Benjamin F. Wade — American Politician born on October 27, 1800, died on March 02, 1878

Benjamin Franklin "Bluff" Wade was a United States Senator during Civil War reconstruction known for his leading role among the Radical Republicans... (wikipedia)

I have always believed, heretofore, in the doctrines of the Declaration of Independence, that all men are born free and equal; but of late it appears that some men are born slaves, and I regret that they are not black, so all the world might know them.
But, sir, I shall take the path of duty and shall not swerve from it.
I am not unconscious of the persuasive power exerted by these considerations to drag men along in the current; but I am not at liberty to travel that road.
To morrow, I believe, is to be an eclipse of the sun, and I think it perfectly meet and proper that the sun in the heavens, and the glory of the Republic should both go into obscurity and darkness together.
As a Senator I am opposed to duelling. As Ben. Wade, I recognize the code.