Cara Buono — American Actress born on March 01, 1974,

Cara Buono is an American actress, screenwriter and director, known for her role as Dr. Faye Miller in the fourth season of the AMC drama series Mad Men... (wikipedia)

I want to do a character in a one-woman show who's a yoga teacher from the Bronx. I could do the best accent: 'Raise yaw ahms up! Reach faw da sky!'
Being on 'The Sopranos' definitely prepared me for the militant secrecy of 'Mad Men.'
I am a certified yoga teacher and I love to cycle and swim.
Running doesn't come easy to me, especially the first thirty or so minutes. My message is take it one step at a time.
I'm not a snob. I can make a meal out of anything. I can eat anywhere.