Craig Kilborn — Entertainer born on August 24, 1962,

Craig Kilborn is an American comedian, writer, producer, sports commentator, actor, media critic, and television host. He was the original host of The Daily Show, a former anchor on ESPN's SportsCenter, and Tom Snyder's successor on CBS' The Late Late Show. On June 28, 2010, he launched The Kilborn File after a six-year absence from television. The Kilborn File aired on some Fox stations during a six-week trial run... (wikipedia)

People here in Los Angeles are disgusted now about a sex scandal involving Arnold Schwarzenegger. Apparently for seven years, he carried on a sexual relationship with his own wife.
I think mankind is overly sensitive, very needy, greedy, and flawed.
I have a wonderful respect for old people.
My brother asked me once, 'Are you a misanthrope?' And I said, 'No, I just find people irritating.'
Broadcasting was something, I don't want to say it came easy, but it's something I'm comfortable doing.