Benny Green — British Musician born on December 09, 1927, died on June 22, 1998

Benjamin Green, Ben Green, Benny Green or Bennie Green may refer to:.. (wikipedia)

We have different personalities, but in a harmonious way, I'd say. Anyway, we were booked to play at the festival as a duo; and we decided we wouldn't have any rehearsal.
The magic can happen in a studio. Special things can happen in a recording studio, even though it may seem like a clinical environment from the outside looking in.
A jazz musician is a juggler who uses harmonies instead of oranges.
I think there's a natural chemistry between us as friends; and there's really no separation between the rapport that we feel when we're in conversation and when we're playing music, it's one in the same.
The first time we performed as a duo, we had already been playing together in various situations.