Chen Guangbiao — Chinese Businessman born on December 30, 1968,

Chen Guangbiao is a Chinese recycling entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is the founder and chairman of Jiangsu Huangpu Renewable Resources Limited Company and was reportedly worth US$810 million in 2013, according to the rankings of the Chinese wealth research firm, Hurun Report; although, Forbes estimated his wealth at US$400 million in January 2014, while the Associated Press published an estimate of US$750 million in June 2014... (wikipedia)

When I was 4 years old, my brother and sister died of hunger, so I achieved my success through confidence, self-motivation and my hard work.
I'm a rich man, but I don't want to be a miser.
I want Chinese history to remember me as Carnegie is remembered. I want Chinese people to remember me as they remember Marx and Lenin.
Even though I am smiling, I have some suffering in my heart.
If you put a brick on my head and break it, I will be fine.