Aleqa Hammond — Greenlandic Politician born on September 23, 1965,

Aleqa Hammond is a Greenlandic politician and member of the Danish Folketing (parliament). Formerly the leader of the Siumut party, she became the country's first female Prime Minister after her party emerged as the largest parliamentary faction in the 2013 elections. In 2014 she stepped down as Prime Minister and leader of Siumut, following a case of misuse of public funds... (wikipedia)

I believe that Greenland will achieve independence during the time I am still active in politics.
Greenlanders' heart is the environment. You can't sell your heart for oil.
The North Pole will be ice-free during summer in years to come, and that itself will put the Arctic Sea basin on a very high risk of... environmental disasters that might be there.
Taking the future in your own hands has a fantastic psychological impact.
I feel pride in being a Greenlander.