Jaye Tyler is a loner living in Niagara Falls who, after graduating college, has fallen into a care-free comfortable rut living in a trailer park and working as a retail clerk in the Falls ... See full summary¬†¬Ľ

Wonderfalls Security Guard: [after catching the little boy shoplifting] You have choices, life choices. This was a bad life choice. That's why you're in an unpleasant situation. Unpleasant situations can be avoided by making good life choices.
Jaye: I have to disagree. I make good life choices. Mostly because they're forced on me, but I make them. And I find myself in unpleasant situations all the time. You know why? Because even if you have a choice it can and will be taken away from you. We're all fate's bitch. You might as well go ahead and bend over for destiny now.
Aaron Tyler: [about Jaye] She lives in a trailer park. Clearly she's disturbed. I mean, clearly.
Karen: Your sister's not a cold-blooded murderer. She's never been a planner.
Jaye: The prose probably aren't as lovely and crisp, but I finally figured out my fifteen words... hope it's okay: "Daughter Jaye lives in Niagara Falls. Her blurb and life are a work in progress."
Katrina: I was wrong. You're not hearing the devil. You are the devil.
Jaye: Just so we're clear? Calling a girl the devil in front of the boy she likes? Not the best way to keep a friend.
Karen: Tupperware is not an eating vessel.
Jaye: [talking about Bianca] She's nice. We should take her clubbing.
Mahandra: ...baby seals?
Jaye: Did you Agnes of God her? Yeah. I bet he Agnes of God-ed all over her!
Mahandra McGinty: What are you doing?
Jaye: Trying to save the lovebirds.
Mahandra McGinty: Why'd you open the window?
Jaye: What? I can't believe you - I didn't - you - That obvious, huh?
Mahandra McGinty: What's obvious is that you're using these birds to avoid Eric. Why?
Jaye: Because... I'm a snowy owl love killer. I'm a man-eater. I just - I was hoping things would be different with Eric. I thought maybe I could just nibble. But a natural predator can't just nibble.
Mahandra McGinty: Oh, my God, Jaye. You cannot do this to him. You promised.
Jaye: I know. I'm trying to save him... by avoiding him so I could be with him. But I can't go near him, or I'll destroy him. So if I could just manage to stay away from him then maybe we could be together. Please don't repeat that back to me.
Jaye: [spying on a little boy customer] He's eyeing the Slinky. You know, he has to steal, like, four of those for me to even get a dollar.
Wonderfalls Security Guard: Is this one of those stores that gives its employees a cash bonus when they apprehend a shoplifter?
Jaye: Ten percent of whatever they were gonna steal. One time, I "accidentally" left the watch case open and I got like 500 bucks!
Wax Lion: Sharon and Poor Bitch sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G. First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes Poor Bitch with the baby carriage.
Thomas: [weeks after they broke up] Uh... look, I'm really sorry about the drop-by but I - I found this in a box, and it didn't look like mine so I figured it had to be yours and I didn't wanna ...
Beth: It's a button.
Thomas: It's um ...
Beth: It's *your* button from your tweed jacket. Did you cut that off?
[reading Peter's love letter to her]
Katya: I etched your name in the clouds but it was lost when the thunder cried. / I etched your name in the surf but it was stolen by the rising tide. / I etched your name in my heart and there it will forever reside.
Jaye: Wait, I can't let you give me your last eight dollars. Here's five back.
Mahandra: [off of Jaye's sudden kindness] Have you been huffing puff paint? Because this just isn't like you.
Jaye: What do you mean, "like me"? There is no "like me". I'm not "like anything" and if I were, it certainly wouldn't be me.
Mahandra: Why are you doing this?
Jaye: [resigned] I don't have a choice; I'm a puppet. The universe just sticks its hand up my butt, and if I don't dance, people get hurt!
[upon seeing the newly re-married Eric and Heidi]
Jaye: Ow. Ow-ow-ow-ow-ow
[Jaye starts to cry]
Mahandra McGinty: That's it, you got this cry comin'. Cry until you can't cry no more. I wanna see salt deposits on your cheeks when you're through.
[waiting for the 2 birds to mate]
Aaron Tyler: They're not doing anything.
Penelope: They will. Be patient. We've created the perfect mating evironment.
Mahandra McGinty: You don't suppose they're waiting for the five giants to stop leering at them, do you?
Jaye: She's toying with him. Look at her. What a tease.
Eric: Seems like she's ignoring him.
Jaye: It's a ploy. She's making him want her more. That way he won't see it coming when she bites his head off.
Penelope: Birds don't do that. Although in some species of praying mantis, the female eats the male headfirst during mating.
Jaye: God! Love can be cruel.
Eric: ...and beautiful.
Jaye: ...but cruel. I mean, I'm not saying it's her fault. She can't help what she is. But look at that beak. It was made for pecking.
Penelope: That's the male.
Jaye: Whatever! Point is, the only thing endangered here is Humphrey's heart. God. Why doesn't he just run? Run, Humphrey, run!
Penelope: The birds are traumatized. And now they have nobody to talk to.
Jaye: Those birds talk?
Penelope: They talk to me.
Jaye: [nods]
Penelope: You wouldn't understand.
Jaye: [whispers to herself] I wish I didn't.
Pink Flamingo: Get off your ass.
Jaye: Tell me why you talk to me!
Monkey: Because... you listen.
Eric: Are you vaguely aware of how old you are right now?
Mahandra: [reversing her decision to miss her reunion] I'm going.
Jaye: What?
Mahandra: I'll go to your little shindig.
Jaye: You will? Great! Okay, here's the list Gretchen gave me ...
Mahandra: [interrupting, angrily] Oh, no. I've got my *own* list of things to do, and at the top of it? Destroy Gretchen Speck. You may be the universe's butt-puppet, but I'm its right-hand fist of fate. And tonight... accounts are comin' due.
Jaye: What if we're too late? What if he's already beat her to death with a bag of oranges for withholding trick money?
Eric: Well, if she had any trick money I don't think she'd be living in a barrel. I know I wouldn't be.
Jaye: Yes, but maybe she's just a lazy whore. That happens, right? They can't all have hearts of gold and good work ethics.
Bianca: [Stuttering] St-St...
Jaye: Stalking me?
Bianca: St-St...
Jaye: Stabbing me?
Bianca: St-st...
Jaye: Stealing my organs after you stab me?
Bianca: St-st...
Jaye: Stitching a skin suit out of my dead corpse after you stab me and steal my organs?
Jaye: So, how long have you been using the Republican Party as a lesbian dating service?
Jaye: So, are we almost done? 'Cause surprisingly, I'm getting tired of talking about myself.
Jaye: Did you just say "My ass"?
Jaye: If you wanna slap him, I'll totally look the other way.
Eric: I'd like to return these.
Jaye: Are they broken? 'Cause we sell a lot of crap here.
Jaye: I guess I thought if I could just get my sister laid the little wax lion might just shutup.
Eric: The wax lion wanted your sister to have sex?
Jaye: I'm assuming.
Eric: Does the little wax lion ever tell you to burn things or hurt people?
Jaye: I bet he's working up to that...
Bill Hooton: Thank you for supporting this imperialist establishment. Enjoy your purchase and have a racist day.
Darrin Tyler: Sweetheart, when's the last time you had an orgasm.
Sharon Tyler: That sound you hear is stunned silence.
Darrin Tyler: There's nothing to be ashamed of. Millions of people have orgasms every day.
Jaye: Not ashamed, mortified.
Sharon Tyler: [to her girlfriend Beth] I don't want to be a rest stop on your road to heterosexual bliss. I wanna be one of those spiked mats they use in high-speed chases. I want to rip the rubber off your hubs and I want your car to spin out of control and into my arms and I don't ever want to let you go. Because I am here to stake my claim. And I will peck to death any bird that gets in my way. And I know that's a bird and a car metaphor and I think there's a mining reference in there somewhere, but they all hold! You are mine! I'm never gonna let you go. And I'm not afraid anymore. Just don't say anything else, just dominate me!
Girl: You're not suppose to steal.
Jaye: You're not suppose to talk to strangers. Piss off.
Katrina: You're horrible. You make up this story about demons talking to you through plastic animals when nothing talks to you just like nothing talks to me.
Jaye: I didn't make anything up.
Wax Lion: Break the tail light.
Jaye: Ha! See? It just talked to me.
[Jaye holds up the wax lion]
Katrina: Oh for God's sake.
Jaye: Maybe! Maybe it is for God's sake!
Wax Lion: Break the tail light.
Jaye: Except it's telling me to break a tail light. Which is vandalism. Which is the Devil's work. Which is why one little exorcism is not too much to ask.
Katrina: Is this fun for you? Torturing a wayward nun?
Jaye: Oh, yeah, this is a laugh-riot. This is where I would most like to be - standing in the freezing cold being called a liar by a nun and coerced by a Wax Lion to commit crime. It's so much fun!
[Car rolls up and break the tail light of the car in front of it]
Jaye: Great.
Katrina: What just happened?
Jaye: [to wax lion] You little bastard! I can't afford my insurance premiums as it is!
Katrina: [stunned] Your car. It broke the tail light!
Jaye: I know. But I don't think anyone else saw. So, since you and the Priest aren't gonna help me, the least you can do is not tell anyone.
[Jaye gets into the car, slams into one more car and gets out of the parking lot]
Sharon Tyler: [discussing Jaye] I think we should put her down.
Karen: Sharon...
Aaron Tyler: It is just like going to sleep.
Stuffed Bear: See a penny, pick it up.
Jaye: No! No, no, we're done! No more talking from things that don't talk, we had a deal! Ask him!
[whispering toward Wax Lion]
Jaye: We had a deal!
Jaye: [brandishing coat hanger] I know karate!
Sharon Tyler: [sees Jaye crying] What is wrong?
Jaye: I let him go. I had to let him go, but I didn't wanna let him go. I wanted to keep this one. Why can't I have nice things?
Sharon Tyler: Your little friend who likes the zoo?
Jaye: I know there's that whole clause about letting somebody go and what it means if they come back and blah, blah, blah. But I already told him not to come back, fairly definitively. But what I really wanted to tell him was not to go.
Sharon Tyler: Jaye, you are in love.
Jaye: Don't make fun of me.
Sharon Tyler: Do you love him?
Jaye: Yes.
Sharon Tyler: Is he gone?
Jaye: He's going.
Sharon Tyler: Is... he... gone? Is he?
Darrin Tyler: Say, did you know our basic cable comes with lesbian porn?
Bianca: You've shown me a new way. I can live in a pressureless, expectation-free zone.
Jaye: That's my zone! You're parked in my zone!
Bianca: And it's the only place I'll ever be able to breathe.
Jaye: You didn't stutter at all when you were gettin' me to sing, you planned this! You suck!
Bianca: You suck!
Bianca, Jaye: [together] You suck!
Bianca: Whatever!
Jaye: Whatever!
Bianca, Jaye: [together] Whatever!
Sharon Tyler: I am a lesbian. The reason I'm not attracted to you is because your genitals are on the outside.
Mahandra: You're not wearing any pants.
Aaron Tyler: I was about to get some.
Mahandra: Well, you're undressed for it.
Savage: I have to say, I never did expect those birds to mate. I'm still amazed.
Penelope: Does that mean I get my job back?
Savage: Are you kidding? You're still fired.
[he leaves]
Jaye: Hey. Cheer up. At least they're doing it. That's what you wanted, right?
Penelope: Yeah. I guess.
Jaye: What do you mean, "I guess"? I've never seen anyone work so hard to get someone else laid in my entire life. You're like the total mack daddy bird pimp.
Penelope: [confused] Thank you?
Jaye: See how happy they are?
Penelope: Uh-huh. And I know I should be too but I'm not sure I am.
Jaye: Again, I go back to the working really hard to get someone else a piece thing. The payoff is never gonna be as great for you as it is for them. Don't you think you've been using these birds to avoid interacting with your own species for long enough?
Penelope: Do you think that's what I do?
Jaye: I do, yes. Yes, I do. I mean, human interaction is scary. And it's unpredictable and you have to interact with other, well, humans. And that's always messy. You're probably scared, and that's why you're using your animals as an excuse to avoid risk.
[after telling a story about Indians to a little boy]
Loitering Boy: So what happened to the chief?
Jaye: He died.
Loitering Boy: Why didn't the princess die?
Jaye: Because she was hot. Are you going to buy the tape or not?
Loitering Boy: No.
Jaye: Then get out. No loitering.
Millie Markus: I am a bitch. My God, I'm such a bitch! Oh, am I ever a bitch! I'm a bitch.
Bianca: You have really managed to create a stressless expectation-free zone for yourself.
Jaye: Wow. I'm like a genius.
Jaye: [about Bianca] She's an investigative journalist!
Karen: Oh, marvelous! Who do you write for?
Aaron Tyler: What's she investigating?
Jaye: Me! She's investigating me!
Sharon Tyler: Is it a criminal investigation?
Jaye: She's writing an article about my life, so the whole world can see what a loser I'm not! FIVE THOUSAND WORDS ABOUT ME!
Hale: The Blonde one's gay. Look at her. The fingernails are a dead giveaway.
Hale: Cut all nice and short. Clean cuticle beds. Lesbians always trim their nails like that. You know why?
Wax Lion: Word of advice - don't give her money back.
Jaye: [to a stutterer] Bu-bu-bu-buh bye!
Gretchen Speck-Horowitz: He's much more Jewish than I am. Mostly because he was born that way. I'm sort of a Christmas and Easter Jew.