Bryan Lee O'Malley — Canadian Cartoonist born on February 21, 1979,

Bryan Lee O'Malley is a Canadian cartoonist, best known for the Scott Pilgrim series. He is also a musician using the alias Kupek... (wikipedia)

Doubt yourself all you want, but you have to make choices in life and live with them.
I'm always exploring other people: trying to figure out myself, trying to figure out everyone.
There were times over the years when I wanted to take a break from 'Scott Pilgrim,' or even just stop doing 'Scott Pilgrim,' when I was feeling down or whatever.
The first Nintendo game I ever got was 'Clash at Demonhead.' I got into anime and manga thanks to that Canadian classic, 'Sailor Moon.'
I don't really picture anyone when I'm drawing. They just become their own completed person with googly eyes.