A team of mutant superheroes fight for justice and human acceptance in the Marvel Comics universe.

Apocalypse: I am the rocks of the eternal shore. Crash against me and be broken!
Wolverine: Hey, Tin Woodsman! I'm sending you back to Oz... in pieces!
Apocalypse: I know more of this world than you can even dream. That is why I must destroy it!
Wolverine: How come we're supposed to trash your old enemy, but we gotta go easy on mine?
[after angrily ripping the roof off Cyclops' car]
Wolverine: [to Jean Grey] Tell Cyclops I made him a convertible.
[to a Sentinel]
Storm: Storm, Mistress of the Elements, commands you to release that child!
Rogue: Lighten up on your speeches, Sugar.
[as the police try to subdue Sabretooth]
Cyclops: C'mon, they're gonna kill him!
Wolverine: Good!
Wolverine: Her trail went cold outside the house... Got bit by a dog, too.
Wolverine: It's adamantium tasting time, boys!
Magneto: Are these the people whose laws you trust? They don't seem to share your sense of brotherhood.
Beast: They only fight because they fear us. Because they don't yet understand.
Magneto: But they do understand: Our mutant powers make us superior to them, and that is why they fear us.
Beast: That is why I must stand trial; They must see that we are not a threat to mankind, but are a part of it.
Magneto: The humans must be crushed, and I have the power to do it!
Gambit: Who are you?
Cable: The Wild Man of Borneo. See ya around.
Warren Worthington III: I'll follow him to the end of the earth, through perdition's fire, until he breathes blood and rolls over, split, broken, finished!
Female Cashier: You must like playing with cards.
Gambit: I like Solitaire ok... that is, unless I got someone to play with.
[trying to give Cyclops mouth-to-mouth]
Rogue: Come on, pretty boy... make a girl feel welcome.
Wolverine: Do that again, and we'll see where you land.
Cyclops: Come on!
Wolverine: Sorry, "Dad".
[after the group leaves Morph to die, Wolverine punches Cyclops in the stomach]
Wolverine: Next time...
[extends claws]
Wolverine: ...I'll use these.
Wolverine: His name's Omega Red. The Soviets created him. I tangled with him before any of you were born. Red's got his own plans for this country. And worst of all, nothin' hurts him.
Colossus: And you defeated this madman?
Wolverine: I got lucky.
Magneto: You're all fools! Heroic fools. The brave are always the first to die.
Storm: [at a filing cabinet] It's locked.
Wolverine: [sticks his claws in] Unlocked.
Magneto: [trying to break Beast out of jail] Come, we must hurry!
Beast: Your solicitude is appreciated, I assure you. I regret however that...
Magneto: What are you waiting for?
Beast: My day in court, actually.
Apocalypse: [to Graydon Creed] I am as far beyond mutants as they are beyond you! I am eternal!
Sabretooth: What's wrong, Wolverine? No kiss and make up?
Wolverine: Kiss this!
Jubilee: How did you do that?
Gambit: With style, Petite. With style.
Wolverine: You always were second best! And in this business, Bub, second best don't *cut* it!
Wolverine: You kids better behave yourselves. I'm staying home to baby sit.
Wolverine: Stop the philosophy, let's go kick his butt!
Apocalypse: I am Apocalypse! Look upon the future and tremble!
[after destroying dozens of Sentinels]
Cyclops: Is that all of them?
Rogue: Ain't that enough?
[Wolverine rescues Magneto during a battle]
Wolverine: Look who I'm savin', you'd think I was Xavier...
[later, Magneto has to rescue Wolverine]
Magneto: Look who *I'm* saving, you'd think I was an X-Man...
Wolverine: [looking in a refrigerator] Where's that blasted salami? I can *smell* it! Ahhh... all it needs is slicin'!
[pops his claws]
Bishop: I should have known better than to play poker with an assassin.
Gambit: Shut up, fool!
[he throws a card, it explodes harmlessly against Bishop's chest]
Bishop: I can absorb your bio-energy, and channel it right back.
Bishop: [fires energy blasts from his hands at Gambit, who ducks]
Bishop: That's my mutant power.
Wolverine: [pops claws] How would you like to try absorbing *these*?
Gambit: [to Jean at her and Cyclops wedding] Where I come from we always kiss the bride.
[kisses her]
Gambit: [to Rogue who is a bridesmaid] We also kiss the maids.
Rogue: This ain't Cajun country, hun. Zip those lips!
Sentinel: Unidentified mutants... ignore.
Cyclops: Energy blasts, huh? Here's one from a pro!
[a Hellfire Club guard is pointing a gun at Wolverine]
Wolverine: I know what you're thinkin', punk: "Question is, can I get Wolverine before he turns me into shishkabob with those claws?" Well, bub, seein' as how these claws are adamantium, the strongest metal known, and can slice through vanadium steel like a hot knife through butter, buddy, you gotta ask yourself: "Do I feel lucky?"
Wolverine: I'm taking this maggot outta here, one way or the other!
Gambit: The name is GAMBIT! REMEMBER IT!
[Professor X's dark side has emerged from his body]
Cyclops: I don't want to hurt you!
Professor X: But *I* want to hurt you!
Bobby Lebeau: Destroy her! Destroy them all!
Gambit: Bobby Shut up. Take away her powers but not her life.
Rogue: [to Cable] Remember me, Bright Eyes?
[Wolverine has just found out the government is releasing Omega Red]
Wolverine: Who do those spy catchers think they're dealin' with? Winnie the Pooh?
Magneto: Today begins a new world for all of us, a world where we needn't hide in corners and crawl in fear.
Wolverine: I don't know what corner you crawled outta, Bub. But we don't find nuclear missiles all that liberating.
Cyclops: Come quietly or be taken!
Wolverine: And I hope ya wanna be taken!
Wolverine: That morter looks a little thick Storm, better add some water.
Gambit: Big expert, always giving orders.
Wolverine: Making up for your screw ups Gumbo. Too bad you don't know how to do anything but pickpockets and steal candy from babies.
Wolverine: [Gambit charges a brick and Wolverine picks it up] Huh, look out.
Cyclops: [Cyclops fires a blast at the brick and it explodes] Gambit, What do you think your doing?
Gambit: He better be more careful with his mouth.
Wolverine: You better stop worrying about my mouth and start worrying about these.
[He draws his claws]
Rogue: Why don't you boys calm down.
Wolverine: Why? You afraid I'm gonna hurt him? I always thought you had a soft spot for that Cajun.
Rogue: About as soft as you fathead. Are you gonna shutup or am I gonna have to help you?
Wolverine: Ducks... I *hate* ducks.
Storm: Is the girl all right?
Wolverine: [growls] Not for long!
[Mystique has shape changed to Gambit's form]
Gambit: Surprised to see me? I know I am.
Pyro: They call me Pyro. In the mood for a hot date?
Rogue: In a bull's eye!
[throws Pyro through dart board on wall]
[while breaking Colossus out of jail, Rogue stops in front of a brick wall, even though she could easily smash through it]
Rogue: Dear, dear! No back door!
Colossus: [Colossus transforms into his metal form, charges with a roar, and smashes a hole in the wall]
Colossus: Now there's a back door.
Rogue: I just love it when he does that!
Wolverine: [to The Blob] Okay, round-boy, let's dance!
Professor X: Magnus, your violence will solve nothing. We must use our special gifts to bring peace to mankind.
Magneto: You're a fool, Charles! Look at them, they can't even make peace with each other!
Wolverine: "Attack" is one of my favorite words. And the name's Wolverine.
Wolverine: I always thought you had a soft spot for that Cajun.
Rogue: Bout as soft as you, fat-head! You gonna shut up or am I gonna have to help you?
Phoenix: I... am... Phoenix!
Wolverine: Cyke has his problems, but he don't smell like a morlock!
Jean Grey: I... have to go... Cyclops is waiting for me.
Wolverine: So am I...
Wolverine: Let me up, or I'll rearrange your windpipe!
[to Sabretooth]
Wolverine: All right, you egg-suckin' piece of gutter trash! You always did like pushin' around people smaller than you! Well I'M smaller! Try pushin' me!
Rogue: You know, I remember when I was 13. Had me a boyfriend, so I kissed him. Poor boy was in a coma for three days. That was when I first realized that if I touched anybody, I'd absorb their strength right into me.
Rogue: Some "power," huh? That's when the boys stopped calling.
Beast: [Chuckles] Consider yourself fortunate. I had dandruff.
Rogue: Looks like your behind the ol' 8-ball Gambit and I'm about to sink it.
Gambit: You not win the game yet Chère. Could be you need *incentive*. How about the winner get a kiss from the loser?
Rogue: [Rogue misses the shot] That's not funny or do you wanna end up in a coma.
Gambit: You can drain my energy any time, Chère. Gambit has plenty. Observe, first we charge the cue.
Jean Grey: Don't let Gambit get to you Rogue.
Rogue: I'd like to wipe that smirk off his face. Serve him right if I did give that lowlife a kiss.
Jean Grey: Maybe Monsieur Gambit is not as good as he thinks he is
[Jean telekinetically forces Gambit to miss the shot]
Rogue: Looks like you knicked the table Gambit.
Storm: Gambit,the term rec-room does not mean you must wreck it.
Gambit: Stormmakes jokes now, What next?
Gambit: You wanna play with Gambit? Here, pick a card!
Jean Grey: Wolverine... I felt him... such pain.
Gambit: Man been a pain since the get-go, Chère.
Wolverine: The man doesn't break a sweat against Apocalypse or Magneto. So - so what nails him? A pine tree!
Wolverine: Hold it! Electronic beams.
Beast: You can detect the infra-red spectrum?
Wolverine: I can smell 'em... ozone.
Storm: You will see them, as well, as the mist rises.
Rogue: You look nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.
Cyclops: I just wish I knew what was happening in there.
Gambit: If that were me in there, you wouldn't have to worry.
[Wolverine grabs onto War's flying horse]
Wolverine: Don't ya think we're getting a little carried away here?
Wolverine: [to Jubilee] If you knew how much bubble gum I had to sniff to find you!
[Fighting Wolverine]
Sabretooth: How about a little taste of Adamantium!
Sabretooth: You want Wolverine gone? Then do what I say!
Sentinel: Do not be alarmed. I am here to serve and protect.
Angel: You don't have to be mutants, you don't have to be hated! You can be cured!
Cyclops: We're mutants! That's what we are. There's nothing wrong with us that needs to be cured.
Angel: Look me in the eye and tell me that!
Cyclops: It'll be my pleasure!
Rogue: My daddy always said two's company and three's an eavesdropper.
Wolverine: I don't need your help.
Colossus: Of course not, but you are a guest in my country, it is good manners.
[the X-Men find Senator Kelley's room trashed]
Cyclops: Kelly's gone, Professor. There must have been more mutants in that gang than we knew about.
Professor X: I don't believe this is the work of the same gang.
Jean Grey: Why not Professor?
Professor X: Because my watch has stopped.
Cyclops: I don't understand. Why is that important?
[Professor X drops the watch and it sticks to the side of his wheelchair]
Professor X: Because it's been magnetized.
Gambit: Cyclops, give 'em an eyeful!
Rogue: What is this, catch the X-Man day?
[Wolverine slices open a door]
Beast: [holding a set of keys] Ahem, the guard's keys.
Wolverine: So I'll buy 'em a new door!
Iceman: This is getting way too hot for me!
[beast disarms "Friend of Humanity" thug]
Beast: Perhaps you are unaware that this is a dangerous weapon.
Wolverine: I don't care which Spirit Ladies do what to which Cajuns, I'm here to stop a wedding.
Wolverine: [to Gambit] Outta the way, Gumbo!
[after the X-Men discover their powers aren't working]
Storm: Our powers have abandoned us.
Storm: [as Jubilee is captured by a Sentinel] STORM, Mistress of the Elements, commands you to release that child!
Rogue: Lighten up on the speeches, sugar.
[Rogue is flying over Bishop]
Cyclops: [over transmitter] Rogue, can you see Bishop?
Rogue: I could spit on him, if I wasn't a lady. Looks like he's running for Congress.
Gambit: This is why I left Nawlins in the first place. I don't want to be a part of this family no more.
Gambit: Gambit can't help but notice you saved him chère and not Wolverine, must be my way with women.
Rogue: Don't flatter yourself swamp boy.
[Rogue drops Gambit in a pond]
Wolverine: Little piece of advice cajun, never make that woman mad atcha.
Rogue: [takes gloves off] Ooh, it's a tad chilly in here, don't you think?
Guard: Like they say, cold hands?
[guard takes her by the hand then passes out]
Rogue: ?out cold.
Beast: Interesting weaponry...
[laser blast hits him]
Beast: Effective too.
The Blob: I'm gonna flatten these X-clowns by sitting on 'em!
Jubilation Lee: Ugh! That's gross!
Professor X: Wolverine, personal vendettas have no place here.
Cyclops: You know we must help a mutant if he's in trouble.
Wolverine: It's not personal - he's a threat.
Professor X: He was near death.
Wolverine: Not near enough.
[a typical X-Men Christmas... ]
Gambit: [yells] What do you mean not eating? Gambit has spent days on this meal My oyster loafs... my dough glacè.
Jean Grey: We could warm it up tomorrow.
Gambit: [yells] Warm it up, you do not warm up such a meal, Gambit does not make TV dinners!
Apocalypse: Fool! You dare to claim dominion over me?
Wolverine: [the X-Men try to stop Wolverine from leaving] I go where I wanna go.
[Bishop's temporal transceiver begins beeping]
Wolverine: What's going on? Someone in the future stealing your car?
Jubilee: Why do you hate us? What did we ever do to you?
Graydon Creed: You were born!
Lilandra: Charles Xavier, it is the decision of the high council of the Shi'Ar Empire, that the being known both as the Phoenix and as Jean Grey, must be destroyed!
Professor X: Lilandra, stop this!
Lilandra: For the sake of all that lives, Jean Grey must perish!
[Gambit is carrying Jubilee over his shoulder]
Gambit: How do you sweat so much, Petite, and not lose weight?
Jubilee: Ooh, I hate you!
Dark Phoenix: The mortal Jean Grey is no more, I am fire-made flesh, power incarnate, I am the *Dark Phoenix*!
[Storm is unconscious in Wolverine's arms]
Cyclops: Wolverine, is she...?
Wolverine: Must be our company, Cyclops. She's asleep, she's exhausted. Mission accomplished, buddy.
Forge: I thought a friendly little skirmish with the X-Men might teach us a few pointers.
Wolverine: [extends claws] I got your pointers right here!
Morph: It looks like clear sailing from here.
Wolverine: Mr. Terminator here claims that an assassination's gonna take place that's gonna ruin the world, and one of us X-Men is the trigger!
Magneto: Mutant liberation begins!
[Rogue rips off Pierce's arm]
Rogue: Thanks for the hand, Sugar. I bet these cybernetic things cost an arm and a leg.
[Wolverine claws Omega Red in the back]
Omega Red: Forgot about my carbonadium armor, didn't you? Well, you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours!
[Rogue punches a Sentinel]
Jubilee: Did you see what she did?
Storm: Yes, Rogue has a way with men.
Gambit: [after Nightcrawler finishes telling the X- Men about his life of persecution for being a mutant] I guess peace don't come to the wicked-lookin'.
Gambit: Everybody can relax! Gambit has returned.
Bishop: YOU! You're the reason I've come back!
[draws his rifle]
Gambit: Mon ami! There's been maybe a small mistake...
Bishop: Traitor! Your future end now!
Jubilation Lee: Why are they doing this to me? I didn't ask to be a mutant.
Cyclops: Rogue, what do you see?
Rogue: A fat boy and a pair of juvenile delinquents. Old buddies of mine from Muire Island.
Apocalypse: I SHALL RETURN!
Gorgeous George: Come to Gorgeous, pretty boy!
Gambit: Gambit likes to play hard to get!
Gorgeous George: You've gotta play harder than that!
Rogue: Keep your sticky fingers to yourself, you walking tar pit!
Ruckus: I think you'd better watch your mouth... and mine!
Magneto: Better that we die on our feet than lives on our knees!
Rogue: You're supposed to know everything, Beast. What makes us like we are anyway?
Beast: Gamma rays, pollution, ozone depletion... television.
Morph: Progress.
Wolverine: Lousy luck!
Rogue: Our job is to find Lilandra and get out fast.
Jubilee: Anybody know what she looks like?
Wolverine: She's from another galaxy. You see a woman you don't know, rescue her.
Wolverine: Party's over, someone invited Nimrod.
Cyclops: Jean, fight it! Use the powers of your mind!
Jean Grey: I can't fight it! Not every second of every day, never slipping, not even for an instant, Scott, please!
Rogue: Ya'll get away from him, or you'll need a doctor sure enough!
Pyro: I never could say no to a woman!
Sinister: I should've let you die!
[apocalypse has captured Jean Gray]
Wolverine: What are you doing with her, you pile of dog puke?
Sentinel: Stand aside, I must apprehend that mutant.
Gambit: Hey! Apprehend this!
[charges a card]
Wolverine: I smell gun oil. Guards - they're onto us.
Wolverine: Didn't anybody ever tell you, you don't kick a man when he's down, hairbag!
Hairbag: Hey, who told ya my name? You making fun of me? Nobody makes fun of Hairbag!
Bishop: I'm back in the future again, nothing's changed. It's all just like I left it.
Forge: You can try again, and again if you have to, once the machine's rebuilt.
Bishop: But I didn't fail, Forge. I stopped the assassination.
Forge: Then something else must've happened afterwards, something that has made the future still turn out like this.
Beast: I wonder? "Security". Are any of us truly secure?
Wolverine: [facing Vertigo] Lady... you make me sick!
Apocalypse: I shall not forget this impudence!
Cyclops: Remember, careful with the civilians!
Wolverine: Sure, Cyke. I'll try not to bruise them while I save their lives!
Pestilence: Even mutants may feel the touch of Pestilence!
Sentinel: HALT! MUTANT!
Wolverine: I'll show 'em a danger to the community!
Wolverine: Tag, you're it. This game is over!
Ms Marvel: You took away my life! This ends now!
Professor X: I sense the lingering presence of something... sinister.
Professor X: They haven't learned how to live at ease with their mutant powers, so their frustrated. Some lash out, while some have turned inward, letting their bitterness consume them. But, they all feel dissatisfied with themselves, and alone.
[Gambit has just fallen over whilst attempting to ski]
Gambit: OK, so we don't ski much on the bayou!
Rogue: [laughs] You sure you don't want help?
Gambit: Course not, Gambit's a natural athlete.
[begins to slide backwards down the hill]
Rogue: REMY!
Wolverine: [to Nightcrawler] Don't talk to *me* about *God*!
Jean Grey: Maybe I can read its mind.
Professor X: Phoenix, why do you inhabit Jean's body?
[after being knocked down by Callisto, who flees]
Wolverine: Oh, I love it when they play hard to get!
Cyclops: Tell me "DAD", AM I MAKING THIS UP!
Wolverine: What's the matter? Teacher's pet got cold feet? Anytime, pretty boy!
[Alien is emerging from the ship]
Jubilee: What is that thing?
Wolverine: I don't think I wanna know.
Sinister: [about Rogue] So beautiful, yet so strong.
Wolverine: [entering the room] Well, I always did think I was kinda cute.
Cyclops: C'mon Gambit, can't you make this program a little tougher.
Gambit: Why? you don't like Gambit to be gentle.
Gambit: "I know", she say. "Let's take a trip," she say. "It be fun." Huh. Some fun!
Rogue: After what we been through, lately, I figured we could use some time off.
Gambit: But you didn't tell me we'd have a chaperone!
Wolverine: Don't whine to me, this ain't my idea of a good time!
Rogue: Hey, hoser, I thought you liked to ski!
Wolverine: This is sittin' around, drinkin' cocoa, and gettin' funny looks from rich people.
Rogue: Yeah? Well, next time plan, your own durn vacation!
[she leaves]
Gambit: Aw, Chère, wait!... Well, I hope you're happy!
Wolverine: Dunno the meanin' of the word.
[Jean is under a spell]
Jean Grey: Mommy, who are these bad people?
Analee: Leave me alone with my daughter.
Jean Grey: Make them go away, please, Mommy!
Wolverine: Lady, you picked the wrong girl to adopt!
Cyclops: Morph, you're alive!
Morph: And you're married, or are you?
[morphs into minister]
Morph: I now pronounce you... betrayer and betrayess!
Cyclops: Is this some kind of sick joke?
Morph: It wasn't a sick joke when you left me to die! How do you like your last seconds on Earth ticking away?
Wolverine: It was a filthy mutant!
[Wolverine and Cyclops have to take down a rejuvenated Juggernaut]
Cyclops: Looks like we're going to do this the hard way.
Wolverine: Now you're talkin'...
[Wolverine runs and dives for Juggernaut, but Juggernaut swats him away]
Cyclops: You don't have to make it *that* hard...
Cable: No! Not Apocalypse!
Cyclops: His name's Sabertooth. Wolverine knows him, and hates him.
Professor X: Did he give a reason?
Cyclops: Does he ever?
Juggernaut: What's she gonna do? Hit me with her diaper?
Jubilee: I'll show you, you overgrown trashcan!
Wolverine: Run all ya like, Lady. I like to hunt.
Sabretooth: The friends of my enemies are my enemies!
[raises claws]
[Wolverine slices Pierce's arm]
Pierce: My arm! Blast you!
Storm: I believe that pleasure is mine!
[Storm hits him with lightning]
Wolverine: [sniffing] Zit cream?
Jubilation Lee: Oh no!
Arcade Manager: [after Jubliee destroys a video game] Hey, you! Do you know how much that game costs?
Jubilee: Yeah, a quarter.
Wolverine: I'm gonna remember this, Rookie!
Gambit: Family, huh! This family ain't nothin' but trouble.
[flings a tank at Colossus]
Juggernaut: Tank you!
Jubilee: [after Rogue obliterates a Sentinel] Did you see what she just did?
Storm: Yes, Rogue has a way with men.
[Multiple Man duplicates himself]
Wolverine: What is this, a two-for-one sale?
[Multiple Man makes more duplicates]
Multiple Man: No, it's more like a baker's dozen!
Cable: [transports into phone booth] Time to reach out and touch someone!
Sinister: Enjoy your revenge, Morph. I know I am.
Gambit: [Gambit jumps in Rogue's car] Vacation eh. Muir island is no good for you. How about we go to Paris instead?
Rogue: How about getting your butt out of my car?
[She throws him out of the car and lands on his feet]
Gambit: [He runs and leeps over the wall and lands in her car] Let's have a kiss before you go, huh
Gambit: [She gets out of the car and walks off] What's wrong Chère?
Rogue: You know what happens when I touch somebody.You wanna end up in the hospital?
Gambit: Maybe it's worth, non.
Rogue: Lilandra's out colder than leftover hush puppies!
Professor X: Cruelty to creatures we do not understand seems limitless.
[Fighting Morph, who has taken his form]
Wolverine: You might look like me. But you don't fight like me.
Rogue: You never loved me. You only used me for my powers. You made me worse than a killer.
Mystique: How could you do this to me? I raised you as if you were my own!
Rogue: I ain't your daughter Mystique. Not anymore.
Juggernaut: Sticks and stones may break my bones, but tanks will never hurt me.
[as Storm uses her weather-controlling powers]
Beast: And I used to wonder how she acquired her nom de guerre!
Storm: I summon the full power of the storm!
Wolverine: I hate it when that happens.

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