Debra Messing — American Actress born on August 15, 1968,

Debra Lynn Messing is an American actress. She is known for her television roles in Ned & Stacey, Will & Grace, The Starter Wife, Smash, and The Mysteries of Laura... (wikipedia)

I'm fascinated by diamonds. When I put diamonds on, my hands start to shake.
I love to do glamorous things, like wear Valentino.
I come from the New York theatre world, and I have a lot of gay male friends, so this friendship of Will and Grace's isn't such a stretch.
It's a miracle to be an actor and to know that you have a job to go to a year from now is a rare thing, so I think peace of mind and financial stability come with that. Hopefully I'm a little wiser and have a little more perspective in my life than I did then.
I'm a little commitment phobic, in that I've always been someone who likes to take things one year at a time because as we all know, a year can change everything in your life.

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