Antony Beevor — British Historian born on December 14, 1946,

Antony James Beevor, FRSL is an English military historian, educated at Winchester College and Sandhurst. He studied under the military historian John Keegan, and is a former officer with the 11th Hussars, who served in England and Germany for five years before resigning his commission. He has published several popular histories on the Second World War and the 20th century in general... (wikipedia)

When we dwell on the enormity of the Second World War and its victims, we try to absorb all those statistics of national and ethnic tragedy. But, as a result, there is a tendency to overlook the way the war changed even the survivors' lives in ways impossible to predict.
I am not someone who believes I am going to find a historical scoop.
When I was a child I had something called Perthes' Disease which meant I was on crutches, so I was bullied at school and all that sort of stuff.
The power of historical fiction for bad and for good can be immense in shaping consciousness of the past.
It is this compulsion to look backwards at a time of crisis because one's got no idea of what lies ahead. There is a notion of security that somehow it must resemble the past. It's never going to. Just because we muddled through in the past doesn't mean we can automatically muddle through in the future.