Barbara W. Tuchman — American Historian born on January 30, 1912, died on February 06, 1989

Barbara Wertheim Tuchman was an American historian and author. She won the Pulitzer Prize twice, for The Guns of August, a best-selling history of the prelude to and the first month of World War I, and Stilwell and the American Experience in China, a biography of General Joseph Stilwell... (wikipedia)

If I had taken a doctoral degree, it would have stifled any writing capacity.
I want the reader to turn the page and keep on turning until the end.
The writer's object is - or should be - to hold the reader's attention.
If a man is a writer, everybody tiptoes around past the locked door of the breadwinner. But if you're an ordinary female housewife, people say, 'This is just something Barbara wanted to do; it's not professional.'
After the war, when my husband came home, we had two more children, and domesticity for a while prevailed combined with beginning the work I had always wanted to do, which was writing a book.