This rendition of X-Men features Cyclops, Jean Grey, Rogue, Nightcrawler, Shadowcat, and Spike as teenagers as they fight for a world that fears and hates them.

Scott: Logan? Have you ever, you know, really cared for someone?
[grabs pliers Logan asked for]
Scott: I mean, you felt it so strongly, you couldn't even get the words out.
Logan: [grabs the pliers] Yeah, once. Most beautiful bike I ever saw. I was so speechless, someone else bought her.
Quicksilver: Wanda?
Scarlet Witch: PIETRO?
[Wanda attacks the Brotherhood, they run for cover]
Toad (Todd Tolensky): Ex-girlfriend?
Quicksilver: Worse. She's my *sister*...
Nightcrawler: [about Wolverine] He locked us out!
Kitty Pryde: No, he shut himself in so we'd be safe!
Nightcrawler: There's a crazy person flying the plane! You call that safe? We have to get out of here!
Kitty Pryde: Can you transport us to the ground?
Nightcrawler: Yeah, right. Picture this: bumpety, bumpety, bumpety, bumpety, SPLAT!
Professor Charles Xavier: Cyclops, get the Blackbird prepped for launch.
Cyclops: Yes, sir.
Professor Charles Xavier: And since it's the weekend, assemble the full team.
Professor Charles Xavier: We have a Rogue.
Nightcrawler: [mocking Scott and Jean] Jean darling, Please accept this croissant as a symbol of my love
Kitty Pryde: Oh, Scott, you have... such a way with pastry!
Kitty Pryde: Did you see me? Did you?
Avalanche: Yeah. Wow Kitty, how'd it feel?
Kitty Pryde: It was, like, totally unbelievable.
[hugs him]
Avalanche: You're making it yours Kitty. Once you own it, nothing can own you.
Pyro: I am real glad you dropped by since I've been bored out of my skull.
Wolverine: Where's your buddies?
Pyro: Since Magneto's gone, Colossus bailed and went back to Russia, Sabertooth's out playing with a big ball of yarn somewhere, and Gambit didn't leave a note on the fridge...
[Wolverine slams him in his chair and leaves]
Pyro: Okay, take care, so long. Don't get all weepy on me. Let's not drag this out or anything. Ugh, Ahhh I know just how to turn this frown upside down.
[starts playing the Magneto tape again]
[Boom-Boom barges in on Toad in the bathroom]
Toad (Todd Tolensky): Hey, hey! I'm taking a shower here!
Boom Boom: Yeah, the whole town's thrilled. I'm out of mouthwash.
Boom Boom: [Quicksilver walks in with four dates] Now that boy knows how to work it.
Professor Charles Xavier: I'm sorry, Rouge but all visits must be scheduled ahead of time.
Rogue: I'll see you tomorrow, Misty.
Rogue: You wouldn't do this to Miss Popularity over there.
Jean Grey: Hey, that's not true. He doesn't treat me any differently than anybody else.
Rogue: Who gave you permission to go inside my head!
Quicksilver: [Lance walks in from outside] Finally! Are you done fixing that transmission of yours yet? I've got dates tonight!
Avalanche: Yeah, I'm done all right.
Quicksilver: Good. You know, if you're going to be on *my* team, you're going to have to make yourself a little more... presentable. By the way, while you're up, would you mind moving the chair? It's blocking my view of the tube.
Avalanche: Sure. Glad to!
[uses his powers to throw the chair out the window]
Quicksilver: Aw, now look what you...
Avalanche: [grabbing Pietro] All right, that's it! I've had it with taking orders from you!
Toad (Todd Tolensky): [comes in tangled up in a TV antenna] And *I'm* tired of being your TV antenna!
Blob: And *I'm* tired of doing all your cooking!
Blob: You didn't even notice the radish roses. I'm through!
Quicksilver: Hey, hey, hey! Might I remind you losers that Magneto put me in charge for a reason. And the only way you guys have any chance of joining his new crew is to prove that you can work together as a team! And that, my friends, takes leadership! Strong, decisive, fearless...
[looks out the window and screams]
Quicksilver: Wanda!
[dives into the closet]
Quicksilver: Don't tell her I'm here!
Avalanche: Ha!
Nightcrawler: Chicks dig the fuzzy dude!
Sabretooth: One shall fall by the other's hand. It is our destiny.
Jean Grey: You've been given a wonderful gift.
Kitty Pryde: I don't have a gift, just a curse.
Jean Grey: Only if you let it be.
Avalanche: [to Cyclops and Jean Grey] Don't worry, that's the last of the heroics. Count on it.
Rogue: You give me no choice.
[takes off a glove to use her powers]
Juggernaut: You think that fancy visor's going to stop me? Nothing stops me. I'M RAW POWER.
Cyclops: You want it raw, tough guy?
[removes his visor]
Cyclops: Then take it RAW.
Wolverine: [about the school's new students] You know what we need? Another teacher. And maybe a tank.
Principal Edward Kelly: You see? Mutants are not only dangerous, but uncontrollable. This is what is in store for our school.
Professor Charles Xavier: Look again. Despite the overwhelming urge to use their powers, my students are exhibiting self-control.
Avalanche: [comforting Shadowcat about her emerging powers] Hey, don't fret it, embrace it. The way I see it, fate dealt us winning cards.
[to Rogue]
Pyro: Awful bold of you, coming here, girl! Or are you just stupid?
Gambit: You round up those jokes you call friends, and meet me at your place.
Avalanche: Why?
Gambit: Because now that you're out of school, you'll be taking a real test.
Avalanche: Forget it. We're sick of being used.
Wolverine: I smell fear.
[after tricking and using Rogue]
Gambit: Rogue...
Rogue: Don't. You just did the wrong thing for the right reason.
Gambit: So what now?
Rogue: I'm going back with the X-men. I don't care what you do...
Gambit: [smiling] *Sure* you don't...
[Nightcrawler is looking for Shadowcat]
Nightcrawler: Kitty? Kitty?
Sabretooth: Me-ow.
[after a disastrous flight simulator lesson]
Iceman: [to Wolverine] Hey, did you see? Were you watching? This time it took me *twice* as long to crash and burn!
Jean Grey: What about you Kurt? You got any special talents that brought you here?
[Nightcrawler disappears and then reappears]
Nightcrawler: Maybe.
Magneto: Welcome to Sanctuary.
[about Rogue and her powers]
Jean Luc LeBeau: You mean, she can do all that with the touch of a finger?
Gambit: Forget it.
Rogue: [finds Kurt with the stone Mystique] You dare bring that thing into this house?
Nightcrawler: Rogue, she can't hurt us anymore.
Rogue: Speak for yourself!
Nightcrawler: I know you have every reason to hate her. So do I, I mean, look at what she's done to us. But still, she's our mother.
Rogue: Either you get her out of here or I will!
Nightcrawler: Rogue, anger and hate destroyed her. If you don't get rid of yours it will destroy you to.
Rogue: It already destroyed me.
[Storm has frozen him]
Wolverine: Now that was cold.
Nightcrawler: [excited about an upcoming party and dancing on top of a table] Yeah! Party, party!
[his tail slips out of his disguise and almost hits Scott]
Cyclops: Hey! Watch it!
[grabs his tail and yanks him back down to his seat]
Cyclops: Keep it under control! You can't be seen like that, remember?
Nightcrawler: [ignores Scott's comment] YOU PULLED MY TAIL, MAN!
Principal Edward Kelly: I just thought I'd stop by and personally invite you all to come back to school.
Blob: School? Oh, no way! We don't go anywhere we ain't wanted.
Toad (Todd Tolensky): Since when?
Principal Edward Kelly: If you do come, I'm certain you won't be bothered by anyone. In fact, I think they're all afraid of you.
Toad (Todd Tolensky): Hey, if you can't be cool, be feared. My momma always told me that.
Gambit: Did you get my calling card?
Avalanche: We did. Now, let us throw you out on the welcome mat.
Wolverine: About time you got here, elf. We were... What's she doing here?
Nightcrawler: It's... it's a little complicated. See...
Mystique: He'll send you a memo. Now let's go.
Nightcrawler: I'm a harmless blue fuzzball!
Professor Charles Xavier: This is place where powers are not always an asset... Right Scott?
Cyclops: I guess you heard about last night.
Professor Charles Xavier: It was hard not to. It was all over the news channels.
Jean Grey: You know, I don't know WHAT I'd do if I didn't have you guys around to make all my decisions for me!
[grabs Scott's car keys and storms off]
Duncan Matthews: Whoa. Glad she took your keys.
Wolverine: The course has a new objective today, it's called Mutant Dodgeball.
Iceman: Oh yes! I am so good at this game!
Wolverine: Oh, and extra credit for anyone that takes out the ice cube.
Toad (Todd Tolensky): [sloppily wearing Quicksilver's costume] Look at me, I'm Pietro. Hold on, I have to go to the moon... I'm back.
Scott: I wonder why did you do it?
Rogue: Me and Miss Popularity there are on different wavelengths, different galaxies, but then I realized something. She would do the same thing for me.
Toad (Todd Tolensky): This bombs, yo. Even the flies here think they're better than us.
Blob: Yeah, I don't even know what we're doing at school, anyway!
Quicksilver: But we do know what Lance is doing here. He wants to get a certain Kitty stuck in a tree. K-I-S-S...
[gets cut off as Avalanche tries to swat him, but he hits Toad instead]
Toad (Todd Tolensky): Ow!
Boom Boom: [after Avalanche "shakes" the vending machine to get a soda] Hey, nice technique!
[blows it up to get her own soda]
Boom Boom: What do you think of mine?
Avalanche: Breaking rules *and* appliances. You'd fit right in at our place!
Boom Boom: Yeah? Like I'd want to!
Col. Nick Fury: I can't let her go!
Wolverine: You can... and you will.
Rogue: My power is your power and I can take more than one.
Boom Boom: [training, she has to scale a cliff to 'rescue' Nightcrawler] Yeah! Look out below. Boom Boom is bombin' in. Whoohooo!
Nightcrawler: I'm going to die.
Boom Boom: Hiya cutie.
Nightcrawler: Hi. I have to know, are you insane?