Chip Conley — American Businessman born on December 29, 1960,

Chip Conley is an American hotelier, author, and speaker. Conley is the founder of Joie de Vivre Hospitality, which he began in 1987 at age 26 and held the position of CEO for nearly 24 years. In 2010, after growing Joie de Vivre’s collection of boutique hotels to more than 35 properties in California, Conley sold his company to Geolo Capital and no longer has an operating role in the company. The last hotel concept he created for the company is The Epiphany in Palo Alto that opened in March 2014... (wikipedia)

Great leaders help their people see how they can directly impact the company's objectives and their own personal goals.
Feeling good about your life, but not expressing a heartfelt 'thank you,' is like wrapping a gift for someone and never giving it to them.
When the world is in the midst of change, when adversity and opportunity are almost indistinguishable, this is the time for visionary leadership and when leaders need to look beyond the survival needs of those they're serving.
The companies we admire are like the people we admire: resilient, authentic, personable, collaborative, ambitious, and humble.
Every five years, I like to do a big birthday party. I had my 45th birthday with 75 friends in Marrakesh, Morocco.