Buzz Osborne — American Musician born on December 30, 1964,

Roger "Buzz" Osborne, also known as King Buzzo is the American guitarist/vocalist/songwriter and technically the only remaining founding member of the Melvins. He's also collaborated with various other artists such as Cows and Tool. Osborne is additionally a founding member/guitarist for both the groups Fantômas and Venomous Concept. He was a high school friend of Kurt Cobain and the bassist for Cobain's first band, Fecal Matter... (wikipedia)

I never wanted to be part of any scene, I never wanted to be a part of anything, I wanted to do my own thing. Those are the lessons I learned from punk rock.
I'm not interested in constructive criticism, believe me.
By and large musicians are pretty lazy; they don't do a whole lot. They're usually very busy doing nothing.
I was a huge Bowie fan since I was 12 years old. That was the first 'punk' rock I got into in the Seventies. I didn't find out about a lot of the other stuff that was going on, like New York Dolls and Roxy Music, until a lot later.
I'm not a complainer, I'm a doer.