Austin Stowell — American Actor born on December 24, 1984,

Austin Stowell is an American actor. He is known for his roles in Alcon Entertainment's Dolphin Tale and its sequel Dolphin Tale 2, Love and Honor , Whiplash , and as Francis Gary Powers in Steven Spielberg's Bridge of Spies ... (wikipedia)

Teenage years, having gone through it all, I know it's a rough, rough time, and I would say to accept that message of letting go, letting it happen and accepting that things don't always happen for a reason, or you may not understand the reason, but it's all part of the journey, and try to enjoy the ride.
I was the guy who was friends with everybody. Yes, I had my core group of friends, but I wasn't part of a clique that excluded people. I hope they thought I was a nice guy. I tried to be just friendly and outgoing. I was class president. I'm supposed to run my class reunion in 2013.
Who doesn't like dolphins? They're like puppies.
I have been able to stay clear of the Harry Connick, Jr. prank show but have seen the wrath.
99.9% of the time, the people we see worked for it. People like Morgan Freeman and Harry Connick, Jr. work every day to continue the status that they have.