David Tang — Chinese Businessman born on August 02, 1954,

Sir David Tang, KBE is a Hong Kong businessman and socialite best known as the founder of the Shanghai Tang fashion chain, which he sold in 2006 to Richemont. Tang's grandfather, Tang Shiu Kin, "founded the Kowloon bus company and became one of Hong Kong's greatest philanthropists"... (wikipedia)

I can't establish the veracity of what people say because only they know whether they are telling the truth. I can't look into your mind, can I?
The three most dreaded words in the English language are 'negative cash flow'.
In cyberspace, 95 per cent of what you read is hearsay.
About 90 percent of what's out there in cyberspace is hearsay - or lies - and opinion, often misinformed opinion, and it's all repeated over and over again.
If you are a friend of somebody and that friend is in trouble, you don't just drop them.