Carrot Top — American Comedian born on February 25, 1967,

Scott Thompson, known by the stage name Carrot Top, is an American stand-up comedian, actor, director, producer, writer, and singer, best known for his bright red hair, prop comedy, and self-deprecating humor... (wikipedia)

I've got the long hair and kind of androgynous look. It's love-hate; it's sexy, but not sexy. So it's either you get it or you don't.
It's our nature: Human beings like success but they hate successful people.
I love to shop, especially in retro stores. I have about a million pairs of old-school sports shoes like Adidas, so that's probably my biggest vice.
I'd love to be animated. I've always wanted to jump off of a bridge and not be hurt, like Bugs Bunny.
My way of fitting in was through jokes and making people laugh.