Adrienne Shelly — American Actress born on June 24, 1966, died on November 01, 2006

Adrienne Shelly , was an American actress, director and screenwriter. She became known for roles in independent films such as 1989's The Unbelievable Truth. In late 2006 Shelly was the married mother of an infant daughter and was waiting to see if her film Waitress, in which she also starred, would be accepted for the Sundance Film Festival... (wikipedia)

The way I see it is that love can put an end to this bureaucracy people go through in their relationships. But it can't blind you to the fact that maybe there are bombs, there are problems and the ozone layer is depleting.
I did a lot of acting when I was a child. I was very shy - the kind of kid who ran into a corner and cried on parents' visiting day.
Theater represents to me this phenomenon in juxtaposition to real life, where there are all these imposed guidelines.
I've worked with a lot of directors who really don't have a sense of what the hell they want.
I think that the actors that I work with feel safer with me. Because they know I understand what they go through and I don't see them as chess pieces.