Ahmet Ertegun — Turkish Businessman

Ahmet Ertegun /ˈɑːmɛt ˈɛrtəɡən/, Turkish pronunciation: ; was a Turkish-American businessman, songwriter and philanthropist. He was best known as the founder and president of Atlantic Records, and for discovering and championing many leading rhythm and blues and rock musicians. He also wrote classic blues and pop songs, and served as chairman of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and museum. Ertegun has been described as "one of the most significant figures in the modern recording industry.".. (wikipedia)

I'd be happy if people said that I did a little bit to raise the dignity and recognition of the greatness of African-American music.
Fifty years from now, people will still be listening to Led Zeppelin. They won't even remember me.
My father was in Ataturk's closest group. They lived together during the War of Liberation in Turkey.
I think it's better to burn out than to fade away... it's better to live out your days being very, very active - even if it destroys you - than to quietly... disappear.
Soul lyrics, soul music came at about the same time as the civil rights movement, and it's very possible that one influenced the other.