Eberhard Weber — German Musician born on January 22, 1940,

Eberhard Weber is a German double bassist and composer. As a bass player, he is known for his highly distinctive tone and phrasing. Weber's compositions blend chamber jazz, European classical music, minimalism and ambient music, and are regarded as characteristic examples of the ECM Records sound... (wikipedia)

When I started to pick up the bass, it was purely by random chance.
Whenever I release a record, it's my record. It's not a selfish thought. I may work all year 'round for other people. So, finally, when I come out with my own album, it should be me with the creative help of other musicians.
I am a classical music lover - not necessarily the contemporary stuff, but the old stuff.
At the time, I didn't know that bass would not be enough for me. I'm not a bass player because bass is always a background instrument even to this very day.
It is probably very necessary to present your ego at some point.