Ben Saunders — British Explorer born on August 05, 1977,

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When I'm skiing, I listen to electronic music. It's repetitive and let's me get into a groove and crank out the miles.
Environmental scientists in Canada said it was impossible for me to get to the Pole in 2004... I said 'no,' it's still OK, and I can still get there, and I did.
I've diced with death the most cycling around London. Black cabs are far more dangerous than polar bears.
I'm not particularly gifted; I'm not genetically freakish in any sense; I'm absolutely average.
Expeditions are escapism. The stuff that we're normally concerned about just doesn't matter out there. Tax returns, gas bill, none of it. Life becomes very simple, it's about moving in a certain direction - north if you're going north - staying warm and not getting eaten. That's it.