Dionne Warwick — American Musician born on December 12, 1940,

Marie Dionne Warrick, known as Dionne Warwick, is an American singer, actress and TV-show host, who became a United Nations Global Ambassador for the Food and Agriculture Organization, and a United States Ambassador of Health... (wikipedia)

My motto in life is 'If you think it, you can do it' and if we all apply that thought we can end hunger the world over.
Healthy children are born from healthy, respected, well-nourished and educated mothers and it is imperative that they have a voice in the decisions which affect them. If you empower a mother and let her have her say towards a poverty-free future, the positive impact this would have on ending hunger will be immense.
I have no desire to look back, I only want to look forward to the things that are still ahead of me.
Crying is cleansing. There's a reason for tears, happiness or sadness.
I still have some very dear friends from school, and we get together whenever possible.