Tim McGraw — American Musician born on May 01, 1967,

Samuel Timothy "Tim" McGraw is an American singer, songwriter and actor. He has been married to fellow singer Faith Hill since 1996, and is the son of the late baseball player Tug McGraw... (wikipedia)

But, yea, I grew up in a strong Baptist background.
I love producing. I have been producing some acts and starting a label.
I'm a private guy, and you don't want to be out there preaching to people. But faith leads you in the decisions you make. You don't always pick the right path, but it's there in your conscience.
I have three daughters, so I can't be as tough as I want to be. When you have kids - especially daughters - they know how to work you. They're a lot smarter than we are, that's for sure. But I'll be more tough on their boyfriends.
We're very blessed, just very fortunate to have the things we have.