A comedy sketch show featuring David Mitchell and Robert Webb.

Mr Terrific: [Big Talk panel show] Look at my boffins! They were bullied at school, yet they still want to give something back to society...
Mr Terrific: And there's just time to go to Gyles Brandreth for the last word!
Gyles Brandreth: That's Numberwank!
Mr Terrific: It's NumberWANG!
Gyles Brandreth: ...Fuck.
John: Now we know! Now we know! Now we know!
Director: John! John. You were talking.
John: Was I?
Director: Yes, you were saying "Now we know."
John: Really? "Now we know"? That's weird. Why would I say that?
Director: ...We don't know.
Sir Alan Sugar: [the Apprentices have gathered] Right, it's time to fire one of you. I don't know why, I mean, I wouldn't be a millionaire if I fired 15% of my workforce every day in real life. Does anyone want to make it easier by pointlessly lying or trying to take credit for something they didn't do? No? I'll just fire the fat bloke, then.
Man with Bland Opinions: I think success is punished in this country... Someone's got to help me!
Announcer: Tonight on Panorama, the issue of Social Workers who are themselves Mental or Going Mental in "You do have to be Mad to Work Here but it Doesn't Help".