Four young Irish brothers are caught up in New York's underworld of organized crime.

Tommy Donnelly: Kevin, come here a minute.
Kevin Donnelly: I'm eating my cereal.
Tommy Donnelly: What, is it gonna get cold?
Kevin Donnelly: [shakes head] Soggy. I hate that.
Joey Ice Cream: The hardest lies are the ones we believe ourselves.
[as Jenny is sitting in a church pew, looking solemn]
Father Dufelt: Okay. You outlasted me. You won't come in, I'll come to you.
Jenny Reilly: Thanks, Father, but I'm not here for confession.
Father Dufelt: You've been on your knees for 45 minutes. I know a sin when I see one.
[as Tommy is leaving the hospital to seek vengeance for his brother]
Tommy Donnelly: Where are you going?
Kevin Donnelly: Wherever you are.
Tommy Donnelly: We're gonna need some Scotch and a lot of it. But we're not gonna be able to pay for it just yet.
Liquor Store Owner: Get outta here.
Tommy Donnelly: I think you're gonna wanna give it to us.
Liquor Store Owner: Oh yeah? And why's that?
Tommy Donnelly: Because your daughter has a crush on Kevin. He's gonna date her if you don't.
Liquor Store Owner: [face drops]
Joey Ice Cream: See, the thing about telling lies is if you're good at it, people don't know they're being lied to. So then the question is, can you live with the lies you tell?
[first lines]
Detective at prison: So, where are the bodies?
Joey Ice Cream: Ah, man. These guys are my friends.
Detective at prison: Here's the deal, Joey. You tell us where the bodies are, how they got there, and you stay in solitary, nice and safe. You lie, you go to general population where more people than I can count want to see you dead.
Joey Ice Cream: [looking nervous]
Detective Sunny: [throws a book down on the table harshly] Where are the bodies?
[last lines]
Joey Ice Cream: That was the Donnellys. They could never make it more than a block outta the neighborhood.