Claude Chabrol — French Director born on June 24, 1930,

Claude Henri Jean Chabrol was a French film director, a member of the French New Wave group of filmmakers who first came to prominence at the end of the 1950s. Like his colleagues and contemporaries Jean-Luc Godard, François Truffaut, Éric Rohmer and Jacques Rivette, Chabrol was a critic for the influential film magazine Cahiers du cinéma before beginning his career as a film maker... (wikipedia)

You have to accept the fact that sometimes you are the pigeon, and sometimes you are the statue.
I love mirrors. They let one pass through the surface of things.
There is no new wave, only the sea.
My father wanted me to be a pharmacist like himself. He had been a doctor, but he no longer believed in medicine; so he became a pharmacist, but he believed in that hardly more.
Stupidity is infinitely more fascinating that intelligence. Intelligence has its limits while stupidity has none.