The adventures of a new generation of Warner Bros. Looney Tunes characters.

Plucky: [as BatDuck] I feel pretty.
Babs: [after doing a montage of impersonations] Help... I fallen and I can't get up...
Babs: This place is supposed to be wild, crazy, and completely out of control!
Babs: Hope I'm not bored.
Babs: Pandemonium doesn't reign around here... it pours.
Buster J.Bunny: Hi kids. I'm Buster Bunny.
Babs: And I'm Babs Bunny.
Buster J.Bunny, Babs: No relation.
Plucky: [annoyed by Hampton's lackluster performance on his movie set] Gimmie that. You just open up the can and say "ahh mango juice."
[mast falls on top of Plucky]
Plucky: [gets hit by an anvil] Ah... That actually felt... good...
Buster J.Bunny: Cliché #1: Shrink our heroes.
Babs: That's so crazy it just might work.
Buster J.Bunny: That's Cliché #2.
Elmyra Duff: [while babysitting Sneezer, he is about to sneeze] Why me?
Elmyra Duff: I'll love them, and hug them and hold them forever!
Barbera Ann "Babs" Bunny: [after seeing Montana Max cut rabbit actors down with a chainsaw] Oh that's sick!
Buster Bunny: Boo! Get it off.
Montana Max: Hey what are you doing? Put me down. This will be a Christmas classic.
[after being thrown out of the theater]
Buster J.Bunny: Here's a little ditty.
Babs: Ditty what?
Buster J.Bunny: Ditty pay you for that joke?
Babs: I'm tired of dating silly, immature little boys. I'd like to meet a sophisticated older guy with a special affinity for rabbits.