Forman: It looks like 'Hee Haw' puked in here.
Fez: Mrs. Forman, I'm sorry. I washed my face with your ovaries.
Fez: My gosh, Buddy. With a car like that, you must be knee deep in whores.
Red: Son, you don't have bad luck. The reason that bad things happen to you is because you're a dumbass.
Eric: Hey Hyde, this is a cool place for a party. It's already trashed.
[Eric just announced his plans to move away]
Red Forman: I'm proud of you.
Kitty Forman: And that goes double for... what the hell did you say?
Fez: This suit is for leisure. But many times I wear it to get down to business.
Michael Kelso: Hey Laurie, long time, no doin' it.
[a guardian angel shows Eric how his prom would have been had he not kissed Donna]
Eric: I went to the prom with *Big Rhonda*?
Eric: I believe that everyone's political opinion is valid, and worth hearing.
Red Forman: Well that's perfect Eric. Use that line when you run for Miss America.
Eric: Uh-oh, naughty thoughts a-brewin'...
Red Forman: Every single Price Mart stock-boy will be trained in the Red Forman way.
Eric: Oh, you mean by undermining their self-esteem until they're too weak to fight back?
Steven Hyde: Looks like Shelley has a thing for Foreman.
Fez: Yes, and Foreman has a thing for Shelley. And it's in his pants.
Kelso's Date: [Looking at photos of Kelso's newborn daughter] Wow, she's even cuter than you.
Michael Kelso: Yeah, she wishes.
Michael Kelso: [Reading off a small box] A UNICEF contribution of thirteen cents will feed a child for a month. Man, living in Africa must be great. Everything's so cheap.
Fez: Hey, guys. I was just showing Caroline the backseat of my Vista Cruiser.
Steven Hyde: Fez, that's not your car.
Jackie Burkhardt: Yeah, Fez. Foreigners aren't allowed to drive cars in this country, unless it's a cab.
Eric: What happened? Did Kelso forget your birthday or something?
Jackie Burkhardt: I'm pregnant.
[Eric gasps]
Donna Pinciotti: [outside. Donna is playing basketball with Eric. She runs and makes a shot, then she tosses the ball to Eric, which it hits his head, then he turns] Eric, you're like a million miles away. What's going on?
Eric: Ok, Donna. I have to tell you something, but you promise you're not going to tell anybody else.
Donna Pinciotti: Dirt! I swear. Now tell me.
Eric: Not here.
[they run in the car]
Eric: [no audio] Jackie's pregnant.
[Donna makes a shocking face]
Donna Pinciotti: Oh, my god what is she doing here? She could ruin everything.
Eric: Oh, don't worry. She isn't here today as a math teacher who's failing me. No, she's here today as a cradle robbing slut.
Jackie Burkhardt: So, Michael cheated on me with Laurie, and Laurie cheated on him! There is a God, and he's on MY SIDE!
Bob Pinciotti: You know Red, that hurts.
Red Forman: So does a swift kick in the ass.
Bob Pinciotti: You know, Red, a kick in the ass isn't the solution to everything.
Red Forman: I'm afraid I'm gonna have to disagree with that, Bob.
Kitty Forman: You kids change partners more than square dancers.
Michael Kelso: Look, she's beautiful, she believes in me, and if I can get her to put out, it's 3 out of 3. Right now, it's 2 out of 3, and I'm sorry but 50% ain't gonna cut it.
Kelso: Guys - I just saw a UFO!
Steven Hyde: What an unbelievable coincidence! I was just telling Fez about how dumb you are!
Red Forman: Bend your knees and lift with your legs, or else I'm going to...
Eric: ...kick my ass, put your foot in my ass, make my ass a hat, yeah, yeah yeah...
Eric: Hey dad. You coming back inside?
Red Forman: Eric, I love your grandmother very much. I just can't talk to her or spend any time with her.
Eric: Did I mention that I'm in there rubbing her feet?
Red Forman: Eric, sometimes you got to play through the pain.
Eric: What?
Red Forman: I don't know. Just, get back in there.
Steven Hyde: [to Donna] You know what's gonne make you feel better? A scrawny little neighbor boy.
Red Forman: Once again, an open bar spells disaster for the Foreman family.
Donna Pinciotti: Why does your dad want to ruin my dad's barbecue?
Eric: Well, my dad thinks that if your dad's barbecue is better than his, the russkies are gonna take over the planet.
Ricky: Forman, who told you you could go on break?
Kitty Forman: I did.
Ricky: And who are you?
Kitty Forman: I'm his mother.
Ricky: Good enough.
Fez: Who are you?
Rhonda: Fez, it's me Rhonda.
Fez: So do you want to have a hot-dog eating contest?
Rhonda: No. It's not kosher.
Fez: Who said?
Rhonda: [pointing to Jackie and Donna] They did.
Fez: Oh, really?
[turning to Donna and Jackie]
Fez: What have you meddling whores done to my Rhonda?
Donna Pinciotti: I've got to tell you, Fez it was all Jackie's idea. She wouldn't let her pee.
Jackie Burkhardt: You said she was a sasquatch.
Donna Pinciotti: So did you.
Red Forman: [to Fez] Thanks for the help. You seem to have a natural talent for handling luggage.
Eric: I got a B.
Red Forman: You couldn't get an A?
Kitty Forman: Aww honey, don't listen to him. You did super. And Steven, you did super duper.
Eric: Why does he get a duper?
Eric: [they're driving Kelso's cousin's car] Why does Sully have a statue of the Virgin Mary on his dashboard?
Michael Kelso: Maybe he's, like, religious.
Steven Hyde: Didn't Sully get imprisoned for arson?
Michael Kelso: Yeah. People who burn stuff believe in God too, Hyde.
Steven Hyde: Why does his key-chain say "I Love Bingo"?
Fez: Sully must love bingo.
Eric: All right. I'm starting to think this isn't Sully's car.
Michael Kelso: Then who's car is it?
[police siren wails]
[on Valentine's day]
Kitty Forman: Oooh, look how cute you are. This is just like when you were 5, and played make believe dinner. Only this time, it won't end by Donna sitting on Eric's face.
[Awkward pause]
Kitty Forman: OK.
[Kitty and Red start leaving]
Red Forman: Kitty, that was bad.
Kitty Forman: I know, keep walking.
[Kitt and Red finally leave]
Eric: Oh, good, and I thought this was going to be awkward.
[Fez is interviewing for a job]
Nina: You're stubborn, under qualified and can barely speak English... Welcome to the DMV.
Michael Kelso: Yeah, Hyde's in jail. Hey guys, do you think that he's anyone's girlfriend yet?
Fez: Kelso, he's been in there for three hours. Of COURSE he's someone's girlfriend.
Fez: Whenever I look at naked ladies, I get really tired. Then I get my second wind, and then I want to look at more naked ladies.
[Eric has a dream sequence with Donna]
Eric: Look at me. I weigh 80 pounds. Do you know why I'm bald? It's because my body is eating its own hair.
[a guardian angel shows Eric how his life would be had he not kissed Donna]
The Angel: Oh, but it only gets better. Eric, I'm now going to show you your future. Next stop - the '80s!
["The Safety Dance" is heard]
Eric: What was that?
The Angel: You'll find out.
[Red on Laurie and Michael]
Red Forman: This is how it starts, you know. First they're dating and having fun, and then the next thing you know, they're prying the money to pay for a wedding from my cold, dead hands.
Kitty Forman: Oh, honey. They're not going to get married. He'll leave her when she gets pregnant.
Red Forman: I like the sound of a beer church.
[Eric and Donna are dressing, after having sex]
Eric: You know Donna, you're a great study buddy. You make studying fun.
Jackie Burkhardt: Oh, my god. You all hate Laurie?
[the gang nods]
Jackie Burkhardt: I don't believe this. You all hate Laurie, and love me.
Steven Hyde: ...We all hate Laurie, all right.
Kelso: Whatever. You know, none of this is as bad as Hyde not telling me. You know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna make him tell me.
Donna: How are you gonna do that?
Michael Kelso: By outwitting him conversationally. What a fine game of cat and mouse it will be.
Eric: So what are you gonna say?
Michael Kelso: Oh, it'll come to me in the moment.
Donna: Don't you think you should plan it out a little?
Michael Kelso: Does an astronaut plan out his missions?
Fez: What happens in cat and mouse if the cat is retarded?
Michael Kelso: Oh, you just wait and see.
KISS Alarm Clock (on sale at Price Mart): I wanna Rock and Roll All Night, and... WAKE UP... every day!
Kitty Forman: Red, there are five stages of grieving: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.
Red Forman: Kitty, I've got two stages: anger, and drinking.
Donna Pinciotti: Dammit, Kelso. You don't french the bride.
[after finding out that Eric kissed another girl]
Donna: Why'd you do it?
Eric: Well, I have it on pretty good authority that I'm a dumbass.
Donna Pinciotti: [when Eric wears a Chicago Bears jersey at a Green Bay Packer game] The Packers are like the Jedi. You're wearing a 'Go Darth Vader' jersey.
Michael Kelso: It's a girl!
[takes out pictures]
Michael Kelso: Here, look.
Donna Pinciotti: Aw, she's adorable! What's her name?
Michael Kelso: Betsy.
Jackie Burkhardt: [gasps in horror] A fat girl's name!
[about Eric's parents]
Donna Pinciotti: I can't believe they're pregnant.
Eric: I can't believe they're still doing it.
Rhonda: If I don't get a friggin' MandM, then I'm gonna start swingin'.
Red: Well, we got vandals in this town. I was driving home and I saw the water tower giving me the finger.
Laurie Forman: Vandals you say? Hmm, where were you last night, Eric?
Kitty Forman: Oh, can it, Laurie. Eric you look pale. Let me see your eyes.
[Eric just looks down]
Kitty Forman: Look at me.
[Eric looks at Kitty, imagining her she was naked after seeing his parents having sex]
Kitty Forman: Do you have fever?
Red: [Eric looks at Red, and he's imagining him naked, too] I know what you need. Right after breakfast, I want you to mow the lawn. The fresh air will do you good.
Kitty Forman: [the camera turns around back to Kitty. Kitty is still naked and she wipes something off her chest] Eric, is something bothering you?
Eric: [looking at Kitty and Red a couple more times] God, make it stop!
[leaves the table]
Eric: Mom, Dad, can Penny and I be alone for a minute?
Red Forman: No. I'm not raising any flipper grandkids.
Suzy Simpson: [on Fez coming on a "date" between her and Kelso] Michael, I thought it was going to be you, me, and a box of hot lead.
Michael Kelso: Well, now it's even better because it's you, me, and a box of hot Fez.
[Michael on Eric]
Michael Kelso: How dumb was he to give me the car keys? I mean, who in here trusts me?
Fez: Not me.
Jackie Burkhardt: Not me.
Steven Hyde: Not me, man.
Michael Kelso: Thank you.
[Kelso just told Jackie a list of embarrassing things he's done in his life, in an effort to be honest]
Michael Kelso: Oh, and that time we were about to fool around, and you asked me if I washed my hands, I had just actually finished playing with six dogs. Oh, but that's not nearly as bad as the time...
Jackie Burkhardt: OK, Michael. Enough. You know when I talked to you about honesty? Let's talk about SELECTIVE honesty.
Fez: And basic hygiene.
[Eric wants to impress Donna, so he gets her name tattooed on his butt by Leo]
Leo: Dude, Debby is gonna be real happy about this.
Eric: Who's Debby?
Leo: Hello? Your girlfriend, Debby? Jesus...
Eric: Leo, her name is Donna.
Leo: Oh... I can fix that.
Leo: [to Kitty] Hey, Mrs. Eric's mom.
Michael Kelso: I'm not shallow. I just judge women on their looks.
Fez: That's not a tater tot... that's a tater giant!
Jackie Burkhardt: Oh my god. He called me a bitch, and you hit him. And that's what happened, isn't it?
Steven Hyde: No.
Jackie Burkhardt: Liar. I am the bitch. And you love me.
Red Forman: Threats aren't going to work, Kitty.
Kitty Forman: Every newspaper you'll be reading, every nap you'll be taking, every football game you'll be watching, I'll be there, talking, talking, talking, talking.
Fez: When is it Fez's turn? Where is my whore?
Steven Hyde: Hold on, Kelso. Suddenly, you're too mature to go cruising for chicks with us, and you're going to the mall with Jackie?
Michael Kelso: Yeah, I've been doing a lot of thinking. And, I've come to realize that Jackie is the only girl I want to be with.
Eric: Today?
Eric: That would be like looking at my mom and thinking, "Hey, baby. How ? ". I'm just going to stop right there.
Michael Kelso: [Kelso comes into the basement wearing a pair of goggles] Try hurting my eye now!
[Hyde kicks him in the shin]
Red Forman: When used separately, women and alcohol can be a lot of fun. But if you mix them, they can turn you into a dumbass.
[about Donna]
Eric: She was drunk, in the middle of the afternoon. I mean, it was like Sue Ellen on 'Dallas'.
Donna Pinciotti: Mom, when you and dad got into an argument, did you ever... You know...
Midge Pinciotti: What?
Donna Pinciotti: Well, have you ever... Stopped having sex with dad in order to win an argument?
Midge Pinciotti: You can do that?
Donna Pinciotti: Yeah, but...
Midge Pinciotti: You mean that if I stop having sex with your father, he'll paint the bathroom?
Donna Pinciotti: Yeah, but aren't you worried about how it can hurt the relationship?
Midge Pinciotti: Blah, blah, blah. I don't care. I'm getting my bathroom painted.
[the guys go to a wrestling match]
Steven Hyde: Hey, can we get a move on? If I miss that 20 midget free for all, I'm gonna be super-pissed.
Jackie Burkhardt: [about Hyde] What he needs is a kick in the nads.
Kitty Forman: It's the holidays, we say 'sleigh bells'.
[after setting the table for Thanksgiving dinner]
Kitty Forman: I feel like I'm forgetting something...
[the phone rings]
Kitty Forman: Oh, my God, I forgot your mom.
Steven Hyde: At parties like this Fez, you collect the leftovers of all the unfinished drinks, and combine them to form on giant, uber-drink. In this case,a Tom Wallbanger Bloody Sunrise on the Beach.
[Kitty wants to redecorate the basement]
Red Forman: This is going to be expensive, isn't it?
Kitty Forman: Maybe.
Red Forman: Don't you like anything cheap?
Kitty Forman: I like you.
Red Forman: Penny, you're cold. Go get a sweater.
[Cousin Penny leaves]
Red Forman: Eric, do I have to tell you to stop staring at your cousin?
Eric: Look at the symptoms... temperamental behavior, mood swings, facial hair... Uh oh, Dad, I think you have menopause.
Fez: These after-school specials are thrilling. Who knew that one beer could turn a cheerleader into a whore?
[Red on young people]
Red Forman: Get a job, HA. It's just party all night, dance all day, and sex everywhere in between.
Red Forman: This is a smoke detector.
Michael Kelso: Does that detect any type of smoke?
Jackie Burkhardt: I'd like to pop that inflatable bitch and watch her fly around the room!
Michael Kelso: Your soul is like an appendix. I don't even use mine.
Donna Pinciotti: You want my honest opinion, Jackie? Fine. You always try to get people to do what you want, and it's not going to work on Hyde.
Jackie Burkhardt: That's not true. Now, you take that back and feel sorry for me.
Red Forman: I've been working since I was sixteen. I fought in two wars. Hell, I've killed people. I'm not saying that I didn't enjoy it...
Michael Kelso: If you really do love her, there's only one thing to do, man. You gotta dump her and live free.
Eric: Yeah, I mean, when the empire killed Luke Skywalker's aunt and uncle, did he just call them up?
The others: Ahh, nooo...
Eric: No. He hopped on the Millenium Falcon, and he paid a little visit to the Death Star.
Randy Pearson: [to Hyde, about Kelso] Your friend here might be pretty enough to pass off as Cher.
Michael Kelso: Yeah. That's not a bad idea, Andy Gibb!
Eric: You know, Hyde, at first I thought your father was a real dirtbag. But I've come to realize that there's a fine line between dirt bag and Father Of The Year.
[Kelso is clumsy with a gun]
Donna Pinciotti: Kelso, careful with that.
Michael Kelso: Don't worry, guns don't just go off by accident.
Donna Pinciotti: What about Eric's hamster in fourth grade?
Eric: Oh, no, my hamster went upstate to live with a new family upstate. Right?
[Nobody says anything]
Eric: Oh, my god. You killed my hamster.
Michael Kelso: It wasn't my fault. The gun went off by accident.
Michael Kelso: That team is cheating. The brown guy is a robot.
Kitty Forman: How's it going?
Red Forman: Real good. The foreign kid just ate something off the floor.
Fez: Need a refill?
Burt: Sure. Thanks.
[to Laurie]
Burt: When did they get a house boy?
[on buying an economy car during the oil crisis]
Red Forman: The last time I was that close to a Japanese machine, it was shooting at me.
[Jackie and Donna need something that's in Kelso's room, so they sneak in at night]
Michael Kelso: [wakes up] Jackie? Donna?
[Jackie and Donna freeze]
Michael Kelso: Is this a dream?
Jackie Burkhardt: Uhh, yeah, Michael. This is a dream.
Michael Kelso: Are we gonna do it?
Jackie Burkhardt: Uhh, yes, Michael. We're gonna do it.
Michael Kelso: Ok. Donna first.
Eric: Laurie was born with a tail!
[Fez and Hyde look disgusted; Laurie looks horrified and humiliated]
Laurie Forman: I hate you!
[runs away crying]
Red Forman: [to Steven] If you ever do anything like that again, I will kick your ass so hard, your nose will bleed.
Kitty Forman: And we love you.
Donna Pinciotti: What is it about you that drives me wild with passion and desire?
Eric: Well, I am... seventeen now.
Fez: Look, my first snowball. I love snow so much, my fingers are numb with joy.
Red Forman: Kelso, you make Eric look like Einstein.
Eric: [sarcastically] Gee, thank you daddy.
Michael Kelso: "Thank you"? Einstein was ugly.
Michael Kelso: What fun is it in being a girlfriend if you don't even have your own boobs to play with?
Bob Pinciotti: I didn't ask for a drink.
Fez: Well, I didn't ask to be born in a field.
[Red groans]
Eric: Well, Marlin, we've just seen the male of the herd grunt his displeasure. But what does it mean?
Steven Hyde: The grunting indicates aggression, Jim.
Eric: Ah.
Red Forman: Idiots.
Jackie Burkhardt: Why won't Steven love me? I wish my daddy could buy him for me...
Red Forman: Steven, I've come to think of you as a son. So I want to give you some honest, heart-felt advice. Get your head out of your ass.
Jackie Burkhardt: Donna, sex is how we control men. If they know we like it as much as they do, we'll never get jewelry again.
Michael Kelso: Girls must really like astronauts, 'cause it says here they get all the tang they want.
Donna Pinciotti: You have to tell Kelso. If you don't, I will.
Jackie Burkhardt: Thank you, Donna! Thank you! Oh, thank you!
[she runs to the bathroom door]
Donna Pinciotti: Jackie, I don't want to tell him!
[a crash is heard. Donna and Jackie goes out of the bathroom, they see Kelso passed out on the floor while Fez is slapping his face side to side]
Jackie Burkhardt: I think he knows.
Red Forman: If the US government decides to stick a tracking device up your ass, you say, "Thank You. And God Bless America."
Michael Kelso: A promise ring is not only a gift from the heart, but it also means more sex and less mouthin' off.
Donna Pinciotti: I love you, Eric.
Eric: I love... cake.
Eric: [in a later scene] Donna, it's just that... if I say it, and then we break up, what would I tell myself?
Donna Pinciotti: You could tell yourself you still have cake, we both know how much it means to you.
Eric: OK, I deserve that.
Kitty Forman: [after throwing away Kelso's electronic football game] What is wrong with you? Were you dropped on your head?
Kelso: Yes! And until now, everyone else had the good grace not to mention it!
[shoves his head in his pillow, reminiscent of a five-year-old]
Laurie Forman: You know Eric, hickeys lead to dirty things.
Red Forman: For God sakes. Don't let Donna suck your neck.
Eric: [Kelso, Jackie, Donna and Eric are in a drive in movie. Donna and Jackie screams and hides in the car, then Kelso gets Erics attention, then Eric shoves his face back, then Jackie grabs Kelso face] Donna, it's just a movie.
[Donna gets up. Then Kelso and Jackie starts kicking them in the head while making out]
Eric: Do you want to sit somewhere else?
Donna Pinciotti: So bad.
[they try to get out of the car while Kelso and Jackie were still kicking them]
[referring to that Thanksgiving's events]
Red Forman: You mean with that ungrateful daughter, our dumbass son, and that drunk foreign kid
Red Forman: it was better than last year.
Steven Hyde: Hey, Red. You have to sign this card for me.
Red Forman: It says you're failing gym.
Steven Hyde: Yeah.
Red Forman: Why the hell are you failing gym?
Steven Hyde: Because I wouldn't wear shorts?
Red Forman: Why not?
Steven Hyde: Would you wear shorts?
[Red signs the card]
Eric: You smell great. What did you do?
Donna Pinciotti: I took a bath. I was thinking of you the whole time.
Eric: Hey I do the same thing in the shower.
Donna Pinciotti: What?
Eric: Nothing.
Kitty Forman: [to Michael] What is wrong with you? Were you dropped on your head?
Michael Kelso: Yes, I was. And up until now, everyone had the good grace not to mention it.
Jackie Burkhardt: Oh my god, I told her that, it was me! I saved the day!
[Eric catches Jackie and Hyde]
Jackie Burkhardt: It's just a meaningless fling, okay? We can stop whenever we want.
Eric: Well, then maybe you should.
Jackie Burkhardt: Why do you even care?
Michael Kelso: Jackie and I are back together.
Laurie Forman: I understand. But, do you want to see my appendix scar?
Michael Kelso: Once again... WHAT'S-HER-NAME AND I ARE BACK TOGETHER.
[Bob's Christmas decorations are so bright and loud they wake up Red and Kitty]
Kitty Forman: It's the Russians.
[Eric took blame for Donna's smoking in school]
Donna Pinciotti: So how'd your parents react?
Eric: Surprisingly, not so good. It turns out that Red has a temper.
Red Forman: Do you know how they treat their criminals in Russia? First offense, five years in Siberia. Second offense, ten years. Believe you me, there is no third offense.
Kitty Forman: Unless the criminal likes to make snow angels.
Eric: So, you're saying that Donna and I will be okay?
Red Forman: No. All I did was scratch your mother's shoes. I didn't pull her pants down in front of God and the foreign kid.
Eric: So Donna says David and her are just good friends. And if I don't believe that, um, then she's gonna think that I don't trust her.
Fez: Eric, maybe you should let David have Donna. I mean, they look so nice together.
Steven Hyde: See, this is why your country lost the war.
Fez: My country never fought a war.
Steven Hyde: Yeah, big surprise.
Michael Kelso: I've heard of 'kissing cousins', but have you ever heard of 'doin' it' cousins?
Fez: Eric, what a glorious man-ring.
Steven Hyde: Face it, Forman, Donna has bad taste. I mean, look at her dad. The apple doesn't fall far from the Bob.
Eric: I don't think I've ever seen Mom so mad. Have you?
Red Forman: Not since she's stopped drinking.
Eric: What?
Red Forman: Nothing.
Red: So you just be grateful that your Dad doesn't yell at you 24-hours-a-day! And don't give me that look, because this isn't yelling! When I yell, you'll know it!
Michael Kelso: [reading] Oh Wait, Jackie. Two o'clock... 'Smokey and the Bandit'.
Jackie Burkhardt: No-no-no-no-no. I told you, I don't wanna see that again. I don't like the South.
Steven Hyde: The three TRUE branches of the government are military, corporate and Hollywood.
Mr. Wilkinson: [after the gang has stolen his mailbox] Bloody hell- is that my mailbox?
Fez: [imitating Mr. Wilikinson] Bloody hell is that me mailbox?
[everyone laughs]
[Eric and Red are hunting]
Red Forman: I want you to forget that I'm your father for a minute. I want you to tell me exactly what you think of me.
Eric: How about I do this when you don't have a gun?
Jackie Burkhardt: Well, all the best quotes are about the things that means a lot to you, like for example me. My hair. Or my personality. Or the sparkle I bring to your dull, grey, lives.
Steven Hyde: Or, the feeling of relief we get, when you leave the room.
Jackie Burkhardt: Oh, no. I'm not getting a job. Jobs are for poor people. I'm a rich person who doesn't have any money.
Jackie Burkhardt: Steven, do you really think we're a creepy, unnatural couple?
Steven Hyde: Come on. It's a crazy question. I mean, if this relationship wasn't just a little bit creepy and unnatural I wouldn't be in it.
Fez: We've been here for like 2 hours, and we've only moved like two feet.
Michael Kelso: If you think the lines at the DMV are long, you should see the free clinic. Now there's a wait.
Steven Hyde: You know, Forman, you ought to write a book. "Things My Dad Threatened To Put Up My Ass"... "Chapter One: His Foot".
Steven Hyde: Isn't it ironic that "titillating" has the word "tit" in it?
Red Forman: Let's not talk about it in front of the boy.
Jackie Burkhardt: Fez, you are like, an amazing dancer.
Fez: Actually, Jackie... YOU are the reason I am amazing.
Steven Hyde: Look guys, we've gotta do something that says we will not pay homage to a corrupt electoral system.
Jackie Burkhardt: Let's go Michael. To a place where our love is understood.
Eric: Oh, and while you're there, check out the new monkey house.
Steven Hyde: Hey, Fez, do you happen to have my money?
Fez: Actually, I do happen not to have your money.
Steven Hyde: Oh, really? Well, until you do...
[grabs candy away from Fez and starts eating it]
Fez: My candy... Oh, you'll get your money... IN HELL.
Red Forman: Michael Kelso scored higher than you on the test? This is the kid I saw super-glue his hand to his face.
Leo: You can't go home, man. This pageant's your chance to spread some Christmas spirit. And that's contagious like VD.
[about Star Wars]
Michael Kelso: There's no way it's better than Planet of the Apes. I mean, those apes were really good actors.
Eric: And then, they go into this bar, and there are all these space creatures, and then, someone makes the mistake of picking on Obi Wan Kenobi, and then, he takes out his light saber, and goes WOOSH and he chops this guard's arm right off! Cause it's a saber that's made out of light.
Kitty Forman: Well, you know, this, this doesn't sound like a nice movie. Now, "The Way We Were", that's a nice movie!
[Michael and Laurie leave for a date]
Steven Hyde: No offense Mrs. Forman, but those two could make the dumbest babies ever.
Jackie Burkhardt: How do you feel about his hair?
Donna Pinciotti: Love it, lots of body.
Jackie Burkhardt: And his body?
Donna Pinciotti: Love it, lots of hair.
Michael Kelso: Laurie, what's going on? You're acting like you're liking me, and that's weird.
Laurie Forman: Like I told you, Kelso. I'm bored.
Michael Kelso: Well, that's very flattering.
Steven Hyde: [about backward messages on rock records] That's not the devil, it's Congress. They passed a law to put secret backward messages in our records, man. They wanna kill rock and roll because they know it makes us horny, man.
[Red on Kitty's parents]
Red Forman: You know, I was hoping when they'd move to Arizona, they would get lost in the desert.
Eric: Hey, dad, um, I was wondering if you could show me, like, a few fighting moves.
Red: Who you planning to fight?
Eric: David Milbank.
Bob Pinciotti: David Milbank? He's got scoliosis and asthma.
Bob Pinciotti: You could take him.
Red: Oh, come on now, Eric. Why don't you, uh, beat up Kelso? I don't work for his dad.
Eric: He's making a move on Donna.
Bob Pinciotti: Oh, no. No. No. Donna's not going near that pretzel boy! No. No. You gotta nip this in the bud, Eric.
Red: All right. All right. The bridge of the nose is very vulnerable.
Bob Pinciotti: Oh. Oh! And hit him with a banjo!
Red: [pauses and stares at Bob] A banjo, Bob?
Bob Pinciotti: What? I'm helping!
Red: Where's he gonna get a banjo?
Bob Pinciotti: I don't know! But I saw a guy get hit with a banjo once, and he went down.
Red: [pauses and stares at Bob again] Hitting a guy with a banjo, is dirty.
[to Eric]
Red: You wanna knee him in the groin.
Bob Pinciotti: You can hit him in the groin with a banjo.
[Jackie sneaks into the Forman's house]
Steven Hyde: I told you to look where you were going.
Jackie Burkhardt: What idiot leaves a Lego set right in front of the door?
Eric: You knocked over my space command center?
Steven Hyde: Forman doesn't ever moon because it's impossible to moon when you have no ass.
Red Forman: A bond between a father and son is subtle and complex-
[to Eric]
Red Forman: You wipe that smirk off your face.
[the kids want to throw a party]
Red Forman: Why here? Why is it always here?
Kitty Forman: Well, what do you want them to do? Throw the party in the street?
Red Forman: Yes. They puke in the street, the city cleans it up.
Steven Hyde: Look Foreman, I'll be in as much trouble as you are as soon as Edna sobers up.
Steven Hyde: When Kelso's the only one of us thinking straight, something's wrong.
Eric: Fez, I know you've spoken English for only a few weeks, now. But could you have learned the phrase 'Don't tell my Dad?" 'Don't' being the contraction for do not and 'tell my Dad' meaning SHUT UP?
Fez: See, right there you told me NOT to shut up. It's a wonder you're not failing English, too. Crack a book, you lazy son of a bitch.
Fez: Well, hello there, pretty lady. Who might you be?
Donna Pinciotti: That's my sister. And, she's 14.
Fez: You know, in my country...
Steven Hyde: It's illegal here.
Fez: Oh.
Steven Hyde: Everything I wanted to say was in that one punch. Come on.
[Hyde helps Kelso get up]
Michael Kelso: That was a good one too. I peed myself a little on the way down.
[about Hyde's house]
Kitty Forman: He really shouldn't be here.
Red: It's not so bad. Compared to Korea, this is Shangri-La wrapped in happy-fun candy.
Fez: [thinks he sees Laurie naked] Hey, are you naked or are you just happy to see me?
Donna Pinciotti: [turns around, completely naked, her eyes go wide in shock] Oh, my God, Fez!
[she ducks down out of sight]
Fez: [wide eyed] Oh, my God, Donna!
[thinking to himself]
Fez: Don't worry, just turn on the charm...
[speaking aloud]
Fez: Hey, nice honkers!
Donna Pinciotti: Get out of here!
[starts throwing rocks at him]
Steven Hyde: Let's see what your permanent record says about you, Jackie.
Jackie Burkhardt: Go ahead. I have a perfect record.
Steven Hyde: Does anybody want to know what Jackie's middle name is?
[Jackie shrieks]
Steven Hyde: Jackie's middle name is...
[Jackie starts attacking Hyde]
Jackie Burkhardt: I hate you! I hate you!
[Hyde is lying on the floor; he slowly gets up]
Steven Hyde: Her middle name is Beula.
Michael Kelso: [checking out girls] How 'bout I kiss her?
Jackie Burkhardt: Ugh, no way! She's too tall, too tan, too rich.
Michael Kelso: Damn, Jackie, I don't wanna kiss a short pale poor girl!
Donna Pinciotti: So, is it true?
Jackie Burkhardt: Yes, Donna, it is true. I am carrying Michael Kelso's child.
Donna Pinciotti: Jackie, you're a sophomore. How can you be so stupid?
Jackie Burkhardt: I'm a sophomore.
Steven Hyde: Kelso, women are like muffins, man. And once you've had a muffin, you will put up with ANYTHING to have another one. And they know that.
Red Forman: [on Kitty's new health food diet] Oh, come on! This isn't food! This is what food eats!
Steven Hyde: Two girls in a phallic RV driving around handing out things you blow? What a great country.
Donna Pinciotti: Wow, Jackie. After everything you've been through with Hyde, you come here and insult me! You're all better.
Jackie Burkhardt: Well, I'm not going to sit around moping. I'm going to do what every woman does when they hit rock bottom.
Fez: You're going to have sex with me?
Jackie Burkhardt: No, I'm going to go out and meet some boys. And crush their hearts one by one.
Steven Hyde: You have to be aloof.
Fez: Did you just call me a 'loof'? Because if so, I'll have to kick you in your nads.
Steven Hyde: No man, aloof. Distant, zen...
Fez: Well, that's not what a loof means in my language.
Steven Hyde: Look, I don't care what you think it means. That's what it means here.
Fez: You're the loof.
Steven Hyde: Hey Fez...
Fez: ...I SAID LOOF.
Donna Pinciotti: Wow! Tongue.
Eric: Oh, yeah.
Eric: Laurie saved up all her money so she could buy a back massager - which isn't fooling anyone by the way.
Donna: Tater Nuts! Tater Nuts!
Fez: Guys, Rhonda said she wanted to share something with me, tonight. That means we are going to do it.
Steven Hyde: Nice.
Fez: But, I have a problem. I have no place to do it in. I need someplace cheap and roomy... just like my Rhonda.
Fez: ["That 70s Show" 100 episode, the musical]
Fez: Some people call me the space cowboy...
Eric: No, nobody calls you like that. But if there were someone, then I'll be the space cowboy.
Steven Hyde: Please, Forman, if there's any space cowboy in this group it's me, and I'm also the midnight toker!
Fez: Kelso wants to give you the ring, but he's scared.
Jackie Burkhardt: Why is he scared?
Steven Hyde: Because you're scary.
Kitty Forman: [right after Eric accused Mitch of stealing his Darth Vader action figure] Eric, were you playing in the bathtub with your doll?
Eric: ACTION FIGURE... uh-oh.
[Fez has told everyone he lost his virginity]
Eric: Wait, this isn't like the time that you bought a hamster, named it virginity, and then lost it?
Eric: I forgot my mom's birthday.
Steven Hyde: Really? 'Cause I remembered your mom's birthday.
Eric: If you remembered, then why didn't you tell me?
Steven Hyde: How would that be funny?
Steven Hyde: You should suspend me. I need a vacation.
Jackie Burkhardt: Mrs. Pinciotti, would you please tell Donna I'm right? Isn't it great when men act like they own you.
Midge Pinciotti: Oh, yeah.
Donna Pinciotti: Mom, what about all those feminist classes you went to?
Midge Pinciotti: Oh, right... No.
Kitty Forman: Eric, David's here!
Fez: The scoliosis asthma freak is here? I cannot wait to see this!
Kitty Forman: [Bob just gave Red a pair of shoes] Oh, look. He gave you shoes. What do you say, Red?
Red Forman: What the hell is wrong with you?
Steven Hyde: You gotta be Bruce Springsteeny. Springsteenian. Springteenicious. What were we talking about?
[singing along with Ann Murray]
Eric: Even though we ain't got money, I'm so in love with ya honey. Who am I kidding after I can't pay for Donna's engagement ring nobody's gonna be in love with me honey. Why must you mock me Ann Murray?
Jackie Burkhardt: Michael, how come she has a key and I don't have one?
Michael Kelso: Well... Uhh... It's not because nobody wants you to have one. That's for sure.
Fez: [drinking from a bottle of Amaretto] Mmm... liquid candy.
Steven Hyde: Oh, I see how it is. When things get ugly, all of a sudden I'm family.
Laurie Forman: Not to me, you freak.
Steven Hyde: [pause] You are SO gonna wind up in porno.
Fez: [about Donna] If we were in my country I'd string you from the tallest tree.
Steven Hyde: We're not in your country.
Fez: Right. So good luck with Donna.
[Mounties Chris and Bryan hold the guys after they try to smuggle beer from Canada]
Bryan: Now, you are well within the legal limit on that.
[points at beer]
Chris: But you are over the legal limit of foreign kids you can smuggle out of this country.
Michael Kelso: Well what is the legal limit on that?
Chris: The limit is *zero*, you loser.
Donna Pinciotti: And exactly whose panties are these?
Midge Pinciotti: Um, actually, they're mine.
[Kelso and Fez kneel on the ground]
Michael Kelso: Eric. You are a *God*.
[Michael puts a cheese star over his eye]
Michael Kelso: Look. I'm Paul Stanley from 'Kiss'.
Kitty Forman: Ok. Ok. Let's just keep the game going.
[picks a card]
Kitty Forman: Donna. If you were a shoe, whose shoe would you be?
Donna Pinciotti: Well, I wouldn't want to be Red's shoe because it's about to go into somebody's ass.
Michael Kelso: See, I've enlightened you situation to that of Pavlov's dog. See, Pavlov was this science guy, and every time that Pavlov's dog would ring a bell, he would eat.
Eric: Are you sure that it was the dog who rang the bell?
Michael Kelso: Yeah, I mean, who else would it be?
Eric: Pavlov?
Michael Kelso: Well that wouldn't be a trick. I mean, what man can't ring a bell? But anyway, anytime that dog would ring that bell, he would eat and then Pavlov would drool.
Eric: You just read that chapter two seconds ago.
Michael Kelso: Do you even want my help?
Eric: No.
Michael Kelso: Well, your loss.
[on Bob]
Red Forman: I didn't want to insult him by offering him some nothing job.
Kitty Forman: Oh Red, you insult him everyday.
Red Forman: But that's different. He thinks I'm kidding.
Fez: Oh Eric, you do not buy soda. You only rent it...
[Eric just glares at him]
Fez: ...You know what I mean...
[Eric continues to stare at him]
Fez: ...I mean you pee it out.
[looking at possible girlfriends for Eric after he is voted "Most Eligible Viking"]
Eric: Hey, look at her.
Kelso: Yeah, I made out with her once.
Eric: I don't want my tongue anywhere near where Kelso's tongue has been.
Kelso: Oh... then you better stay away from your mom.
Red: Earl, just get to work.
Earl: Oh, sure. Right after my cup of joe. I'm useless without my coffee.
[Earl runs out]
Eric: Then, I guess he hasn't had coffee in years, huh?
Steven Hyde: [while smoking weed in the record store] Ah, this is definitely gooder... Gooder? Yeah, that's a word!
Leo: Hi, Red. Would you give these to Kitty, please?
[hands Red flowers]
Leo: Oh, and tell her I love her. Thanks.
Red Forman: Oh, Kitty. These are for you. Looks like you got a date with a stoner.
[Red and Kitty laugh]
Kitty Forman: [takes flowers and reads attached note] "Roses are red, violets are blue. Milk, eggs, coffee."
Kitty Forman: G.I. Joe!
[Kelso invited Hyde and Fez to Jackie's party behind her back]
Jackie Burkhardt: Hyde? Fez?... MICHAEL.
Michael Kelso: Oh good, it's Hyde, Fez, and Michael.
Bud Hyde: You look familiar. Do I know you?
Steven Hyde: I sure hope so... Dad.
[Jackie's dad got arrested]
Jackie Burkhardt: Steven. I can't believe it. Why can't you say anything to make me feel better?
Steven Hyde: Ok, I'm sorry. Why don't you get your dad a couple of cartons of cigarettes. That way, he won't be anybody's wife.
[Jackie starts leaving]
Steven Hyde: Jackie, come on. My mom said that to me when MY dad got arrested. I felt better, and we had a good laugh about it.
Kelso: I'm not afraid either. There are laws to protect a man and his van.
Steven Hyde: For instance, the Man-Van Act of 1847.
Kelso: You know what your problem is? I'm just too good looking.
Michael Kelso: So, if you're not going to fire Randy and you're not going to fire Leo, I got a question. Can I see you wife's boobs?
Steven Hyde: [to Kitty] Now stay away from those smokes, if you smoke when you're pregnant, they come out all spindly.
Jackie Burkhardt: [to Donna about Hyde] God, it's so hard being with a real man. Donna, you should be glad you're with Eric.
Mitch Miller: Eric, I didn't take your action figure.
Red Forman: [walks by] Doll.
Fez: [on a dead fish] Oh, it's so stinky. What are we going to do with it?
Steven Hyde: Simple, man. We're going to find a place to hide the stinky, and ruin someone's day. The question is where, how, and who?
[throws basketball, it's hits Kelso's van and knocks a hubcap off]
Steven Hyde: The answer is there, that, and Kelso!
[the guys are in Chicago]
Fez: People are so friendly around here. The women on the corner just offered to have sex with me.
Steven Hyde: Yeah, for money Fez.
Fez: I could not ask them for money... or could I?
Michael Kelso: [the gang is trying to eavesdrop on the parents' conversation reacting to Donna and Eric's engagement] Hey, I'll go spy on them, I just gotta run home real quick and change into my ninja outfit.
Eric: I don't think this situation calls for camouflage, Kelso.
Michael Kelso: Well, it doesn't mean it's not fun to wear, ERIC!
Donna Pinciotti: Mom, why do I have to do this.
Midge Pinciotti: Donna, I have to do a lot of things I don't like to make your father happy.
Donna Pinciotti: EWW, MOM.
Midge Pinciotti: [laughs] Oh, not THAT. I love THAT.
Kitty Forman: Eric, you should go with your father.
Eric: But, mom...
Kitty Forman: No buts. You two don't spend enough time together.
Eric: That's because he doesn't like me.
Eric: You know, mom, there comes an age in a boy's life when the baby talk stops working. Yeah, when it does, it just gives a boy the urge to kill.
Steven Hyde: Hey, if there wasn't some huge downside to doing something this stupid, it wouldn't be worth doing, ya know?
Michael Kelso: The only thing better than eatin' lobster is eatin' lobster and haulin' ass.
Jackie Burkhardt: Everybody wants their first make-out to be special. Someplace romantic like Ireland, or Disneyworld.
Michael Kelso: You know what? All this talk about havin' fun makes me wanna have fun. Hey. Let's throw stuff at other stuff.
Kelso: So! Jackie. You wanna go see Star Wars tonight?
Jackie Burkhardt: God, Michael, I told you. I don't like space.
Kelso: Jackie, if we're gonna start our relationship over, you gotta meet me halfway, honey!
Jackie Burkhardt: Well, maybe I wanna do something else tonight.
Kelso: Like what?
[He stares at her until realization sinks in]
Kelso: God, Jackie! We can do that for the rest of our lives! Star Wars is a limited engagement!
[after being caught at Police Academy]
Police Officer: What are you doing here? Who are you?
Eric: They call me Fez...
[Eric and Donna are engaged]
Eric: Don't tell Donna I told you, okay? She'd kill me. It's supposed to be a secret.
Fez: Of course its supposed to be a secret. 'I'm marrying a dumbell'... who wants that spread around?
[Eric's dream sequence during "Star Wars"]
Jackie as a storm trooper: Oh my god, you guys just gotta come over to the dark side.
Fez as a storm trooper: They have free food!
Steven Hyde: We could go to Chicago and peddle Fez's ass for beer.
Fez: I'm game.
Leo: Beer is evil. You know why they call it beer?
Eric: No. Why?
Leo: I'm just curious man.
Steven Hyde: Look man, if those jocks try to do this to you again, just come find me.
Fez: Thanks. You're my best friend. Let's hold hands.
Kitty Forman: [to Laurie and Eric on going to church] I trust you two to make the right choice.
[thinks, then looks at Eric]
Kitty Forman: No, I trust *you* to make the right choice and bring her with you.
Steven Hyde: We need to do something that says "We're not gonna stand for a corrupt electoral system". Something that will leave a mark.
Fez: Oh, I know. A bloody coup.
Steven Hyde: Ma, I'm going to the prom.
Steven Hyde: Gee, ma, you're making the moment too damn special.
[Jackie's dad got arrested]
Red Forman: Look, Jackie. I don't what to say except... your dad's rich, isn't he?
Jackie Burkhardt: Yeah.
Red Forman: Well, you can use that to get him out of prison.
Jackie Burkhardt: Oh, my god. That's such a good idea. I'll do that. You know, it's true. In this country, the rich get treated better than most people.
Red Forman: Yeah.
Red Forman: I'm so glad I took some shrapnel to make that possible...
Jackie Burkhardt: Me too.
[Midge left Bob]
Bob Pinciotti: I don't get it. She didn't give me any sign, any warning.
Donna Pinciotti: Dad, she kept saying "I'm unhappy and I'm going to leave".
Bob Pinciotti: Donna, that's just something married people say.
Fez: Don't you want to know what I have to say?
Steven Hyde: Man, I never know what you have to say. I mean, in your head you're speaking English, but when it comes out its all buzzes and clicks.
Red Forman: [looking in bag of pot] Is this what I think it is?
Michael Kelso: If you mean paprika, then yes, sir!
Kitty Forman: Honey, paprika is red.
Michael Kelso: If you mean green paprika, then yes, sir!
Donna Pinciotti: What are you doing?
Michael Kelso: Jackie gave me this egg to take care of, so me and Hyde are throwing it back and forth.
Donna Pinciotti: Look, I'm not supposed to tell you this, but Jackie gave you that egg as a test. She's trying to see if you have any parenting skills.
Michael Kelso: Oh, really? Hyde, better give that back.
Steven Hyde: All right.
[throws it, but it flies back and smashes against the wall]
Steven Hyde: Whoops. I mean, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
Eric: Did you tell anybody we're engaged?
Donna Pinciotti: Yes, Eric, I have no self control and I told the pretzel vendor we're engaged.
Eric: Ok, no need to be sarcastic.
Donna Pinciotti: No, seriously, I have no self control and I told the pretzel vendor we're engaged.
Michael Kelso: Well, if being smart isn't gonna help me impress the chicks, then I want no part of it.
[the day after Eric dumped Donna]
Eric: Hey.
Donna Pinciotti: That's all you have to say to me? "Hey"?
Eric: Well, what do you want me to say?
Donna Pinciotti: I want you to say "Hey". Dillhole.
Eric: Oh, yeah? Well, DOUBLE DILLHOLE.
[Donna leaves]
Eric: [to himself] Double dillhole?...
Laurie Forman: What about Hyde? Why doesn't HE have to go to church?
Steven Hyde: While I respect the Judeo-Christian ethic, as well as the eastern philosophies and of course the teachings of Mohammed, I find that organized religion has corrupted those beliefs to justify countless atrocities throughout history. Were I to attend church, I'd be a hypocrite.
Michael Kelso: When guys cheat, its because they need some hot action. But when girls cheat it's way worse, 'cause girls don't even like sex.
Jackie Burkhardt: We do too.
Michael Kelso: Well why aren't we doin' it now?
Jackie Burkhardt: Because I don't want to do it right now.
Michael Kelso: I do. Point made. Thank you.
Steven Hyde: If you ask me, UNICEF is a scam.
Donna Pinciotti: If we ask you, everything is a scam.
Steven Hyde: Everything is a scam.
Red Forman: Bob, that's my stuff. You put the hell back my stuff.
Bob Pinciotti: Sorry, Red, it was in my part of the garage.
Kitty Forman: What's he talking about?
Red Forman: Kitty, let me talk to him.
Red Forman: Bob, get the hell out of my garage!
Bob Pinciotti: [upset] Fine!
Red Forman: Why is our house always infested with kids?
Leo: I met God one time on a bus. He told me the meaning of life and gave me a pretzel.
Steven Hyde: So, what's the meaning of life?
Leo: ...I don't remember... but it was a pretty good pretzel.
Fez: Stop touching each other. It gives me needs...
Fez: My Green Card, I kept it in my right shoe for safe keeping, I even make up a rhyme to help me remember, my green card in my right shoe something something right shoe.
Steven Hyde: [explaining to Kitty the after-effects of getting high] Here are the facts: When the smoke hits the brain, the cells start dying. This process causes impaired judgment and hallucinations and a lot of other wonderful things.
Donna: Wow, David, you've really grown up!
David Milbank: Hey, look at you. You have really grown up!
Eric: Yes, in fact we've all grown up.
Fez: Yes, but him much more than you have.
Red: Eric, if you don't want to wear your ass for a hat, you'll get up here, pronto!
Donna: You better go. You know how that ass- hat screws up your hair.
Eric: Tell me again Kelso how is this car baby friendly
Kelso: Because its tiny... like a baby
Michael Kelso: Jackie, when you told me to be honest, I decided that I'm gonna be completely honest. I'm going to tell you the truth about everything I've ever lied to you about. I have a list that Hyde helped me put together. Thanks again, Hyde.
Steven Hyde: [grinning] No problem, buddy.
Jackie Burkhardt: Ok, but, why are they here?
Michael Kelso: Well, Hyde helpfully pointed out, that it's not completely honest, unless your friends are allowed to watch.
[in Donna's story]
Eric: Prepare thyself. Tonight, we fornicate.
Fez: Jackie you seem different. I don't know if its your hair, your outfit... Or your red puffy eyes.
Donna Pinciotti: Fez, you're awesome. What girl wouldn't want to be with you?
Fez: Well, there's Jackie... Laurie... this girl from gym, another girl from Chemistry... country western star Tanya Tucker... she does not answer her letters.
Jackie Burkhardt: Maybe I do have feelings for Michael, but what am I supposed to do? He WAS my first boyfriend. And you know what? You're going to have to learn to deal with it, and if you can't, and you're going to have to break up with me because of it, I can't stop you. But I think it's a real waste because I love you.
Steven Hyde: [long pause] I'm not saying it back.
Jackie Burkhardt: I DON'T CARE!
Red: Responsible people don't go around getting their nipples twisted.
Eric: See, when you say it, though, it just sounds weird.
[At a bowling alley]
Michael Kelso: [picks up two bowling balls] Hey, guys, I got 10 pound balls.
[everybody laughs]
Fez: [picks up two balls] Hey, guys, my balls have holes in them.
[everybody stares at Fez]
Fez: Now why was that not funny?
[Fez got arrested for vandalizing Point Place's water tower while Hyde and Kelso got away]
Fez: [to Hyde and Kelso] Thanks for getting me out of jail, you two sons of two bitches!
Eric: It was supposed to be 'Guys' Night Out'. And then comes Hyde's skank of the week to ruin it all. We were friends since, like, always. And all it took to ruin it was a pair of lop-sided boobs. That's right, I noticed and I didn't say anything... Because I'm nice.
Donna Pinciotti: I had to talk to my dad's new girlfriend about the sex they're having.
Eric: Yeah, okay, you win.
Kelso as Chewy: It's not fair! I wanted to be Han Solo!
Michael Kelso: You can't sleep in the same bed with someone and not be doin' it. I've fallen asleep not doin' it and woken up doin' it.
Eric: ...and that's why they won't put him to sleep at the dentist.
Jackie Burkhardt: Donna's mouth is as big as her feet.
Kitty Forman: Here you are, Red. Breakfast, egg whites only.
Red Forman: But the yellow part's the baby bird. That's the part I want to eat!
Michael Kelso: You married a stripper! You're living every man's dream! Well, not my dream. My dream's always a monkey giving me the finger... and he makes me take off my clothes... you don't want to live my dream.
Eric: So, we're finally gonna meet the mysterious and possibly fictional Nina.
Fez: Hey, does this hickey look fictional?
Donna: Nope, it's real.
Fez: How can you tell?
Donna: It's too small to be the vacuum cleaner hose like last time.
[a cop catches Eric and Donna getting intimate in the Vista Cruiser]
Eric: [to Donna] Don't worry; I have a plan.
Eric: [to the cop] GO... AWAY.
Donna Pinciotti: That's it? That's your plan? That's not a good plan.
Eric: Yeah... no, that's the plan. I mean, we're completely naked. He'll... probably just go away.
[the cop doesn't budge]
Eric: Crap. Have you seen my pants?
Coach Ferguson: Well, well. Mr. Hyde, in school after hours? What are you trying to establish an alibi?
Steven Hyde: Coach Ferguson. Shouldn't you be out teaching boys to play with balls?
Annette: If you expect me to go to the dance tonight you'll have to do a few things for me.
Michael Kelso: For you or to you?
[Kelso has just shot Hyde with his B.B. gun]
Steven Hyde: I'm gonna punish him the way my parents punish me.
Eric: You're gonna leave him at the mall?
Steven Hyde: No. I'm gonna milk this eye thing until he feels as bad as he should. And they didn't leave me at the mall. They forgot me. They were drunk.
Kitty Forman: Good, Donna, come up and eat with us, I need all the help I can get. Oh not you Steven, Grandma doesn't like you.
Donna: You lucky bastard
Kitty Forman: Eric, there's someone here to see you.
Eric: Mom, if this is another one of dad's Marine Corps recruiters I swear I'm running away.
Eric: Dad just got sued by a co-worker for wrongful termination.
Kitty Forman: Well if the news is so unpleasant I'm ignoring it. Here, have a cupcake.
Eric: Mom, did you hear what I said? Dad is getting sued for wrongful termination by Earl.
Kitty Forman: Earl? He didn't do his job, he was always late and he was a complete dumbass... person.
Eric: Mom, you said ass.
Kitty Forman: So did you, now give me back the cupcake.
Eric: Dad is gonna freak. I don't know how to tell him.
[Red enters the house]
Red Foreman: Tell me what?
Eric: Oh, mom said the ass word.
Kitty Forman: Give me that.
Eric: You know what, mom, I got this one. Whoever here is not being sued by Earl for illegal termination, raise your hand.
Kitty Forman: You know I love my family. But sometimes, I just want to get in my car and run them all over.
Kitty Forman: Honey, we're all going through hard times. You're giving up your future. I'm giving up my schnapps.
[Kelso just got bossed around by his new girlfriend]
Michael Kelso: Man, it's great to be under somebody's thumb again.
Fez: What did your mother do to you?
Leo: You know, you guys can hassle your skinny friend Eric, but when it comes down to a fundamental moral core he's the only one of you that's got one. So congratulations, you've ruined Christmas.
Donna Pinciotti: I can't believe Hyde. I mean he completely broke Jackie's heart. Who just goes and marries a stripper?
Fez: What are you, dense? Anybody who can, that's who!
Leo: In real life, my kids split on me.
Steven Hyde: Really? My parents split on me.
Leo: Oh wow. Now we found each other. Hey, do you wanna be my father?
Michael Kelso: Hey, guys, look! I have ten pound balls! That never gets old.
Fez: Hey, guys! My balls are black and blue!
Eric: Good one!
Steven Hyde: Niiice!
Michael Kelso: Funny.
Fez: Wow. My balls are finally funny!
Kitty Forman: Ok, I need two people with keen feminine sensibilities to decorate Steven's party... so it's Jackie... and Fez.
[Kitty leaves]
Fez: Yay.
Jackie Burkhardt: Come on Fez, let's go.
[Fez and Jackie leave]
Donna Pinciotti: What the hell does she mean? I'm feminine. I oughta kick her ass for that...
Eric: God, what did you have for breakfast this morning, Carnation Instant Bitch?
Kitty Forman: I wonder if the Pilgrims were clever enough to put peanut butter in their celery.
Fez: Is he going to moon me? Oh, great, he's going to moon me.
Steven Hyde: I have got a solution to this whole you being a pain in my ass, we sharing a room thing. You move out.
Eric: Of my room?
Steven Hyde: Yeah.
Eric: Well, uh, that's just not going to happen.
Steven Hyde: Fine. I'll move out, you big baby.
Eric: Still friends?
Steven Hyde: I need time to heal.
[Red complains about the neighbors' dog]
Red: That thing was always messing in my yard and going through my trash.
Laurie Forman: Now we have Hyde for that.
Steven Hyde: Oh yeah Laurie, and what exactly do you do? Oh that's right, the Packers.
[Eric likes Stacey at Price Mart, but Stacey likes Red]
Eric: Did Stacey actually use the word 'freak'?
Red Forman: Why don't you just let it go? Maybe the reason girls don't like you, is because you just don't let things go. Stacey was saying just that thing today.
Eric: [pulling down his pants in the driveway] Who's the prude now? My ass is swinging baby! Woohooo!
Steven Hyde: Go ahead and hit me. A free shot.
Kelso: You gonna hit me back?
Steven Hyde: No, man. That's why they call it a free shot.
Kelso: Oh. OK. Get ready. Here it comes. It's coming. Get ready.
Fez: We're ready. Do it, fool.
Kitty Forman: I don't know why they call it fondue, they should call it *fun*due, cause it sure is fun!
Midge Pinciotti: [with a big smile] I love fondue! It's gourmet!
Kitty Forman: You're my special little baby boy.
[Hyde makes kissy faces at Eric]
Eric: Mom. We talked about this. I'm not a boy anymore. I'm a man...
Kitty Forman: Okay... My special little baby man.
[kisses him, giggles and runs away]
Eric: [to Hyde] You are so lucky that your mom's a runaway alcoholic.
[Jackie on Michael]
Jackie Burkhardt: Look, I need to know that he's really changed. I need to test him somehow.
Donna Pinciotti: I agree.
Jackie Burkhardt: You do?
Donna Pinciotti: Absolutely. If you get back with Kelso, you better have him tested.
[repeated line]
Red Forman: Dumbass!
Donna: So, you're really gonna be a cop.
Steven Hyde: Well, he shot me, so we know he's good with guns.
[Laurie moves out]
Red Forman: Aw, Kitty, you think that she's all grown up. But there's still a lot that she doesn't know. I mean, what if her place doesn't have a deadbolt, or a smoke detector?
Kitty Forman: Red, you don't have to baby her. She's twenty.
Red Forman: You're never too old to burn to death in a fire.
Steven Hyde: [to Eric] Oh man, see this is why I didn't wanna tell you. I knew you'd get all After School Special on me.
Red Forman: Kitty, I think we should rethink our 'Don't throw Leo out on his ass policy.'
Kitty Forman: No, no. Leo stuck around because he cares about Steven.
Leo: ...and plus I can't find my shoes, man.
Steven Hyde: So there it is. The clown's back. Everyone is happy and nobody went to jail. What a waste of time.
Red: Look at this. First day of deer season.
Eric: Rabbit season.
Steven Hyde: Duck season.
Eric: Rabbit season.
Steven Hyde: Duck seaon.
Eric: Rabbit season
Steven Hyde: Duck season.
Kitty Forman: Red hates you.
Fez: Oh, don't be silly. Red loves me.
Kitty Forman: You gave him a heart attack.
Eric: Mom, maybe Dad loved Fez so much that his heart just... exploded.
[Eric wants to propose to Donna]
Michael Kelso: Forman, I'm saying this to you, as a friend who likes to see you get hurt. Don't do it.
Jackie Burkhardt: Once when Michael cheated on me I got some flowers from a secret admirer and it really cheered me up. I mean, I sent them to myself but it's the thought that counts, right?
Kitty Forman: Honey, pretty girls don't throw up.
Michael Kelso: I ate a piece of gum off a parking meter once. It was on a dare. I made a dollar. Man, there are some suckers out there.
Michael Kelso: [referring to the gang smoking pot on Thanksgiving] Why do you guys do this to yourselves? Well, it's Thanksgiving, some people bake pies, we bake ourselves.
Fez: You know Jackie, if you're in the market for a new lover, they say once you go Fez, you never go back. In my language that rhymes.
Steven Hyde: So you wanna be a burn-out? Is that it?
Jackie Burkhardt: No. No, Hyde. I just wanna be with you. I think you are one of the coolest and sweetest guys.
Steven Hyde: No you don't.
Jackie Burkhardt: Yes I do.
Michael Kelso: [to Fez, who has been prejudiced against] Fez, unfortunately there are some people in this world that are gonna judge you on the color of your skin or your funny accent or that girly little way you run. But you know what? You're not alone. Why do you think the martians won't land here? 'Cause they're green, and they know people are gonna make fun of them!
Fez: But if you don't tell Donna how you feel, then you will regret it.
Steven Hyde: I'm going to the Vineyard.
Fez: Good for you.
Michael Kelso: [reading] Here's something that I did not know... they number every page.
Red: Hey, I go to church... just not during televised sporting events.
Jackie Burkhardt: Your mom can't hang out with Donna. Don't you know what women talk about when they're alone?
Eric: Sugar and spice and everything nice?
Jackie Burkhardt: That's what we're made of, you dumbass.
Red: [Red's response to seeing Eric's roller disco uniform] Nice shorts, Rainbow!
Red Forman: If one more person tells me to 'shut it'...
Kitty Forman: You might actually 'shut it'?
Eric: You want to know what I did when we were broken up, Donna? Here.
[gets a box of Star Wars models]
Mitch Miller: These all have minor errors in the build. Yeah, he built these all right.
Steven Hyde: Being Kelso is like knowing the truth behind all the deceptions in society, but not being able to convince any of your fellow suburban friends that anything's wrong, man. No wait, that's me.
Steven Hyde: Hey, Fez, listen to this.
[reads from magazine]
Steven Hyde: Tight pants can show off a man's derriere and show a woman heaven. Also, an open shirt can expose a sexy chest and show an enormous 'Joie De Vivre'.
Fez: Really? I always thought my 'Joie De Vivre' was in my pants.
Leo: Ok, guys. I don't have any beer. I hate alcohol, and I won't have it in my house. So, we're gonna have to drink sake instead.
Kitty Forman: It's Sodom and Gomorrah with a subway.
[flashback to twenty years earlier]
Red Forman: It's just that Frank is getting on my nerves. He's just... he's an ass. And he's dumb. He's a...
[spotlight on Red; celestial chorus plays]
Red Forman: ... dumbass.
[at Prom]
Eric: I got a feeling I'm forgetting something...
Steven Hyde: Looks like you got everything but a tall redhead.
Eric: Yeah, what guy doesn't love a tall redhead oh my god I forgot Donna.
Donna Pinciotti: What do you guys want to do after you graduate?
Eric: Not touch dead people again, ever.
Fez: I would like to go back to my homeland, with all the knowledge I learned in Wisconsin... and rule with an iron fist.
Red Forman: I don't see why we have to spend the night. It only took me ten minutes to catch up with everybody at my reunion.
Kitty Forman: Red, standing in the corner by yourself muttering "Dumbass" at everyone doesn't count as "catching up".
Steven Hyde: Would you shut up about that lame ass story?
Michael Kelso: Well, it's the truth and I'll prove it. Let's go ask Fez.
Steven Hyde: Fine.
Michael Kelso: You drive, my van's in the shop.
Steven Hyde: Fine. I need gas though.
Michael Kelso: Fine. Can I borrow money for fries?
Steven Hyde: No.
Michael Kelso: Fine. Shotgun.
Steven Hyde: There's only two of us you moron.
Michael Kelso: Fine.
[after Kelso tells them that he wants to be a cop]
Donna: It's actually kind of perfect for him. I mean, he can run through people's backyards with a stick. (the guys look at her like she's nuts) What? He does that anyway.
Earl: Hey, guys. Sorry I'm late, Red. My dog was hit by a car, and I had to rush him to the vet.
Red: Earl, he was hit on Tuesday, too. I gotta say, that's one dumb dog.
Michael Kelso: Yeah, I guess it was wrong, what I did with Laurie, but I was just amusin' myself, you know? And that's the key to life, right? Never stop amusing yourself.
Fez: ...unless it starts to chafe. Then you should take a week off.
Kitty Forman: [to Red and Eric] Now stop fighting and help me do this crossword. I need a 4-letter word for disappointment
Red Forman: Eric.
[glares at Eric]
Kitty Forman: [looks up nervously] It fits...
Steven Hyde: I haven't done one stinking illegal thing since I got probation.
Eric: What, so you're mad because you haven't been in any crimes since your last crime?
Kelso: Red, you know what your problem is? I'm too good-looking.
Kitty Forman: Now Eric's leaving. What am I supposed to do?
Red Forman: Well, there's a car show in Kenosha this weekend.
Kitty Forman: A car show? I don't want to go to a goddamn car show in fucking Kenosha! I want 3 more fucking months with my baby boy! I can't do that now because of your bullshit! Way to go, dumbass!
Bob Pinciotti: [at Thanksgiving dinner, Bob is reading out what someone wrote they're thankful for] I think I got Red's. The only words I can say are "Eric", "little" and a word that starts with mother.
Kitty Forman: Oh... mother. That sounds nice.
Bob Pinciotti: It's a hard left after.
Kitty Forman: So, Eric, have you made your Christmas list for Santa yet?
Eric: Well, um, I was going to, but then I turned 10.
Steven Hyde: Man you went to the free clinic?
Kelso: No, but I saw your mom there. BURN.
[Hyde hits him]
Kelso: OW. That left a mark. Like your mom did.
[Hyde hits him again]
[Hyde pulls a fire alarm]
Steven Hyde: I didn't do it to be nice. I did it because I wanted to commit a felony. Misdemeanors just ain't the rush that they used to be.
David Milbank: So! Uh, Donna, are you still writing short stories?
Donna: Yeah! I still write a little.
Eric: Well, not every...
[he turns to her]
Eric: You, um, you still write?
Rhonda: Relax. We're all part of the gang.
Jackie Burkhardt: No, no, no. *You're* not part of this gang. You can't be a part of this gang. I had to kiss butt for a year to be a part of this gang.
Fez: That was you being *nice*?
Fez: [making a crank call] Hello, House of Chicken? How big are your wings?
Steven Hyde: Breasts.
Fez: Oh. How big are your breasts?
Fez: This is Fez. Who is this?
Red Forman: I say good riddance. That cat was always making a mess on my lawn and going through my garbage.
Laurie Forman: Yeah. But now we have Hyde to do that.
Steven Hyde: Oh yeah, Laurie? And what exactly do you do? Oh, yeah - the Packers.
Eric: Leo, you sell promise rings?
Leo: Yeah, man. I sell rings and... other stuff.
Eric: Ohh... We'll take two promise rings, and a misdemeanor's worth of the other stuff.
Fez: [inhales helium from balloon and talks in high pitched voice] No, Donna, please don't crush me, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaase.
Jackie Burkhardt: Didn't know they let slutballs in here.
Annette: Well, I've seen you in here so I figured it was okay.
Jackie Burkhardt: Oh, you don't know it, but you just burnt yourself.
Annette: Oh, I know it. The question is, do you?
Jackie Burkhardt: I just said I do.
Annette: So do I, so you are too.
Eric: Donna, are you following this?
Donna Pinciotti: Umm... I think one of them's a slutball and one of them knows it.
Annette: I think what we need to do is go talk about Michael.
Jackie Burkhardt: Fine. I'll try to use small words so you can understand me.
Annette: That's NOT going to be good enough.
Steven Hyde: Oh, my God... what have I done?
Red Forman: You've married a Vegas stripper. Congratulations. When Eric calls... you're the town dumbass.
Eric: I think I have everything. I got the keys, the cash, my "Who am I kidding?" condom...
Donna: [after being dumped by Casey; crying] We should be together.
Eric: What?
Donna: [embraces Eric tightly, eyes full of tears] L-lets just forget all this other stuff.
Eric: [pushing her away] N-no. Donna, I can't be your second choice.
Donna: [voice cracking] But you're *not*! Eric...
[he refuses to look at her; heart broken, she leaves]
Michael Kelso: Laurie is my girlfriend now, and I love her.
Donna Pinciotti: No you don't.
Michael Kelso: I like her.
Steven Hyde: No you don't.
Michael Kelso: I think she is okay. And the line between love and okay is fine, but the line between doin' it and not doin' it is NOT fine.
[There's a live firecracker, and they have to get it]
Michael Kelso: Ok, Forman, you go get it.
Eric: Why me?
Michael Kelso: Because you're the skinniest one here. If anything blows up, you're the least likely get stuff fly at you.
Eric: Yeah... But if you go it would be better. I mean, who would be surprised if you blew yourself up?
Michael Kelso: Good point...
Steven Hyde: Not only did we break the law, we screwed our friends while breaking the law.
[on Bob's barbecue]
Red Forman: Well isn't that a surprise. A National Guardsman serving up chicken.
[Fez has just gotten out of jail after being arrested for something Hyde and Kelso did]
Fez: Oh, and guess what? They looked into my records and discovered my visa expires after I graduate from high school. That means I'm going to be deported. Thanks a lot, you guys. Now I have to relearn my native language.
[Donna beats Eric at a game]
Fez: You know, in my country, if a woman beats you, it makes her want you.
Eric: [smiling] Really?
Fez: Yes, but this is America. Wuss.
Kitty Forman: [about Laurie] Rosemary had a better baby than me.
[Kelso's complaining about how much he misses Jackie]
Fez: What do you miss about her, Kelso? All she ever did was call you names. Heck, I can do that for you. You idiot. See?
Kelso: Aw, thanks, Fez.
Steven Hyde: We got food, we got beer, we have zero percent adult supervision... welcome to Camp Naughty Bad Fun.
Michael Kelso: [Hyde says Rudolph is gay] Rudolph had a girlfriend. Her name was Clarice. She said he was cute, okay, if anyone was gay it was Herby. No straight guy has hair like that.
Midge Pinciotti: Not only that, but Bob says my ideas are stupid.
Kitty Forman: Well, that's the pot calling the kettle black.
Midge Pinciotti: I know... What?
Jackie Burkhardt: Hyde, if you want to make out with me, the answer's probably no.
Bull: So, I hear your plant's closing down.
Red Forman: Yeah, you can't compete with those damn foreign imports. You know, if I had seen this coming, I would've shot a little straighter during the war.
Donna Pinciotti: [to Eric] Have you suddenly become the stupidest man ever? I mean, is Kelso no longer the reigning king?
Michael Kelso: Oh, I'm the king.
Eric: Keep it down, you guys. If my dad finds out we're going to Canada, for beer, he won't be happy.
[Kelso runs up, shouting]
Michael Kelso: All right. Canada. Wooooooo. Beer.
[blows an air horn]
Kitty Forman: Where did you learn your parenting?
Red Forman: Korea.
Fez: Oh, the ladies want a piece of Fez.
Donna Pinciotti: I don't get Eric. Why won't he wear that ring? A lot of classy men wear rings. The Pope does. My uncle Carmine in Hoboken does. You lose his ring, you wind up in a dumpster. And that's just a warning.
Red Forman: [to FES] If you don't shut up I will put you in a crate, take you down to the port, and trade you for a years worth of bananas.
Steven Hyde: Government pawns and missing limbs. That's amore.
[Eric is taking advantage of Red's silent treatment]
Eric: Hey Dad, you know who has the right idea? Russia.
Laurie Forman: You should watch your back.
Jackie Burkhardt: You should stop spending so much time on yours.
Steven Hyde: So, Bud, can we have a keg party here?
Bud Hyde: Yeah... sure. I'm cool with it. That's me... cool dad...
Michael Kelso: Yeah. Bud's the coolest.
[high-fives Bud]
Eric: Yeah, Bud.
[high-fives Bud]
Eric: Would you be my dad?
[both laugh]
Eric: No, really.
[both laugh]
Eric: No, I'm serious.
[Donna is dating Michael's brother]
Eric: I got two words for you. Donna Kelso.
[Donna walks away, angry]
Eric: Come on. Think of the children. Little red headed morons.
Fez: Look at this, Jackie brings four different types of mascara just to please Kelso. And what does Kelso bring? Another woman.
Steven Hyde: If you don't shut up, you'll be the first person to touch his chin to his ass.
Fez: Have you been spying on me?
Fez: [writing to Prresident Carter about why he should be able to stay in America] If I have to leave this country, where am I going to go? France? Fuck France.
Steven Hyde: [When Bob and Midge renew their wedding vows, Leo is supposed to be the photographer] Hey Leo man, you all set?
Leo: Totally, man, I got everything.
Steven Hyde: Great. Where's the camera?
Leo: I got everything but the camera... or the film... or the flashcubes. Hee, I got nothin' man.
Steven Hyde: Leo man, the photohut is loaded with that stuff.
Leo: I know, it's ironic, isn't it?
Steven Hyde: And yet not surprising.
[Hyde hands Leo a camera]
[Kitty wants Hyde to move in with them]
Red: For God's sake, Kitty, I'm not Santa Claus.
Kitty Forman: Well, thank God you're not Santa Claus, Red. You scare the hell out of children.
[Everybody's going bowling]
Fez: Do I have to use the pink ladies' ball again?
Steven Hyde: Fez, Fez, Fez. You know the answer to that question.
Fez: [frustrated] Pink ladies' ball until I lose my virginity.
Eric: Fez, you better start kissing Red's butt or else he'll make sure you're deported.
Fez: Who should be kissing who's butt? He should be thanking me for taking his trashy daughter off his hands.
Laurie Forman: I'm not that trashy. I won't sleep with you.
Fez: Oh, zip it Jezabelle.
[the family goes to the Price Mart Ball]
Eric: I could get a date.
[Red laughs]
Eric: I've got numbers, buddy.
Kitty Forman: Sure you do, honey. You're number one with me.
Bob Pinciotti: You're my best friend!
Red: No I'm not!
Fez: Do you know what's a good job for me... Gigolo. The loving is over. Now pay me.
Michael Kelso: I say do it with her.
Eric: Kelso, your solution to everything is "Do it with her".
Michael Kelso: Hey, it worked on my science teacher. C minus.
Steven Hyde: [after repeatedly being denied entry into the club] Hey, let me tell you something, pal! You're proppin' up a dyin' system, man! You know some day soon people are gonna wake up. And they're gonny realize that most of us don't fit in your Hollywood, Madison Avenue, candy-coated ideal of what's cool. And when we do, we're gonna rise up! We're gonna put you on trial! Then parade through the streets with your head on a stick!
The Bouncer: Righteous political outrage... You're in!
[opens the rope and let's him through]
Steven Hyde: If you really want to get under her skin you have to be Zen.
Jackie Burkhardt: Zen? Okay you just can't make up words Hyde.
Jackie Burkhardt: You know, Steven. This hatred thing you have for me, is just you protecting yourself.
Steven Hyde: Okay.
Jackie Burkhardt: It's true. You're afraid to reach the peaks of love, for fear of being dropped off a cliff. Well, I'm your safety line, Steven. So grab me.
Steven Hyde: Go grab yourself, freak.
Steven Hyde: Laurie's got great legs, and a fine rack, but she's a major skankoid. And you don't know where a girl like that has been.
Steven Hyde: I'm not a conspiracy nut. My gym and shop teachers started that rumor to discredit me.
Steven Hyde: Hey Forman, did you realize that there's another room back there? Hey, and it barely stinks.
Eric: Perfect. You can sit back there underneath your bare bulb and write angry letters to the government.
Steven Hyde: Oh, don't think I won't.
Michael Kelso: Horror movies turn on chicks faster than porno.
Steven Hyde: Really? Faster than that?
Michael Kelso: Yeah. If only somebody would make a porno-horror movie.
[the guys do homework]
Donna Pinciotti: If x equals seven, than y equals?
Jackie Burkhardt: Two?
Donna Pinciotti: No. Kelso?
Michael Kelso: Uh, L?
Red: Steven, you're 18 now. It's time to start being a man. And the first rule to being a man is you gotta spend your life doing crap you don't wanna do.
[Hyde is trying to pull a vase off Kelso's hand]
Steven Hyde: Hey, this vase smells like chocolate.
Michael Kelso: Really?
[smells the vase and Hyde shoves it in his face]
Michael Kelso: Ow. STOP DOING THAT.
Steven Hyde: GET SMARTER.
Red: Kitty, why is it we always do what you want to do and never do what I want to do?
Kitty Forman: It's in the Bible.
Eric: [after having sex with Donna] Well, Donna and I are back together!
Kitty Forman: Oh, good, did you two talk things out?
Eric: Actually we... yeah, we talked things out.
Steven Hyde: More like grunted.
Eric: Shut up!
Steven Hyde: [once Kitty leaves] Okay man, give me all the details.
Eric: Oh, there will be detail o'plenty, in my steamy letter to Penthouse.
[Hyde smiles and nods]
Eric: And my mom's still here isn't she?
[Hyde nods, Eric turns to see Kitty glaring at him]
Kitty Forman: Red, Bob was very upset when he left here.
Red Forman: Bob's always upset. He's a little girl in big boy pants.
[Kitty enters as Eric and Donna are holding hands]
Eric: Hey, it's my mom.
Kitty Forman: You two make me sick.
Eric: And she's talking like my dad.
[during a Battle of the Sexes fantasy sequence]
Jamie Farr: You guys are pathetic. I'm switching over to the girls side. And I can do that because I wore a dress on M*A*S*H.
[repeated line]
Michael Kelso: OW, MY EYE!
Jackie Burkhardt: Oh, I understand. I mean, it's kind of like... it's kind of like setting your hair. If you don't wait long enough, it's totally flat and blah like Donna's. But if you wait just the right amount of time then it's perfect, like mine. Steven, are you even listening to me?
Steven Hyde: God help me, I am.
Red Forman: Eric, if your mother wants you and Archie and Jughead to help her, then you'll help her.
Michael Kelso: [to Steven] You're Jughead.
Steven Hyde: You're so Jughead, its not even debatable.
Michael Kelso: You are so...
[Steven punches Michael]
Red Forman: Steven, stop hitting Jughead.
[Kelso brought Fez to the Piggly Wiggly to meet attractive, older women]
Kitty Forman: How could you bring Fez to the Piggly Wiggly? There's a lot of footloose women in there. Do you know Joyce Ferguson?
Michael Kelso: No. That's a lie.
Kitty Forman: What?
Michael Kelso: [nervously] What?
Kitty Forman: What?
Michael Kelso: [nervously] What?
Eric: [about the first time he had sex with Donna] It's as if at that moment Eric Forman and Donna Pinciotti ceased to exist and merged into one perfect being... Donneric Forciotti.
[Eric's dream sequence during "Star Wars"]
Hyde as Han: Luke, man! I don't mean to bum you out, but I just saw Princess Leia cruising around with Darth Vader and his Tie Fighter. Right Chewy?
Chewbacca: Unnnnn!
[Chewbacca takes off his mask and we see that it's Kelso]
Chewbacca: Man, this totally sucks. I should be Han.
Hyde as Han: Hey, quit whining!
[He hits Kelso/Chewy]
Kelso as Chewy: Unn!
[Jackie and Kelso have left leaving Eric, Donna, and Fez alone]
Fez: Ah, they have finally left. Now it's just the three of us.
Eric: That's great, Fez.
Fez: Oh, I get it. If I was gone you two would kiss. Ah, life's a bitch, huh?
[opening text cards from "Star Wars"]
Title card/crawl: A long time ago in Point Place, Wisconsin... It's a time of upheaval for the Formans. Red's hours have been cut back at the auto parts plant, and his holiday job with "Bargain Bob" is long gone. Kitty struggles to make ends meet. And Eric is in the throes of adolescence... which sucks no matter what decade it is. Am I right? Anyway, right now Eric and his band of rebels are heading for a movie theater in Kenosha...
[Kitty has menopause]
Red Forman: [to Eric] Quick, I need a wet towel and a Bloody Mary.
[Eric stares at him]
Red Forman: Your mother is talking about adopting a communist orphan. HURRY, DAMMIT.
Michael Kelso: You guys! You guys! Great news! Rudolph, Santa Claus Is Coming To Town, The Little Drummer Boy - they're all on TV this week!
Steven Hyde: [to Jackie] But if I didn't know you... and I had *never* talked to you... I'd think you were totally hot.
Steven Hyde: Well, Fez's play is about to start... which means we have three more hours without his sorry ass. Let's eat his candy.
[Telling Grandma Bea that they are engaged]
Eric: We're gonna do what Luke Skywalker was too afraid to do: use the dark side to our advantage.
Donna Pinciotti: Eric, if we're gonna be married you've got to ease up on the Star Wars stuff. It doesn't apply to everything.
Eric: [Looking disappointed] I'm gonna have to rewrite my vows.
Kitty Forman: I don't have to have a reason. It's right. I'm your mother. Now move.
[Eric puts boxes on a dolly. He whistles. Red works at his desk]
Red: You know what the great thing about whistling is? It's that you can stop whistling!
Eric: Oh. Sorry.
[not whistling, he puts another box on the dolly]
Red: Hey, bend at the knees or else I'll...
Eric: Kick my ass, put your foot in my ass, make my ass a hat, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Red: Geez, and I didn't think you were listening. Oh, and I need you to re- sticker the clock radios. They're on sale.
Eric: Yeah, I saw the flyer. I already took care of it.
Red: Really? Well, way to take initiative.
Eric: "Way to take initiative... "? What are you up to?
Red: Nothing. I just think you did a good job.
Eric: Okay. But I'm watching you.
Red: Stop being weird.
Pastor Dave: Now, kids, you may think that God is a downer. But, he's an upper. Some get high on L.S.D., but I get high on G.O.D...
Steven Hyde: [coughs] Virgin.
Michael Kelso: We just saw college butt... ON A GIRL.
Steven Hyde: Yeah, I never thought I'd be a working man, man. But man, here I am, working for the man. You know what man, I like it man.
Leo: Hey, thanks man.
Eric: So, do you feel like coming over for dinner?
Stacey: I don't know. Will your dad be there?
Eric: Why? You like my dad?
[Stacey smiles]
Eric: Oh, my God. You like my dad?
Stacey: Do you know if he's seeing anyone?
Eric: Yeah. My mom.
Michael Kelso: Look Jackie, here's the deal. You cheated on me.
Jackie Burkhardt: You cheated on me all the time.
Michael Kelso: Well, yeah... but you cheated out of hate, and I cheated out of joy.
Fez: Thanks for getting me out of jail you 2 sons of 2 bitches!
Michael Kelso: You know what's a funny word? Pickleweasel.
Jackie Burkhardt: Don't pity me because I'm beautiful.
Donna Pinciotti: I pity you because you're dumb.
Red Forman: Don't sass me, Tarzan!
[the guys cheat at Bingo]
Steven Hyde: Kelso man, you're willing to cheat? You're in the house of the Lord. You're coming along nicely.
Michael Kelso: Yeah, I mean it's not that bad, because technically we're only in the basement of the Lord, and I'll bet he never comes down here.
Steven Hyde: School spirit is for losers man. You're just like floating along on the conveyer belt of conformity... pep rallies, extra curricular activities, washing your hair... It's all just a trap, man.
Eric: [Eric lied to his parents about staying at Fez's and Red has found out] Okay, the reason I'd lie about something like that is...
Red Forman: What happened? You pissed Donna off and she locked you out?
Eric: Donna? No.
Red Forman: Oh. Well you pissed me off so I'm locking you out.
[Red has a heart attack when he learns that Fez and Laurie got married]
Red: [to Kitty] If I don't make it, kill the foreign kid.
Red Forman: I'm glad he's in prison for bribery. People like him give a bad name to Republicans.
Eric: Yeah, all the honest ones, like Richard Nixon.
[Everybody moves away from Eric]
Red Forman: What did you just say?
Eric: Uhh... I said Nixon was framed, and Kennedy was a commie?
Red Forman: Damn right.
[after learning the Red's getting a new job]
Kitty Forman: Oh! And to think how close we came to losing the house!
Eric: Losing the-mom, you said we were fine!
Kitty Forman: Oh, Eric, honey, I lied!
Steven Hyde: Well, in health class today, we learned that an early engagement is a sign of heavy drug use.
Donna Pinciotti: [after Eric reads Donna's journal when she leaves the room] Did you read my journal?
Eric: What journal?
Donna Pinciotti: You know, my "captain's log".
Eric: No, oh, no. I was just um, I was uh, going through your underwear drawer. Yeah, I know... that's why I look so guilty. Because I was like you know, taking out your underwear, and rubbing it against my skin. I can't stay away from your underwear that's my curse. So, anyway... see you tomorrow.
Jackie Burkhardt: I want Michael to give me that stupid promise ring.
Fez: Look, Jackie, Kelso is very sensitive.
Steven Hyde: Girlish, even.
Fez: So, he just wants to wait for the right time to give it to you.
Jackie Burkhardt: You know what, Fez? You're right. I'll give him time.
[Kelso enters]
Jackie Burkhardt: WHERE'S MY RING, YOU IDIOT?
Donna Pinciotti: You know what I love about Hyde? He's always beating up Kelso.
Michael Kelso: Uh! That is false! Name one time.
Donna Pinciotti: Gladly.
Steven Hyde: [scene switches to the gang sitting around the Forman's kitchen table, eating] Mmmmm, I love mashed potatoes.
Michael Kelso: Really?
[spits some on Hyde's plate, which makes Hyde shove Kelso down and start punching him]
Michael Kelso: Augh! My eye!
Steven Hyde: [scene switches to the gang playing basketball in the driveway] That's a foul.
Michael Kelso: You know what's foul? Your playing.
[throws the basketball at Hyde, who tackles Kelso and starts punching him]
Michael Kelso: Owwww! That's my eye!
Steven Hyde: [scene switches to the gang sitting in the basement watching TV, when Kelso comes in and changes the channel] Change it back, I was watching that.
Michael Kelso: No.
Steven Hyde: CHANGE IT BACK.
[Hyde knocks Kelso over the couch and begins punching]
Michael Kelso: Waaah-haa-haaa! My eye!
Michael Kelso: [scene switches back to where it started] Seriously, dude. You keep hurting my eye.
Michael Kelso: [to Jackie] I still can't get over you cheating on me, and I need to hear you apologize again. And this time, maybe you should cry or give me money.
[the guys imitate Jackie]
Steven Hyde: Michael, call me later.
Eric: Michael, do your Chico impression.
Fez: Michael, rub oil on my thighs while I spank you.
[the guys stare at Fez]
Fez: ...please someone else talk now.
Steven Hyde: Think about it. We hold information that could crush the very heart and soul of one of our best friends. I live for days like this.
Ricky: So why do you want a job at Fatso Burger?
Steven Hyde: To unionize the workers, man.
Steven Hyde: Look, Jackie. I know you were worried before so I just wanna let you know nothing happened on my end this weekend. I'm not telling you that so you'll tell me what you did. I just wanna let you know what happened with me. That's my report to you.
Jackie Burkhardt: All right. Good to know.
Steven Hyde: Good to know?
Jackie Burkhardt: Did I stutter?
Steven Hyde: [on date with Jackie] It's no worse than bowling. But I don't hate bowling.
[Jackie just got a job]
Michael Kelso: You got money? Cool. Let's go buy me that transformer.
Jackie Burkhardt: No, Michael. Money doesn't grow on trees. Ohh... Money DOESN'T grow on trees...
Steven Hyde: Let's face it Forman. You're soft.
Donna Pinciotti: How soft is he, Hyde?
Steven Hyde: Softer than Liberace at the Playboy mansion.
[brief pause]
Kelso: Yeah. Because he plays the piano... wait...
[Donna whispers in his ear]
Kelso: [to Eric] OOOOH. BURN.
[Hyde puts the "stupid helmet" on Eric's head]
Eric: Ooooh, why do I have to wear the stupid helmet?
Steven Hyde: Because you're stupid!
Red Forman: So, you mean, we met by you bumping into my ass?
Kitty Forman: I guess so.
Red Forman: Ok, but if Eric asks, I punched out a marine, defending your honor.
Kitty Forman: And, I wasn't drunk, I was reading for the blind.
Red Forman: Deal.
Midge Pinciotti: Look, Bob, even the English language is sexist. Why is it mailman and not mailwoman?
Bob Pinciotti: Yeah. And, why is it mail? It should be female.
Midge Pinciotti: Now you're thinking.
Bob Pinciotti: No, I'm not. I'm just pointing out how stupid it is.
Midge Pinciotti: You know what, Bob? You're one of them.
[storms out]
Bob Pinciotti: My wife is a maniac... Sorry, a womaniac.
Red: Ah, my job, and my little girl!
Eric: Ok, so I'm here too, dad.
Red: Oh, and uh, speaking of you, I told Millbank's son David to come by and see you.
Eric: David Millbank? Dad, I hated that guy.
Red: Yeah, well, I hate his dad! But, I smile like hell whenever I see him!
Red Forman: Why am I doing this?
Kitty Forman: Because I want to force some good cheer into your clogged arteries and into your cranky heart.
Steven Hyde: Yeah, it's like Christmas Drano.
[on smoke-outs in the record store]
Angie: Why do you guys always do that when I leave the room?
Kelso: Well, it's Thanksgiving. Some people bake pies... we bake ourselves.
Steven Hyde: Kelso was right. *Everyone's* trying it.
Red Forman: [holding a can of whipped cream] I'm telling you, this stuff's just isn't for cakes. It's great all by itself.
[sprays some in his mouth]
Red Forman: Wait, wait, wait.
[sprays some on top of his head]
Red Forman: Look at me. I'm whipped cream head. Fear me! All fear whipped cream head!
Steven Hyde: [about Laurie] She's not a "goddess", she's more an "earth-mother whore" type, which works for me.
[on taking care of Red's parking ticket]
Nina: I can't take care of this. You were parked in a fire zone.
Red Forman: I was buying some milk.
Nina: But what if there was a fire?
Red Forman: Then I'd pour my milk on it.
Red Forman: I'm... sorry that I took your money out of your little box, when I feed you and clothe you and put a roof over your head. Sorrrrry.
Steven Hyde: My heart aches with pain. When I see you, I vomit. Die away from me.
Kitty Forman: You know, maybe Eric's test score is a blessing. It will be a good story when he's a senator.
Red Forman: Senator? The word you're looking for is JANITOR.
Eric: Ok, I know it. She told you about "Dr. PeePee". Fine, you got it. I couldn't sleep on the top bunk and I was 10. Fine, I'm "Dr. PeePee".
[Everybody stares for a while, then they start laughing]
Michael Kelso: "Dr. PeePee". That's great. You are so "Dr. PeePee".
Eric: Oh, really, "Big Chief Brown Bottom"?
Michael Kelso: [quietly] Sorry, man. I'm sorry. Everybody shut up. Just, shut up.
Eric: She's the woman, I'm the man. I have to do better on that test.
Kitty Forman: Don't worry if Donna's smarter than you. I'd take a dummy over a jackass any day.
Eric: Which one am I?
Kitty Forman: Well, honey, right now you're both.
Donna Pinciotti: Laurie, are these your panties?
Laurie Forman: Donna, please. I don't wear pink panties.
Steven Hyde: Yeah, she'd have to wear panties to wear pink panties.
Kitty Forman: Honey, Michael may have an incredible built and movie-star good looks. But, you're much smarter.
Eric: Why didn't you say that when everyone was around?
Kitty Forman: Well, I didn't want anybody to feel bad.
Eric: Good job.
Eric: Mom's making me special sandwiches, Donna's giving me sexy naps... with God as my witness, I will never go hungry or horny again!
Pastor Dave: Say, "God's Magic Circle"... that sounds like an Eric Clapton song. Right, kids?
Michael Kelso: I don't get Jackie. I mean, we were together for years, and the second I turn my back she off and frenches Hyde.
Steven Hyde: And by turning your back you mean ditching her for two months to have sex with random beach trash?
Michael Kelso: Whatever, man. It's all about words with you.
Michael Kelso: Hey. Guess who made out with Pam Macy behind the Gym.
Steven Hyde: Everybody.
Eric At 7: Thanks for walking me home, Steven. That redheaded girl hits really hard.
Hyde at 7: Some advice? Never let a girl stand on your head like that. Bad for the rep.
Eric At 7: Okay, Steven.
Hyde at 7: ...and it's Hyde.
Eric At 7: Thanks, Hyde. Hey, wouldn't it be funny if my last name was Seek? You know, Hyde and Seek!
Hyde at 7: That's stupid. And you owe me a quarter.
Jackie Burkhardt: If somebody doesn't tell me I'm cute in the next five minutes, my head will explode.
Steven Hyde: Face it Forman, you're not a cheater... a wise man once said "know thyself" and that man was Tater Nuts!
Steven Hyde: Look, Forman, if you give Donna that ring, she'll see the girl inside of you. And, you don't want to wake Erica up.
Michael Kelso: Yeah, Erica. That's classic. I'm lucky. You can't make a girl name out of Michael.
Steven Hyde: Oh, really, Michelle?
Michael Kelso: Damn it. I forgot about Michelle. But, you know what, Forman? You should get Donna that promise ring. I'm gonna give one to Jackie too.
Eric: Thank you, Kelso. Let's go get them, right now.
[Eric and Kelso start leaving]
Eric: See you later... Damn it. What's a girl name for Hyde?
[Eric and Kelso start thinking]
Steven Hyde: It's Heidi, you morons.
Donna Pinciotti: [talking about Playboy] Ok, if any of you losers had a girlfriend, would you still look at those magazines?
Kelso: Donna, I had two girlfriends. And a little action on the side. And I still looked at those magazines.
Steven Hyde: Forman's first suspension... I'm so proud.
Michael Kelso: Whoa, back up. Why'd he get suspended?
Donna Pinciotti: Because he's stupid.
Michael Kelso: [terrified] They can do that?
[the women are playing cards]
Donna Pinciotti: Anybody need any cards.
Jackie Burkhardt: [gives her two cards] I need two fives.
Midge Pinciotti: I need one card.
[Donna gives her a card]
Midge Pinciotti: A five? Oh, here, Jackie. You take it.
Jackie Burkhardt: Donna, you gave her a five? I thought we were friends.
Steven Hyde: Donna, man, I feel like I want to kiss you.
Donna: Shut up and dance.
Eric: You know, Donna, failing classes is not the only way to get attention from your parents. A lot of girls, when they're having a bad time at home, just go slutty.
Donna Pinciotti: You know what Eric? You're right. Let's have sex right now.
Eric: Really?
Donna Pinciotti: No.
Eric: Stop doing that.
Kitty Forman: Steven, if you keep saying things like that it's gonna be really hard for me to pretend I don't know what you're talking about.
Steven Hyde: Well, then, I'll just leave because it's just too easy. Just like Laurie.
Red Forman: You know, Steven, you're a smart guy. You really should go to college. You're coming with us, this weekend.
Steven Hyde: You don't trust me alone in the house, do you?
Red Forman: See how smart you are?
Michael Kelso: Yeah, I'm so Brando.
Steven Hyde: Yeah, if Brando had a buddy named Potsie.
Midge Pinciotti: ...so I either saw a UFO or I rubbed my eyes too hard.
Red: [after having a bucket of oatmeal dumped on his head] What the hell is going on?
Eric: Dad, it was just a prank that went wrong. Horribly... *horribly* wrong.
Red: Really? Well I have a prank too. One where my foot *doesn't* plow through your ass! Let's hope it doesn't go horribly, *horribly* wrong!
Red Forman: What's going on?
Michael Kelso: Nothing. Just a classic case of Hand-Stuck-In-Vase.
Red Forman: Well, if you don't get your hand out of there, you're gonna have a classic case of Foot-Stuck-In-Ass.
Steven Hyde: You're engaged. In Latin that means "screwed for life".
Steven Hyde: They should've X-rayed your head at the hospital.
Michael Kelso: They did. And for your information, they found nothing.
Red Forman: Shoes are an inappropriate gift to give to a man.
Kitty Forman: How about when you joined the army, another man issued your boots?
Red Forman: So he gave me a gun so I let it go.
Kitty Forman: Why can't you just accept the shoes because Bob is your friend?
Red Forman: Kitty you don't understand. We don't give each other presents. We ignore each other.
Bob Pinciotti: Now be a good girl and sneak out some of them Jordan almonds for Daddy, okay?
Donna Pinciotti: No Dad, those are for the feminists!
Donna Pinciotti: So, how many things around here have you put your butt on?
Michael Kelso: Let's start with what I haven't put my butt on.
Red: [to Hyde and Fez after finding pot stashed in the basement] You morons just hung a vacancy sign on your asses and my foot's looking for a room!
[seeing Donna and Eric cavorting on the kitchen table]
Red: Damn it. That's where I eat dinner.
[Kitty has just come home from work]
Kitty Forman: Here, honey. I brought you a lollipop.
Eric: Mom, I'm 17.
Kitty Forman: I know. That's why I also brought you condoms.
Eric, Red: Ehhhhhhh.
Kitty Forman: You need to protect yourself. Today I saw a 16-year-old give birth, and I don't want that type of thing to happen to you.
Eric: Well, this couldn't be more uncomfortable.
[gets up and leaves]
Kitty Forman: Oh, honey. Don't forget your condoms.
Eric: I was wrong.
Michael Kelso: In Wisconsin, if you win a girl a giant, purple rhinoceros, she puts out.
Fez: I'm confused. What's going on?
Steven Hyde: You see, Donna, as a creative artist, wrote her story to get some perspective on her life. Forman, as a vindictive ass, wrote his story to be a vindictive ass.
Red Forman: [lecturing Kitty about smoking pot] Kitty, when we got married, we took a vow to be together through sickness and health, but nobody said anything about what to do if your wife turns into a dope fiend!
[Kitty has invited a neighbor's son over to spend time with Eric]
Lance Crawford: Hello, Eric. Your father and I were just discussing how unrealistically space travel is portrayed in "Star Wars".
Eric: [annoyed] It was a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... look, you either buy it or you don't!
Jackie Burkhardt: Being a model was my and Michael's dream... for me.
[cut to a scene of Jackie imagining being a model and then back to reality]
Eric: Hmmm... In your fantasy you're a model, and Kelso's... not there. In reality Kelso's a model, and you sell cheese. Interesting...
Kitty Forman: I want to have a baby.
Red Forman: You still got Eric. He's kinda like a baby. I can make him cry if you want to.
Bernice Forman: So, Kitty, Eric tells me you quit smoking.
Kitty Forman: Yes. Yes, I did, and I feel great.
Bernice Forman: [lights a cigarette] That's great.
[blows smoke in Kitty's face]
[Fenton tells Eric to either pay for the engagement ring for Donna or give it back]
Fez: Eric, you better do what he says. I've been on the other side of Fenton's stick. And trust me, that is not the side you wanna be on.
Michael Kelso: Tell you what... that's the last time I'm gonna mess around with a girl with a boyfriend.
Donna Pinciotti: Kelso, your hand is on my butt.
Michael Kelso: Come on, he's in Africa.
[after finding out a girl he slept with is pregnant]
Kelso: You ladies don't know what I'm going through. I mean, you can have all the sex you want and don't have to worry about getting anyone pregnant.
Steven Hyde: He's as dead as your Mayan forefathers.
Fez: My forefathers were not Mayan.
Steven Hyde: Like anyone cares.
Fez: I just wish that there was someplace in the world where prejudice didn't exist.
Michael Kelso: Well, that's Canada... Yup, good ol' Canada. They don't make generalizations about people because they're too busy playin' hockey or gettin' drunk or puttin' maple syrup on their ham.
Red Foreman: Earl, I didn't make you too dumb to flip burgers. It's God fault.
Fez: That Tomas is shady. But have you noticed, he never says what country he's from?
Steven Hyde: What country are you from?
Fez: What country are YOU from?
Steven Hyde: America.
Fez: Fine, mystery solved.
[after Kelso suggests hitting a guy that's hitting on Donna]
Eric: I dunno. If I hit this guy, Donna's just gonna be pissed.
Kelso: No, man. Chicks dig that stuff! I mean, Leia, right, she acted like she was mad at Han. But I could tell she liked him.
Steven Hyde: Kelso, man, what are you, an idiot? Leia likes Luke, I mean she kissed him on that bridge!
Kelso: Uh! Just for luck!
Michael Kelso: No, I said, "Not it!" If playground rules are not in effect, this is anarchy.
Michael Kelso: Hey, you guys wanna know what a funny word is? Pickle-weasel!
Steven Hyde: So if Donna ever breaks up with you, and starts dating me, are we still friends?
Eric: No.
Jackie Burkhardt: Donna's feet are so huge. I was in her room once and I almost fell into one of her shoes. I would never be heard from again.
[Red watches Tv]
Red Forman: Aw, Gilligan screwed it up. Why don't they just kill him?
Jackie Burkhardt: Stop staring at me or I'll kick you.
[Hyde stares, Jackie kicks]
Eric: You know what dad if I am still working at pricemart at your... older kill me.
Red Foreman: You don't have to ask twice son.
Eric: That's my daddy.
Red Foreman: Come on let's make fun of mum's hair.
Red Forman: Eric's old enough to hear this kind of talk. Eric, say your job got transferred to Guada-Who-The-Hell-Cares. Would you vote for the guy that did that?
Kitty Forman: Oh, Red, Ford didn't take away your job. He took Nixon's.
Michael Kelso: A GOOD girlfriend accepts her guy no matter what. Now, Jackie was always trying to change me.
[Imitating Jackie]
Michael Kelso: Grow up, Michael! Act your age, Michael! Stop shooting grandma with the water pistol, Michael!
Jackie Burkhardt: She's 92, Michael.
Michael Kelso: She had JAM on her FACE!
[the screen is split in two parts. On top, Donna is talking to Jackie. On bottom, Eric is talking to Kelso]
Eric: I really want to do it with her.
Donna Pinciotti: I don't know if I'm ready to do it with him.
Michael Kelso: I know what you mean.
Michael Kelso: It's Donna.
Jackie Burkhardt: I know what you mean.
Jackie Burkhardt: It's Eric.
Eric Forman, Donna Pinciotti: What the hell's that supposed to mean?
Michael Kelso, Jackie Burkhardt: Nothing.
Eric: I mean, you and Jackie have done it millions of times, right?
Michael Kelso: Oh, yeah. We do it all the time.
Donna Pinciotti: I mean, you and Kelso have done it millions of times, right?
Jackie Burkhardt: No. I let him get to second base once, but that's it.
Fez: Guys, I'm in pain.
Donna Pinciotti: Yeah, I know, Fez. It hurts when a girl you like ignores you.
Fez: No. I mean I kissed her, and now I am in PAIN.
Donna Pinciotti: Eww.
Fez: Caroline, I have to break up with you.
Caroline: Why? Don't say it's because I'm crazy. I'm not crazy.
Fez: No... um... it's because... Donna and I are in love.
Caroline: WHAT?
Jackie Burkhardt: Ewww...
Fez: Please tell her, Donna... Please?
Donna Pinciotti: [whispers] What if she tries to kill me?
Fez: You're a giant, you can take her.
Steven Hyde: Jackie, I am really, really sorry and I'll never do it again.
Jackie Burkhardt: [Jackie looks at him with tears in her eyes ] You know, that's just what Michael used to say.
Fez: I choose boobs!
[Everybody's playing "Horse" in the driveway. Kelso throws and misses]
Michael Kelso: Damn.
Steven Hyde: Oh. Kelso misses another one. I believe it's already H-O-R.
Fez: That's right. You are a whore.
Steven Hyde: What is she doing here?
Leo: I think she's hitting on me, man.
Jackie Burkhardt: What are you talking about?
Leo: What are you talking about?
Jackie Burkhardt: What are you talking about?
Leo: What are *you* talking about?
Steven Hyde: Whatever.
Jackie Burkhardt: Oh, great. Steven!
[runs after Hyde]
Leo: What was she talking about?
[Donna, Jackie, Laurie and Ms. McGee are smoking up]
Donna Pinciotti: You know, I just realized that I'm the only one here who hasn't been with Kelso. I just have two things to say- EWWW and THANK GOD.
Jackie Burkhardt: [drunk] Ah, come back here! Nobody ignores "Jurkie Barkheart." I am adorable, I'm encouraging, and I'm damn likeable and if you're too stupid too see that then I feel sorry for you!
[her dress slides down]
Jackie Burkhardt: 'Cause if anyone should be the center of attention it's me!
Donna Pinciotti: Jackie!
Jackie Burkhardt: [as Donna tries twice to pull Jackie's dress back up, Jackie slaps her hand away] Get off me!
[Donna then whispers in her ear]
Jackie Burkhardt: What the hell is a "boobsout"?
[looks down, screams and runs into the bathroom]
Kitty Forman: Steven's father is in town?
Laurie Forman: Yeah, right. Like he even knows who his father is.
[gets up and leaves]
Red Forman: Do you know anything about this?
Eric: Yeah. She's a bitch.
Ms. McGee: Good night. I apologize if my being here upset you.
Kitty Forman: I just feel that you being seen out with a student, it's just bad principle.
Michael Kelso: Oh, he doesn't care. He's dating a cheerleader.
Jackie Burkhardt: Ok, Donna, I got us a double date.
Donna Pinciotti: Who?
Jackie Burkhardt: [points to table] Firemen.
Donna Pinciotti: They're, like, 40 years old.
Jackie Burkhardt: So, what? Don't ruin this for me, Donna. This is just like my play.
[drags Donna to table]
Jackie Burkhardt: This is my friend Donna. She's just being a wet blanket.
Fireman #1: So, what do you girls do?
Donna Pinciotti: Oh, you know... WE'RE IN HIGH SCHOOL.
Fireman #2: Okay... What are your interests?
Donna Pinciotti: Oh, you know... HIGH SCHOOL GUYS.
[Kitty presents the Thanksgiving turkey]
Kitty Forman: Ok, who likes dark meat?
Fez: Hey, who doesn't? Am I right ladies?
[Eric is trying to figure out what to do about David hitting on Donna]
Steven Hyde: You know, Forman, I'm a romantic. So I say you choke him 'til his eyes pop out!
Kelso: Yeah. Hittin' people's cool.
Donna Pinciotti: We're gonna graduate in two months, and there's a whole town out there waiting for us. We just have to, you know, grab the bull by the horns.
Michael Kelso: Hey, I'm gonna tell you from experience, if you're gonna mess with a bull, you better have a backup plan.
Jackie Burkhardt: So, what kind of career do you see yourself in?
Michael Kelso: Well, I was considering becoming a doctor...
Jackie Burkhardt: A doctor? Ooh, that's so mature.
Michael Kelso: Or, a rodeo clown.
Steven Hyde: Think about it, a world full of Kelsos. Libraries will fall into disrepair, there'd be feathered hair as far as the eye could see, we'll have to put padding on every sharp corner.
Red Forman: [to Eric] This is the worst thing you've ever done.
Bob Pinciotti: [to Donna] You too.
Red Forman: You're gonna drive Donna home, and then you're gonna wait for me. That's an order.
Bob Pinciotti: Ditto... Aww, come here. I can't stay mad at you with that cute face.
[hugs her; Eric looks at Red with open arms]
Red Forman: Get your ugly ass in the car.
[Red has just won at craps]
Red Forman: I'm the richest man in Church.
Donna Pinciotti: [after Charlie fell off the water tower] That was a pretty awkward landing, I hope he's OK.
Michael Kelso: Of course he's OK, it's not like anyone's ever died falling off the water tower.
Kitty Forman: [next scene] And so they renamed it The Charlie Richardson Memorial Water Tower.
Midge Pinciotti: The unexamined self is the unfulfilled self.
Bob Pinciotti: What do you mean? You don't feel fulfilled? Why don't you feel fulfilled? I pay the bills. I put a roof over your head. I take care of you.
Midge Pinciotti: I know, Bob. But, what do I do?
Bob Pinciotti: Well, you fill out that sweater real nice.
Michael Kelso: [on Bob and Pam dating] Dating is based on a point system. Pam's good looking, so that's 25 points. Bob's the nicest guy in the world, so that's like, a point? But he has money, so there's 24 points. Now you add those up, and you get 50, which is, coincidentally half my score.
[At Breakfast]
Eric: Hey, leggo my Eggo.
Red Forman: Hey, leggo my foot in your ass.
Kitty Forman: [at church fundraiser] Ok, I have jobs for everyone. Red, you can run the raffle.
Red Forman: I'm your man.
Kitty Forman: Don't yell at the customers.
Red Forman: I'm... kinda your man.
Kitty Forman: And smile.
Red Forman: You need another man.
Steven Hyde: [smoking a cigar in the circle] I hate cigars. This is way worse then what we usually do in the circle. It smells bad, it tastes rank, but there's no fun hallucinations. *This* should be illegal.
Roy: I moved in with a wonderful woman.
Steven Hyde: Oh, what happened?
Roy: She found out I was living there.
Red Forman: Bud, being a teenager is like being in a war. One minute, you're crawling around blind. Next minute, you get your foot blown off.
Bud Hyde: I wouldn't know anything about that. Never been to war. I was a conscientious.
[Red looks at him menacingly]
Bud Hyde: Uhh... Canadian.
Steven Hyde: Act tough, Forman.
Eric: I'm not tough.
Steven Hyde: That's why I said 'act.'
[on Annette]
Eric: Did you hear that? The shrill voice, the bossy tone, the random hatred of all things that bounce? My God, she's Jackie.
Donna Pinciotti: A new Jackie.
Eric: A blonde Jackie.
Eric, Donna Pinciotti: Blackie.
[dramatic music]
Eric, Donna Pinciotti: [looking scared] We are doomed.
Eric: Hyde, without Donna, I've reverted to my natural state. I'm dirty, I'm lazy, and I don't wear pants. I'm like you now.
Steven Hyde: No, see, I'm an original. You're a convert.
Eric: Strong words coming from a guy wearing pants.
Kelso: Okay, which job sounds better: wide receiver or spy?
Eric: Well, Kelso, I don't understand why you just can't do both.
Kelso: You're right, it's the perfect cover.
Fez: Rhonda, I thought we'd start our evening with a hot-dog eating contest. Now, I know you're the State Hot Dog Eating Champion, but I think I can make it interesting.
Rhonda: Sorry, Fez, I don't eat food for money OR glory any more.
[whispering and gesturing to Jackie and Donna]
Rhonda: It's not ladylike.
Eric: Everything costs money. Gas. Food. Parties. Fun.
Michael Kelso: Dates. Dates cost money.
Fez: No, Kelso, that is prostitution.
Steven Hyde: No, Fez, dating IS prostitution. Only, you don't always get what you paid for.
Eric: What kind of moron leaves the keys in the ignition?
Michael Kelso: When I put the keys in my pocket, it distracts from my natural bulge.
Jackie Burkhardt: [points to Rhonda] Michael, why am I not in the loop? Why is she in the loop?
Michael Kelso: Uhh... Jackie, I don't know what loop it is you're talking about. But, if she's in it, I don't think there's any room for you.
[after Red insults Fez, Eric, and Kelso]
Kelso: Hey, hold on a second. Am I the pretty boy moron?
Red: Yes.
Kelso: Cool, because that's the best one.
Donna Pinciotti: My parents are going to the Playboy mansion this weekend. Anybody want souvenirs?
Steven Hyde: Ashtrays.
Fez: A woman.
Red: Donna just came through hear looking pretty upset. You wouldn't happen to know anything about that, would you?
Eric: No. I mean, she was fine just a minute ago when we were down... oh, you already know, don't you?
Red: Of course I know.
Donna Pinciotti: [after Jackie's mom agrees to move in with her dad] But I don't want to see any of her panties around the house.
Kitty Forman: [referring to Jackie's mom not having a panty line] Oh don't worry, you won't.
Red Forman: [to Hyde] You know all that rent money you've been giving us? I've been putting it all in a bank account for your college fees... or bail.
[the guys go to see 'Star Wars']
Steven Hyde: Hey, Forman. This movie better be good. If I don't see some space jugs, I'm gonna be super-pissed.
Jackie Burkhardt: [to Hyde] So you know what? I am done making an ass out of myself for you or any guy. I'm done with guys completely.
Michael Kelso: Hear that, Hyde? We screwed her up so bad she's switching to chicks! How awesome are we?
[high fives with Hyde]
Red Forman: You know, maybe instead of finding another idiot to hang out with, you might think about unloading a few.
[to Hyde]
Red Forman: Like you.
[to Kelso]
Red Forman: And you.
[to Eric]
Red Forman: And you.
Eric: I'm your son.
Red Forman: Hey, I treat everyone as equals.
Steven Hyde: Eighteen sucks, man, no more free rides. I mean, if there's a war, I could get drafted.
Leo: If there's a war, I'll see you in Canada.
Eric: [about Eric's unflattering portrayal in Donna's story] People are going to think I'm really like that.
Donna Pinciotti: Oh, come on. Nobody's going to think you're like that.
Girl #1: [the two girls walk up to Eric] Cat killer.
Girl #2: Bastard.
Girl #1: Porn freak.
[they walk off disgusted]
Donna Pinciotti: OK, they could be talking about anybody.
Steven Hyde: Hey, we're all porn-freak bastards. But he's the only one who killed a cat.
Leo: [Leo and Hyde playing Battleships] B3!
Steven Hyde: Hit! Damn, you sank my battleship!
Leo: You know a well-maintained fleet is the backbone of any military structure, and with your floating arsenal depleted, your troops are likely to suffer some serious collateral damage.
Steven Hyde: [confused] Huh...
Leo: Hey, you know what, man? I think I might have been in the Navy!
Steven Hyde: There is no gas shortage man. It's all fake. The oil companies control everything. Like there is this guy that invented this car and it runs on water man. It's got a fiberglass air-cooled engine and it runs on water.
[Eric and Donna just made up after a fight about porno magazines]
Donna Pinciotti: It's OK, Eric. So... You got rid of them all?
Eric: Yeah.
Donna Pinciotti: That's too bad... You know what? I could have a naked girl in this room in 10 seconds.
Eric: Great. Send her in, I'll see you later.
Michael Kelso: You're engaged?
Eric: No.
Steven Hyde: How could you give her that ring? You're in High School, and according to the SATs, that's about as far as you're gonna go.
Midge Pinciotti: Women have to be weak and fragile, so that that men can feel superior.
Donna Pinciotti: That's insane. If women don't learn to stand up for themselves, men will always control the world.
Midge Pinciotti: Oh honey, men don't control the world.
Steven Hyde: Hey, Donna, you want some pie.
Donna Pinciotti: No, I don't want any stupid pie.
[Donna storms off]
Steven Hyde: Hey, I didn't kiss her.
Michael Kelso: Guys guess how many countries I've wizzed in? TWO.
Rhonda: I may not be popular, but if given the chance, I'll put out something fierce.
[after finding out Red's mom isn't spending Thanksgiving with them]
Kitty Forman: I don't need to kiss some old lady's A-S-S on my holiday.
[Laurie, Eric, and Red just look at her]
Kitty Forman: You heard what I spelled.
Fez: How many licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of a toosie pop? One...
Fez: Two-hoo.
Fez: Ah, screw it.
Fez: Ow, my tooth! Oh, why did I have to bite it?
Red Forman: [to Eric] Happy Birthday. You know, the lawn's not gonna cut itself.
Steven Hyde: [hiding behind gravestone pretending to be Eric's dead grandmother] Why did you kill me, Eric? I can never forgive you!
Red Forman: Is that kid from not America still here?
Fez: Don't worry Kelso the puberty bunny will visit you soon.
Michael Kelso: So Jackie, do you wanna go see 'Star Wars' tonight?
Jackie Burkhardt: Now Michael, I told you. I don't like space.
[about an attractive new cashier at Price Mart]
Steven Hyde: Forman, you have a responsibility to all of us. You have to find out what's under that smock.
Michael Kelso: I bet it's boobs.
[Eric has gotten drunk with Red at a bar, and is calling Kitty for a ride]
Eric: Hello, mother? This is your son, Eric. I am not feeling well.
Steven Hyde: No, no, I'm not walking. If God had wanted us to walk he wouldn't have given us Foreman.
[Kitty's father has just passed in the emergency room]
Kitty Forman: I don't know how to say this... Daddy's gone to a better place.
Michael Kelso: Good, 'cause this hospital sucks.
[Kelso gets an angry look from everyone]
Michael Kelso: What?
[Kelso realizes]
Michael Kelso: Oh. (whispering) This hospital sucks.
Fez: [singing] Hyde and Jackie sitting in a tree, they're in love like two monkeys
Steven Hyde: That's not even how it goes.
Fez: Well, is it making you mad?
Steven Hyde: Yes.
Fez: Then, that's how it goes.
Michael Kelso: One time I asked Jackie what was wrong, she didn't shut up for like three straight days.
Steven Hyde: What crawled up your butt?
Eric: You and Jackie and then you started making out in there.
[Bob is having a ridiculously festive sale at his store]
Bob Pinciotti: What are you, ashamed of me?
Donna Pinciotti: Well, look around, dad.
Bob Pinciotti: Oh, I get it. But, let me tell you something. You see a clown, I see you in college. You see your dad dressed as a ringmaster, I see you in grad school. You see a monkey in a tutu... Well that just makes me laugh.
Donna: David Millbank? Oh, barf. Eric, remember when you beat him up on the playground?
Eric: Yep. I kicked his ass.
Jackie Burkhardt: Wait, wasn't he the kid with scoliosis and asthma?
Eric: Yep. And I kicked his ass!
Ricky: Where do you see yourself in five years?
Steven Hyde: Prison.
Fez: There's a tornado coming. Oh my god, I'm going to die a virgin.
Rhonda: ...Not if I have anything to say about it.
Fez: You can talk all you want, there's a tornado coming.
Laurie Forman: Hey jackie, whose that cute guy you came here with?
Jackie Burkhardt: BACK OFF! I need him for right now but you can have him when i'm done.
Laurie Forman: Stop being such a little girl and do something bad for once!
Steven Hyde: [about wearing a suit to a dinner party] I'd rather put on a dress and slow-dance with Kelso on 'Soul Train'.
Jackie Burkhardt: Yeah, I got it... in the Ghetto.
Steven Hyde: Jackie, there's no ghetto here. There's like that one house that needs to be painted.
Bud Hyde: Well time flies when you're
Steven Hyde: Drunk?
Bud Hyde: Well I was gonna say having fun but whatever.
Steven Hyde: It's hard hopping over a fence carrying two twelve packs. I mean, library books.
Donna Pinciotti: I can't believe Laurie bit me. I hope she didn't give me like, slut rabies.
Kelso: Well maybe we should check the School Morgue.
Steven Hyde: Kelso, the school doesn't HAVE a morgue.
Kelso: So what do we pay all those taxes for?
Steven Hyde: You know what kills me? You do better in school than I do.
Steven Hyde: Poor Forman, man. Working for Red. I wouldn't wish that on my enemies.
Fez: I would. Those suckas must pay!
[Fez on Big Rhonda]
Fez: I know that I just met her Mr. Red, but I love her. She is... sturdy. I want to climb her.
[on women and sex]
Steven Hyde: Secretly, I think they want it more than we do.
Eric: Oh, you and your crazy conspiracies.
[the guys go to a disco]
Fez: Okay, that's it. You must let me in.
The Bouncer: Why?
Fez: Because I feel the hard rhythm of disco burning in my loins.
[Eric and Donna fed the rest of the gang laxative-laced brownies as revenge for a prank]
Michael Kelso: That was a wicked burn. I mean, it had all the elements. You didn't see it coming... parts of it really hurt...
[about Bob and Midge]
Red Forman: What the hell kind of a world are we living in? 'Hey, let's date other people.' 'Hey, let's date other people, but ditch them and do it in a car.' In my day, we called them degenerates, and we STONED them.
Eric: Extra. Extra. Read all about it.
Steven Hyde: "Skinny Dillhole Talks Like An Idiot"?
Donna Pinciotti: Just because a guy wants to pay attention to me, does not mean he wants to see me naked.
Eric: OH, GROW UP.
Donna Pinciotti: Is that why you pay attention to me?
Eric: OF COURSE... not. Of course not. I love your mind. That's the thing I love.
Michael Kelso: There are a lot of other hot older women out there besides Midge. And they deserve our respect.
Fez: Yes, I would love to make love to an 80-year old. They must know everything. Not just about sex, but history and trivia, too.
Fez: I'm going to spend the rest of my American money on candy and porno.
Donna: But, Fez.
Fez: I said candy and porno!
[Midge left Bob]
Steven Hyde: Don't worry, Donna. I mean, my parents splitting up made me the man I am today.
Donna Pinciotti: Aww, man. Am I gonna go crazy and think the government is out to get me, too?
Steven Hyde: [angry] The government IS out to get you.
Red: Well, I'd like to help, but not as much as I'd like not to.
Steven Hyde: Yeah, I'm going to go... bird watching with my girlfriend.
Michael Kelso: Yeah, me and Jackie are going to go "BIRDWATCHING", too.
[laughs and points at Red and Kitty]
Michael Kelso: It's cool 'cause they don't know what we're talking about.
[Red and Kitty stare at him]
Steven Hyde: I think they cracked it.
Steven Hyde: Yeah, you gotta stay sharp, man. That's why I keep myself pure 'til 3 o' clock...
[checks arm]
Steven Hyde: Two o'clock. That's why I keep myself pure until two o'clock.
[checks arm]
Steven Hyde: I'm not even wearing a watch.
Kitty Forman: Red, I'm sure you'll do fine. Just remember now, Santa is a cheerful, jolly fellow who never calls a child 'dumbass.'
Kitty Forman: Wait. Are you saying you LIKE Randy?
Red Forman: No... I'm just saying I don't hate him as much as I hate most people.
[the guys plan to streak]
Steven Hyde: I'll write a really great slogan like, 'I Hate the Fuzz' on my ass.
Fez: If you hate the fuzz on your ass, why don't you just shave it off?
Michael Kelso: I spilt my soda... Hyde. I don't know what to say.
Steven Hyde: How about 'ow'?
Michael Kelso: Why would I say ow?
[Hyde hits Kelso]
Michael Kelso: Ow.
[falls to the floor and laughs]
Michael Kelso: I get it!
Eric: [Eavesdropping through the glass door on the parents' discussion about the news of Donna and Eric's engagement] I'm trying to read Red's lips, but I can't make it out - he keeps calling me a stupid duck.
[pause until he figures it out]
Eric: Ahhhhh.
Eric: Okay, I just want to tell you that this play will be done like always. That means that all of your ideas, while interesting, are stupid.
[to Jackie]
Eric: No unicorns.
[to Fez]
Eric: No lifeguards.
[to Donna]
Eric: No wise women.
[to Kelso]
Eric: No spacemen. Now, we need the wise men. Anybody got any suggestions.
[Kelso raises his hand]
Eric: Kelso, I swear to god, if you say "Space Wisemen" I will kick you in the head.
[Kelso lowers his hand]