David Douglas Duncan — American Photographer born on January 23, 1916,

David Douglas Duncan is an American photojournalist who is best known for his dramatic combat photographs... (wikipedia)

The Marines in Korea never feared 'friendly fire' or artillery coming from the South Koreans - from their allies - like they did later in Vietnam, fighting with the South Vietnamese. The Koreans could be trusted.
Born in Kansas City, Missouri, and knowing nothing about Picasso, I had the audacity to knock on his door, became his friend, and took thousands of photographs, of him, his studios, his life and his friends.
After I left the Marines in '46, I wanted to stay in the Marines; I was very happy - I loved that life.
Some guys can run fast, some guys can sing, I found I could take photographs that people were interested in.
Today, Japan is one of the few countries in the world where one hears laughter everywhere.