Dan Levitan — American Businessman

Dan Levitan is co-founder and partner for venture capital firm Maveron, which invests in consumer-only businesses centered on technology-enabled products and services in commerce, education, and health and wellness... (wikipedia)

I think that if you ask what's made us successful, it's because we've been fortunate enough to identify, in a number of cases, great people early. Then we throw all the resources behind them and are aligned with them.
Seattle's got a great work force, relatively low cost of starting a company, and just a really good, innovative entrepreneurial DNA. To me it's less about Seattle tooting its horn and more about bold, confident, dare-to-be-different entrepreneurs grabbing on to big ideas. There's a great entrepreneurial ecosystem here that just needs more wins.
You find that you can have the best business in the most exciting industry, but if the execution, if the torch-holder, if the value-creator isn't there, then we don't make it happen.
We always talk about how you have to build a brand from the inside out, not the outside in. Brands are not wrappers. Brands are based on the values of the founders, and then they spread to the people who work for the company, and then that psychological contract is spread to the customer.
Seattle is a fantastic place to build a great technology-enabled consumer company.