Azita Ghanizada — Afghani Actress born on November 17, 1979,

Azita Ghanizada is an American actress in the United States who has appeared in a number of television series... (wikipedia)

I learned how to speak English watching television.
I didn't want kabobs, Afghan music, and rules that required girls to be carefully monitored. I wanted mac and cheese, country music, and independence.
Even at an early age, I rebelled against my strict upbringing. When I was 9, I built myself a 'make-out fort' in our backyard from wood, filled it with candy, and invited my blond, blue-eyed neighbor over to kiss.
The thing with 'Alphas' is that, even though it's sci-fi, I run into lots of people that have watched the show for various reasons. They're like, 'I had no expectation, and I'm totally blown away and fascinated.'
I grew up very poor, so I learned how to stretch a dollar. It's nice to combine high-end with low-end or whatever-end you want.