Johnny Smith has been leading an idyllic small-town life. Employed as a science teacher, Johnny takes great pleasure in showing his young students the wonders of the natural world. He is ... See full summary »

Reverend Purdy: I destroy my enemy when I make him my friend.
Dana: Airline company's always your best friend right after the plane goes down.
Dana: Tell me you weren't holding Sarah's hand while you were making love to me.
Johnny Smith: I know Walt. Trust me, he wouldn't like peace.
Johnny Smith: You're a figment of his imagination.
Death: Oh, please, don't get personal.
Greg Stillson: Anything about me in there?
Johnny Smith: Uh, no, this is the sports section.
Greg Stillson: No, I mean, is there anything about me...
[points to Johnny's forehead]
Greg Stillson: In there?
Sonny Elliman: He's been asking questions about you.
Greg Stillson: The wrong kind of questions?
Sonny Elliman: Not just that. It's like he already knows what he's looking for.
Greg Stillson: [turns and stares at Sonny] The psychic thing freaks you out, doesn't it?
Johnny Smith: I can understand you.
Shaman: When we die, we all sound the same.
[Inviting Purdy to the carnival]
Johnny Smith: I promise not to take you anywhere near the Hoochie Coochie Show.
Reverend Purdy: Ah, the Hoochie Coochie Show is my bread and butter!
Johnny Smith: This mine seems to know me by name.
Walt: What the hell's that supposed to mean?
Johnny Smith: Wish I knew.
Johnny Smith: What are you, the Vince Lombardi of existentialism, man?
Johnny Smith: I had the perfect life until I was in a coma for six years. And then I woke up, and found my fiancé
Johnny Smith: married to another man. My son
Johnny Smith: doesn't know who I am. Everything has changed, including me. One touch
Johnny Smith: and I could see things. Things that happened. Things that will happen. You should see what I see...
Conrad: Are you a religious man?
Johnny Smith: I am today, Conrad.
Johnny Smith: Okay, one of my visions was a little off.
Bruce Lewis: 'A little off'. Do you understand what it means in the context of the rest of humanity for your brain to be 'a little off'? That puts you in another galaxy far, far away.
Reverend Purdy: Just what in God's name are you doing?
Johnny Smith: Oh Gene, I do so many things in God's name. You're going to have to be more specific.
Johnny Smith: One thing I've learned about you, Gene. If you don't know the people, then you know the people that know the people.
Greg Stillson: How's my future look these days?
Johnny Smith: Not always so easy to tell.
Bruce Lewis: You're always wrapped up in this 'Chicken Little' thing.
Johnny Smith: Who's Chicken Little?
Tiny the Biker: [after beating up Jack Jericho, he stops his fellow bikers] No! That's enough! Don't descend to his level. Now, let's go. We got a love rally to get to.
Sara: Don't do anything foolish.
Johnny Smith: Yeah, that's me. John 'Don't do anything foolish' Smith.
Dr. Janet Gibson: We've done everything we know how to do.
Bruce Lewis: But you haven't done everything Johnny knows how to do.
Johnny Smith: When did I turn into Boo Radley, huh?
Dana Bright: Johnny Smith. You had to go and piss off Mayberry.
Conrad: [talking about Sara] She's still got feelings for you.
Johnny Smith: Why do you say that?
Conrad: C'mon, what kind of psychic are you?
Greg Stillson: Guess we never know what our fellow man is capable of, do we?
Reverend Purdy: [stares at Stillson] No. Only God knows what we're truly capable of.
Jill Deer: You know what's funny about this?
Johnny Smith: Not much.
Greg Stillson: I'd call first, but I figure you'd sense I was coming anyway.
Johnny Smith: Worst case scenario, I'll break out the blow torch and we'll fire that sucker up from the inside out.
Johnny Smith: Do you believe in miracles, Reverend?
Reverend Purdy: I'd have to, or I'd have to find a new line of work.
Johnny Smith: There's still time.
Johnny Smith: We were always twenty minutes late to every movie we went to! How did ET get to Earth? I don't know. Why did the Empire strike back? Beats me.
Johnny Smith: You seen every John Wayne movie?
Walt: You betcha. The Duke rules.
Johnny Smith: We've put a man on the moon, but we haven't come up with a hospital gown that doesn't totally humiliate you.
Reverend Purdy: I know this isn't the life you would've chosen. But is the life that has chosen YOU. And you cannot deny the possibility that some other force is guiding you, choosing what you see.
Johnny Smith: Just say his name Reverend, I know you're dying to.
Reverend Purdy: Destiny, Johnny. It is your destiny to help people. I truly believe that.
Greg Stillson: Now, Sonny, you know we can't hide anything from Johnny Smith.
Greg Stillson: Gene Purdy seems to think you're the greatest thing since Christian Rock.
David Lewis: Deliver him from his sins, and let him partake of Thy redemption
[while watching Greg Stillson discuss politics in Washington, DC]
Johnny Smith: Did he just say "diddle"?