Bennett Miller — American Director born on December 30, 1966,

Bennett Miller is an American film director, known for directing the acclaimed films Capote, Moneyball, and Foxcatcher. He has been nominated twice for the Academy Award for Best Director... (wikipedia)

I am attracted to anything that does not feel derivative.
Honestly, my smartest business decision was to never do anything that I didn't love doing.
I think the mind has a way of getting to where it needs to get to. If you are persistent.
Every relationship probably has, at its inception, a hundred things that you could pick on and divert you from it, but the feeling is there. You figure out a way to make it work.
I want to work with performers who really are ready to lose their minds, you know? People who are established and have talent, but who are ready to break new ground and really be cracked open in a new way.