Damon Lindelof — American Writer born on April 24, 1973,

Damon Laurence Lindelof is an American television writer, producer, and film screenwriter, most noted as the co-creator and showrunner of the television series Lost. He has written for and produced Crossing Jordan and wrote for Nash Bridges. Lindelof also co-wrote the science fiction films Cowboys & Aliens, Prometheus, Star Trek Into Darkness, and Tomorrowland. He co-created the TV series The Leftovers for HBO, adapted from the novel by Tom Perrotta... (wikipedia)

Good twists are enormously hard to come by, and I think the best ones are earned ones. The idea that a story can take a left turn on you, it's easy to do, but it has to be done very, very carefully, or else you risk losing the audience's trust.
The fun thing about doing origin stories is you are introducing the audience to characters.
Connecting dots is not that rewarding of an experience.
There is no suspense in inevitability.
I love finding new creative partnerships but then continuing the partnerships I'm already in.