Beatrice Webb — British Sociologist born on January 02, 1858, died on April 30, 1943

Martha Beatrice Webb, Lady Passfield, was an English sociologist, economist, socialist, labour historian and social reformer. Webb co-founded the London School of Economics and played a crucial role in forming the Fabian Society. She coined the term "collective bargaining"... (wikipedia)

It would be curious to discover who it is to whom one writes in a diary. Possibly to some mysterious personification of one's own identity.
If a weakly mortal is to do anything in the world besides eat the bread thereof, there must be a determined subordination of the whole nature to the one aim no trifling with time, which is passing, with strength which is only too limited.
Religion is love; in no case is it logic.
Renunciation - that is the great fact we all, individuals and classes, have to learn. In trying to avoid it we bring misery to ourselves and others.