David Twohy — American Director born on October 18, 1955,

David Neil Twohy is an American film director and screenwriter... (wikipedia)

After I script the movie, I have to storyboard it out, I have to budget it, and I have to understand if I can afford all those visual effects or not.
I've learned never to count Vin Diesel out. Just don't do that. And I guess it's because he is a very smart guy. Smarter than people give him credit for.
When you do a studio picture, all the paperwork and legal stuff is already taken care of!
In all my science fiction movies, I try to blend the familiar with the futuristic so as not to be too off-putting to the audience. There is always something familiar they can grab onto.
There's so much diversity of opinion out there, so ultimately you have to listen to it, put it aside, and make what you want to make.