David Neeleman — Brazilian Businessman born on October 16, 1959,

David G. Neeleman is a Brazilian-Americanentrepreneur who has founded four commercial airlines, Morris Air, Westjet, JetBlue Airways and Azul Brazilian Airlines.He is also the co-owner of TAP Portugal, along with Humberto Pedrosa.. (wikipedia)

Of course, we should all be aware of what we're packing in our carry-on luggage - anything that might be considered dangerous could be confiscated at a security checkpoint.
I believe the public's confidence would be increased if the federal government took over the functions of airport security screening for all passengers.
I'm always crunching numbers, so my calculator watch is a must.
We're reviewing everything to see how we can do it better, faster, and more efficiently.
Just keep thinking about the good side of ADD - the creativity and the originality it can stimulate.