The Amanda Show is another series that was spun off of "All That" for another of its breakout stars. It's a skit show with some of the characteristics of "All That" but with different ... See full summary¬†¬Ľ

[repeated line]
Debbie: I like eggs.
Laurie: I don't like this story!
Pauly: She don't like this story!
Tony Pajamas: I got ears.
Pauly: He's got ears.
[Tony smacks Pauly upside the head]
Pauly: What was that for?
Tony Pajamas: For being an idiot.
Pauly: Okay.
Amber: Debbie, read her her question.
Debbie: Oh yeah. Okay. If you were stranded on a desert island and could only bring one item, what would you thumb?
Penny: Pardon?
Debbie: What would you thumb?
Penny: What would I thumb?
Debbie: That's what it says.
Amber: Debbie... that's your thumb!
Debbie: Oh! What would you bring?
Penny: Well, I'd probably bring my prettiest bra. It hooks in the front! And I'd bring my special medication!
Amber: You can only bring one item.
Penny: But... but, that's hard!
[the substitute teacher is getting frustrated with the "gifted class."]
Substitute Teacher: And no more of your dumb rhymes!
Rhyming Student: Not even sometimes?
Substitute Teacher: Stop that now!
Rhyming Student: Go squeeze a fat cow?
Substitute Teacher: One more time and you'll get detention!
Rhyming Student: Okay! I promise, I'll pay attention.
Substitute Teacher: That's it, young man! You are out of this class!
Rhyming Student: Whoa, my dad's gonna kick my...
Substitute Teacher: QUIET!
Rhyming Student: RIOT!
Substitute Teacher: STOP!
Rhyming Student: COP!
Substitute Teacher: BILLY!
Rhyming Student: SILLY!
Substitute Teacher: AAAAAAH!
[repeated line in rude manner]
Penelope Taynt: You're wasting my life.
Penelope Taynt: And that's how we'll capture Blake.
Josh: Drake.
Penelope Taynt: It matters!
[repeated line]
Penelope Taynt: Amanda Please!
Penelope Taynt: Hello, please!
[Drake and Josh jump and scream]
Drake: You're not supposed to be in here!
Penelope Taynt: Too bad, Jake!
Josh: [giggles] Jake.
Host: It turns my stomach to see a beating like that. Let's watch it again in slow-motion.
Irritated Boy: [after Courtney has somehow yanked his white briefs off, and held them up for the entire theater to see] Hey, those are my underpants!
Crazy Courtney: Mwaa-haa!
Kyle Rostensan: Uh... one time, I went to visit my cousin in New Jersey. And I went to his, like, house... and you know... rang the doorbell. And he opened the door, and he was all, "Go away..." and like..."stop ringing my doorbell." So I, like, called my mom and told her about my cousin yelling things at me... in New Jersey, and she was all, "You don't have a cousin in New Jersey." Ummmm... I have to tinkle.
Crazy Courtney: You've got something in your nose.
Irritated Boy: So?
Crazy Courtney: I want it.