Eddy Grant — Musician born on March 05, 1948,

Edmond Montague "Eddy" Grant is a Guyanese British musician. The AllMusic journalist Jo-Ann Greene noted: "Eddy Grant stands among an elite group of artists as one who has not just merely moved successfully across the musical spectrum, but has actually been at the forefront of genres and even created one of his own. From pop star to reggae radical, musical entrepreneur to the inventor of ringbang, the artist has cut a swathe through the world of music and made it his own.".. (wikipedia)

There has never been any proper commitment to marketing these artists and their music. We are not Sony.
I am outraged that the Gorillaz have infringed the copyright of my song 'Time Warp,' claiming their song 'Stylo' to be an original composition.
The artists realise it will take time. It is an upliftment process.