Dave Holland — Musician born on October 01, 1946,

Dave Holland is an English jazz double bassist, composer and bandleader who has been performing and recording for five decades. He has lived in the United States for over 40 years... (wikipedia)

To me, at its best, that's what art should do, perform both the emotional and intellectual function.
I started playing with a group of young people when I was 13. I turned professional when I was 15 and I played dance halls, this on bass guitar.
I think that what is important is that the music be honest and direct and that it is relevant to today. I think music needs to be of its time and speak to that time.
All of the musicians when I was young used to always say you had to tell a story when you're a musician.
I want to be surprised by what people do, I don't want to work with people who need to be told what to do. I want people to show me what they've got.