Barbara Amiel — British Journalist born on December 04, 1940,

Barbara Joan Estelle Amiel, Baroness Black of Crossharbour is a British journalist, writer, and socialite. She is the wife of former media baron Conrad Black... (wikipedia)

Totalitarianism is feudalism in the twelfth century sense of the word.
They are feeding the world that will devour them and their children.
The interests of the Soviet Union are in controlling highly developed countries and having the benefit of their economies so that they can run their own inefficient empire.
Dictatorships do cut down on rape, and pillage, not to mention sexual harassment, by the simple expedient of sending people to labour camps for life or cutting off their hands without a trial.
Of course the barbarians' aim of world domination has not escaped the attention of the Europeans, perhaps because unlike us they are closer to the walls.