Elizabeth Emken — American Politician born on April 04, 1963,

Elizabeth Diane Emken is an American politician. Emken was the Republican Party nominee for United States Senator from California in the 2012 election, challenging incumbent Senator Dianne Feinstein in the November general election. Emken is the former Vice President for Government Relations at Autism Speaks... (wikipedia)

The genetics of autism are real, but there are also environmental triggers.
Part of the problem you have is that you don't have a dialogue between elected officials and their constituents. They've built these barricades, these barriers around themselves and tried to avoid interaction with their constituents.
I offer something very different from the lifelong career politicians who have worked their way up to run for higher office or those who can parachute in with checks for $5 million or $10 million, and that seems to be the definition of credible or legitimate. I'm rejecting that premise.
My son is a blessing in every way.
When you look at a Congress that has an 84 percent disapproval rating, that means that for the most part, the people of this country, and certainly California, are looking for new leadership.

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