Toni Cade Bambara — American Author born on March 25, 1939, died on December 09, 1995

Toni Cade Bambara, born Miltona Mirkin Cade, was an African American author, documentary film-maker, social activist and college professor... (wikipedia)

When you dream, you dialogue with aspects of yourself that normally are not with you in the daytime and you discover that you know a great deal more than you thought you did.
Revolution begins with the self, in the self.
I'll be damned if I want most folks out there to do unto me what they do unto themselves.
I've never been convinced that experience is linear, circular, or even random. It just is. I try to put it in some kind of order to extract meaning from it, to bring meaning to it.
And what is religion, you might ask. It's a technology of living.