Casey Eastham — Australian Athlete born on March 19, 1989,

Casey Eastham is an Australian women's field hockey player. Casey plays Midfielder and at age 17 she made her debut for the Australian Women's Hockey Team, also known as the Hockeyroos, at the Four Nations Tournament in the USA. Her AHL team is the New South Wales Arrows. Eastham achieved a lot from a very young age, one of which is when she was selected into the Australian Under 21's team to compete in the Junior World Cup in 2005 at the age of 16. At this tournament she was named one of the best players for the Under 21's age group in the world... (wikipedia)

My hockey comes first compared to everything else.
I always wanted to be known as the girl who was good at hockey rather than the girl you see in magazines.
Hockey should have some appeal. It's a good game in that is full of action, very quick, and it can be high-scoring.
I still feel like the same girl who grew up in Albion Park. I'm such a family girl. I haven't changed.
I know netball is the number one female sport in Australia, but hockey also offers a lot.