Cat Power — American Musician born on January 21, 1972,

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Life is hard and it gets worse and worse and worse.
There's just a lot of stuff that really moves me, and I don't know how to express it, and I just want to try to do the best I can and surround myself with good people who don't invalidate me.
For me, the moment the mic is on and it's rolling, it's impossible to vocally relax for some reason. But one day, I'm going to be able to sing the way I sang when I was a little kid, completely open and free. That's, I think, the one thing that's changed: Growing older, I'm not ashamed to hear my voice.
I got more guts than brains, and that's my problem.
I think the hardest thing about my life is that I've met so many people all over the world who I love, but they're not friends with each other.