Drew Goddard — American Director born on February 26, 1975,

Andrew Brion Hogan Goddard, better known as Drew Goddard, is an American film and television screenwriter, director, and producer. He made his feature film directorial debut with the 2012 dark comedy horror-thriller, The Cabin in the Woods... (wikipedia)

I think audiences crave something new. I don't think audiences want the same old thing, no matter how much conventional Hollywood tells you that.
The more work you put in on your outline and getting the skeleton of your story right, the easier the process is later.
I've always said I'm less interested in twists as I am about escalation.
Filmmaking is incredible introspective. It forces you to sort of examine yourself in new ways.
The greatest villain of all time is The Joker - he always has been, and I don't know anyone who's not going to have Heath Ledger's performance burnt into their brains for the rest of their lives.