Clark Blaise — Canadian Author born on April 10, 1940,

Clark Blaise, OC is a Canadian author... (wikipedia)

Peggy Atwood, Alice Munro, Hugh Hood, Michael Ondaatje - these are all old friends from my early 20s.
Writing is what we do. What else could I want in a life partner than someone who knows and shares what I do?
A lot of the Indians who came to North America in the '70s, and who made very successful adjustments, always had an idea of the India that they had left, not realizing that the India that they had left has changed more profoundly than the America they came to.
Indian standards of artistry, and Indian standards of humanity, and Indian standards of love, and of family, devotion, commitment, stand for me as the standard for how one should behave.
It seems to me psychologically I'm a Canadian.

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